This and That 5/30/16.


Boat Decal Home of the Bang O Lure.

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  While you are having a great time with family and friends, or on the front deck of the boat this weekend, never forget the reason for the holiday. To those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, you are not forgotten.  And to those currently serving, carry on, we know you are out there protecting us.  Those of us here, be careful out there this weekend, it will be busy.


No better description of my current situation.


For me it is not only the night before, but the week or month before.  Getting ready for trips like this leave me dreaming of big fish.  I have been worthless but it won’t be long now.


I got this kind comment from Jim.

A buddy of mine came into my office yesterday and promptly said “Hey what the heck is going on?” I told him I was fishing and showed him a picture of one of those nice Bass you catch. I was on your site and actually that is where I have been catching all my fish lately. Like going to church in you living room. Ya know it is pretty cheap fishing on your site and no church offering comes around in my living room. Good luck on your fishing trip.

Who knows, maybe I should pass the collection plate?  But seriously, when I get comments like this it helps keep my writing and centered.  So all of you come along on the Canada trip.  We will be burning the candle to the nub.  We will start fishing on Friday and I will try to post something every day.  Thanks for your kind comment.


We applied for the Global Entry Passport so we could get around maybe just a little easier when we fly.  I sometimes have little faith in the services our government provides, but after filling out the online form with Customs we got an appointment within a week.  They basically do a background check and then you have a quick interview and are photographed and fingerprinted.  Our appointment was today, amazing they were working on a Sunday not to mention a holiday weekend.  The guy was great and we are set to go, maybe.  Amazing.


Good News!

And you folks up in Austin I was in Cabela’s the other day and I am happy to report that they finally have a good selection of the Bagley Knocker B topwater.  So whether salt or freshwater grab one of these great topwaters, they work.

P1010291This is one of a bunch that smoked the Knocker B.

It really is a great topwater and already has the flash tied on the rear hook.  Click on their logo above to see all their fine products.   As the Cabela’s in Austin had them they should be in most Cabela’s so grab a couple, you won’t be sorry.



Talk about getting excited about a trip.  I am currently chatting with a Captain in Cairns, home of the giant black marlin fishing.  We will be there in April next year, after the black bite, but during what hopefully will be a yellow fin and blue marlin bite.  Here I am up at 5 a.m. the day before I leave for Canada and I already can’t sleep, God knows what I will be like leading up to that trip.  We will be doing the live aboard thing for 3 days of offshore and reef fishing on the Great Barrier Reef.  How cool is that!


Tackle is ready, food is bought, all sorts of rods and reels, rain suits, snow suits, boots, hats, camera stuff, 4 pairs of Cocoons for all conditions, it is all coming together.  It is always a big job to get ready to do a 2 week trip.  And up there it could be 30 degrees or it could be 80.  It might rain for 2 weeks,  be really cold and ugly, or it might be beautiful.  In fact, it is almost always all of those that and more over a couple of weeks, so under the old rule – You always take if off but you can not put it on if you do not have it. – you take it all.  All that is really left to do is tow a boat 30 hours, always an interesting proposition.  But when it is all said and done we will be fishing in one of the great places on the planet, worth every minute.


As you are all aware I have not hit the water in a few days, I am just ready to start this adventure.  It has been a dual diagnosis thing, both writer and fisherman’s block.  I rarely have a case of both at the same time.  But change is on the way.  So bear with me for a few days and the reports will start flowing again.  Visions of lake trout, big smallies, muskies, and walleye consume my thoughts and there is only one way to excise them, go fishing.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.


Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Coleto Creek 5/25/16.


Boat Decal

Knocker B topwater, not just for freshwater.

Happy Birthday Jack

Today is my father-in-law’s birthday.   He is 92 years young!  A great guy, he raised a wonderful daughter who is the love of my life.  Congratulations on your birthday and many more to come.



86/76   SSE wind at 15 -25  Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.


25      Low   2:05 AM     0.0
25     High   1:05 PM     0.9  (water probably running during solunar best time)

Solunar Times

  • Best Times   1:52A – 3:52A
  •                        2:18P – 4:18P  (about right today, just a little later)
  • Good Time  8:05A – 10:05A


Before I could do anything today I had to hit Lowes for a new dusk to dawn barn light. Ours has been a little sketchy until it finally quit working, so time for a replacement.  I called 4 electricians – no answer.  I called 3 more and left a message – 1 called me back and is coming Friday to do the install.  So with that out of the way I decided to hit the lake in the afternoon.

It was pretty hot and the wind was blowing hard out of the SSE at about 20.  At least it was cloudy off and on all afternoon.  The plan was to fish places that I had not fished in a while, which turned out to be a great plan.  Not.  Other than one small one on the popper, no bites on 6 different places down lake, all a little different.  So time to head up lake.

The wind was blowing right down the lake and fishing the senko was tough but I managed to catch a couple of small ones.  So after about 4 hours I moved back down lake and they started biting, I finally succumbed and went to where I knew they were.


If you get it in front of them they smoke it.

There are still fish in the coves.  Most are in about half way in with some cover and bait.  Still just popping it along not real fast, just steady without stopping.  Most of them actually eat it pretty good and the hookup percentage is fairly high, unlike many topwaters.  Instead of a blow up they just come from behind and eat it,


                         No real big ones, just a nice average size.

Most came from real shallow water, probably less than 2 feet.  As the day wore on they were obviously active and I probably caught 10 or so, at least a couple in most places as it got later.  Then the Wednesday night tournament went out so I hit one more place and then left it to them.

One thing about the pop R style bait on Coleto right now is the big ones just don’t seem to be having it.  The better average weight is clearly on a plastic bite, and there is lots of stuff to pitch to.  It is starting to settle into a real summer time pattern, and as soon as the wind permits fishing there, deeper drops and bends will be holding the better fish.  But that will have to wait until I get back from Canada.


Shoedog has a buddy Robert who he hunts and fishes with and who fishes abroad.  Robert and friends love to fish Central America and he sent this picture of his friend’s big catch.

IMG_33071Now that is a snook!

If you have ever caught snook you can appreciate the size of this thing.  Costa Rica has some of the biggest snook in the world, and this one is right up there.  And not only does it have big snook, but tarpon, rooster fish, and all the offshore monsters.  So congratulations on that great snook.


And I got a comment from Clyde on this picture from the last blog.


Nice Brownie!

It is one of my biggest for sure.  Caught in downtown Souix Narrows waiting for you to trade off the Trailer From Hell.  It was the first time you took us up to Bear Bay.  Hopefully thanks to the new Lund we will not have any more of that this trip.


No, this is a Brownie!  Shoedog with a whopper.

But the clock is ticking and it won’t be long, and above is the reason for the drive.  Love me some Canada!


Man I try my hardest to love my fellow man, but it sure can be hard at times.  I have been spammed (And I mean covered up!) by a bunch of Chinese (It looks like.)  dudes and it took me a while to clean that up.  I have an idea, you stay in your backward POS country and don’t bother me, and I promise not to ever bother you.


I really do have a case of fishing apathy.  The Boss thinks it is because I am really almost ready to go to Canada a week early.  I am not one of those folks who has vacation hangover, I get that before I leave.  I know it may seem at times I beat that dead horse, but the fishing on Lake of the Woods is a true outdoor experience.  So much like the Everglades in size, it goes on forever and you could fish it your whole life and not fish it all.  And a fish of a lifetime can come on any cast.  There are few places that can say that.  So please excuse the lack of real reports, including the bay.  But all that will change next Friday and continue for 14 straight days.  I can not wait.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Line

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$16.95 Worth of Fun 5/24/16.


Boat Decal

Knocker B topwater, not just for freshwater.


86/65  Cloudy  Wind SSE 10 – 20  Chance rain 30%


M   23      Low  12:40 AM     0.1
23     High  11:30 AM     0.9   (the good bite was at the start of the fall)

Solunar Times

  • Best Times  12:05A – 2:05A
  •                       12:29P – 2:29P  (Right on – notice it is close to when the tide started)
  • Good Time  6:17A – 8:17A

Clairvoyant?  or You Didn’t just say that!

(Or I am not superstitious, much.)

The forecast was for rain and wind on Monday so it was what has become my usual Monday Coleto trip thanks to the weather.  So I had this big plan.  I was telling the Boss that today with the clouds and wind I was going to use that unopened Whopper Plopper that I have been saving for Canada.  Her comment right before I could stop her – You might lose it.  Dang it, you know what came next.  After catching this small one right off the bat I had the best bite I have had this spring.


If you have not tried one yet, you need to.

A buzzbait style hard bait it gives off a completely different sound.  I have seen it fished for redfish and I can see that spreading across the Gulf.  If any fish will hit a topwater they will hit the Whopper Plopper.

So I took a picture of the first one and on to the next bank.  I reeled it right by a downed log and had the best bite I have had this spring.  That big fish just flushed it, I set the hook, and the line parted.  $16.95 down the drain.  On looking at the line it was impossible to tell what happened.  So chock it up to a bad connection between the braid and mono, my fault, or a bad spot in the braid.  Who knows?  The offshoot of that is the pike and muskies and smallmouth will destroy that thing in Canada, so off to Cabela’s I go.  It will be on a 85lb wire leader up there, those fish have teeth.

But back to the fishing.  The punch line is a dozen fell for the popping topwater, 5 pitching the senko, 1 on spinnerbait and the one on the Whopper Plopper.


There is the bone popper I am catching them on.

Reeling it along at a moderate speed and popping it without stopping was the method of choice, and today I actually missed very few of them.  They were in coves, points and on the mainlake.  You just had to keep popping it.  Of course I stopped at my bank up lake that has held good fish for over a month.  They are still there, so I put a few in the boat pitching and went back to popper fishing.


This is the size you will catch pitching.

Pitching plastics up lake is still the most stable pattern I have found, but as the last few trips have shown, fish what you like.  There are fish shallow from the lower end to way up lake.  And with the lake on a slow rise and all the cover inundated the shallow fishing should stay good for a while.  And the water color is actually perfect right now, after about 6 months of ugly.

It did rain a couple of times today, and the wind was a steady 20 out of the SSE, which is actually great conditions for topwater.  With good cloud cover the fish are more likely to get out and roam a little.  With clear skies they hold a lot tighter to cover, making pitching the way to go.  But either way the fish are shallow and biting on the lake, and I like it.


A good representative for the average size on Coleto right now.

Besides the abundant cover there is finally some grass growing underwater, most of it near the bank.  It is that good green stuff they like to hold in and hopefully the lake will remain up long enough to keep it growing.  It will only help the fishing the rest of the year.


Drumming up Business

Last post I made an observation on drumming while white bass fishing.  I can honestly say I have caught thousands, and I mean thousands, over a 25 year run in Arkansas.  From early winter deep jigging, to the spring run, white bass were always on our schedule when the bite was on.  But until hearing about it from Todd, and then seeing Hank Parker doing it, I was unaware how drumming really worked.  But not only does it work in various places in this country, but some folks are serious about it.

First I got this comment from Jay.

Nope, don’t know a thing about drumming up Striper, hybrids or whites…. LOL. Yeah right.

Then I got this from Todd . . . . . .


That is freaking nuts!

This is a picture of Todd’s buddies boat.  No matter how long you fish, or where, there is always something to learn.  So if you have never tried it you better, it works.  And I am sorry that when I am in Canada Todd and the boys will be down to POC so I will miss what is one of my favorite bunches to fish with.  So good luck to you guys and keep us informed on how it goes.  And thanks for the picture, I am still trying to digest that whole thing.  And Jay, your secret is out.  I can just hear Clyde and John now, drumming their ass off on Norfork with that new Lund.


Jim, who won the tourney on Coleto last week sent me this.  I would call this a good week.


Looks like a Corona commercial.


It doesn’t matter where I am, I really enjoy reading your reports. Hard to believe it was just last Saturday and I was on Coleto watching the sunrise catching those incredible green bass. This morning I am on Oahu watching the sunrise from the beach thinking of bass fishing. There is something spiritual about being up early and watching Mother Nature wake up!



I appreciate the kind remarks and looks like all is right in your world.  Thanks for the share and keep  in touch.


It Must Be Nice to Have all the Money you Need.

I am sitting here at the house trying to find an electrician.  It is no big job, a barn light that is not functioning properly.  The first 3 I called from the phone book did not even answer, I finally left a message with number 4.   I am trying to find a good local guy and not some big company.  But it looks like that is a dream.  So I will give the guy until noon to answer, then I will try some others.  When I was an attorney I always answered – Somebody might be trying to give me some money.  Reminds of when I needed the  sewer reroute and 4 different plumbers promised to come by or call me back, and one finally did, 4 days later.  It must be nice to have all the money you need.


Brain Tate, a good friend of my buddy Jeffish, and an aqauintance of mine, was killed in a tragic accident the week.  Always smiling and an all around good guy, he leaves behind a wife and 3 children.  His wife is a police officer in Victoria and her law enforcement friends started a gofundme page to help out the family.  So if you heart moves you here is the link.  My condolences to the friends and family.


It is really hard to get motivated right now.  Canada is less than 2 weeks away, and we will be fishing a week from this Friday.  I have lots of stuff laid out, and have made the usual rod and reel and tackle decisions.  And my thoughts are of big pike crashing topwater, a muskie munching a jerk bait right in front of me, and smallmouth the size of moose coming one after another.  There is just no place like it and if you are a fisherman put it on your bucket list.


Just look at that pig.  Lake of the Woods here we come!

And I can not say it enough, your participation makes this a so much better place.  We all learn something from each and every comment.  Keep them coming, there is always something to be talked about.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Change of Plans 5/20/16.


Boat Decal

Knocker B topwater, not just for freshwater.


86/68   Cloudy early with sunshine expected late.  Chance of isolated thunderstorms. Winds NNE 5 – 10.


F   20     High   9:22 AM     0.8
20      Low  11:29 PM       0.1

Solunar Times

  • Best Times     9:27A – 11:27A  (notice right on the falling tide)
  •                          9:49P – 11:49P
  • Good Time     3:16A – 5:16A

I have to admit that today I just blew it off and went to the lake.  After talking to Shoedog about next Tuesday and Wednesday it looks like it will be a couple of days out of POC coming up.  From what I hear the fishing is staying pretty good on the bay.  One thing about this time of year it never hurts to get out early if you are going to throw topwater, and staying down there solves that.

Not only did I not go to the Gulf I decided to get the Skiff out, it had not been on the water in weeks and there were a couple of things to take care of.  At least everything was working properly once I got to the lake.  So it was after 10:00 before I wet a line.  When crossing the creek on 59 I noticed the creek was a lot lower than it has been, and when I got there the lake has really come up.  Not sure if the construction going on at the dam has anything to do with the lake coming up, or just the rainfall from the last couple of days.

Since the white swim jig was tied on one rod I started on a close mainlake bank and it was a while before I had a bite.  The first one when I jerked it and let it fall, the next one when I reeled it fast.  Both made a half hearted nip at it and neither hooked up so it was time to head up lake and do some pitching where I knew the fish were.

It only took a little stretch of bank and 4 or 5 jumped on the 5″ stick bait in watermelon red with a 3/16 slip sinker.  I peg the sinker so it gets through the stuff without hanging up so much.  As it has been, small points, wood, holes in the stuff, just tossing it in and bouncing it 2 or 3 times and then on to the next.  Get it as close to the heavy cover as you can.  And it seems the best banks are the moderate slopping banks with plenty of cover.


Plenty of this size in the lake right now.

I also spent some time fishing a spinnerbait, nothing, a buzzbait, 2, and then a pop r type bait, 3 or 4.  Considering I started throwing the pop bait at 1:00 it is surprising how many hits I had.  They wanted it popped right along and a couple that missed it were explosive bites.


Love catching them on topwater.

Keeping after that popper was fun but none of that is as productive as pitching cover.  Today the fish really ate it.  I felt about half of the bites, the others were just there, some swimming.  Several did not stay buttoned because they swam right at the boat and I couldn’t get the slack all out.  But for the day it was 7 pitching, and 5 or 6 on other stuff before I quit at 4:00.  No big ones but the bite was consistent as it has been.  The weather was as advertised, and as soon as I got up lake the fish were biting.  The fishing at the lake is still really consistent and some of the fish are nice fatties.  Guess I will have to get my lazy butt out of bed earlier next time, no matter where I go.


Matt made a great comment on what I said the other day about black drum and sheepshead.

I agree that black drum and sheephead are not as exciting as trout, but they are better eating than redfish if you’re willing to take the time to clean them.

I didn’t mean to sound like a fish snob, you are so right about the black drum.  Nice white meat, they are great eating and I can say that I have eaten black drum several times since I last ate a redfish.  Tough cleaning but sure worth the effort.  I guess my opinion on sheepshead is biased after filling a giant cooler off a rig in Louisiana years ago and spending 3 hour cleaning them, and they tasted like crap.  Probably from living on barnacles if I were guessing.  So thanks for your comment and keep them coming.


There were several gators out today and it always amazes me when they ease over looking for the critter that is making that buzzbait sound.  One of them today was a real big boy and he let me get pretty close with the boat and only went under when I talked to him.  And I also saw a black snake swimming in the lake today.  That is actually a rare sight on Coleto, in all the time I have spent on Coleto that is only the second or third snake I have seen.  I have a feeling that swimming on the surface on Coleto could be really hazardous to your health.

And speaking of snakes the boss said come out and look at this.  On the edge of the road was a big, and I mean big snake, either a rattler, couldn’t see rattles, or a big rat snake.  It had been run over.  Laying close to it was a dead small possum.  Not sure what happened but I sure wish we had seen it.


And one last comment for my buddy Todd in Austin.  I am watching Hank Parker Fishing and they are fishing for hybrids and are drumming on the bottom of the boat with their shoes.  The guide says it attracts the fish.  You are the first person I heard who uses a rubber hammer to bang on the bottom of the boat for white bass.  Weird but it apparently works.   Anyone else ever do or hear that before?


Today there is lots to do so I am free to fish most days next week, including getting my share of the meals lined up.  It really helps to have stuff pre-cooked so after fishing for 12 hours you can pop it in the oven and you are eating.  I am lucky in that the fish fry is my duty and it is easy to get done, besides who does not like a fresh fish fry overlooking the lake with good friends listening to the loons.  If Canada is on your bucket list Lake of the Woods is a don’t miss fishing hole.  It really is one of the few places that not only can you satisfy a bucket list fish but a true trophy of epic proportion could happen any cast.


  To bad it is 2 weeks away, I could be ready to go tomorrow.

I really am glad that I have heard from so many of you in the last couple of weeks.  Your comments, reports, and questions keep it fresh so feel free to comment anytime.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Rain 5/19/16.


Boat Decal

Home of the Bang O Lure.

Here I sit, bored and not to happy with the weather.  It is storming out there as I write this, and looks like it will be at it for a while.  I was standing outside waiting on some truck service when the temp dropped 15 degrees and the wind started blowing pretty good then here came the rain.  Rain is a good thing after a few years ago, but I just hope no one gets flooded out.  Remember – Turn around, Don’t drown.


Funny how often you think of someone and then you hear from them.  Not a peep out of Faye and Steve for a while and I wondered what was up.

Good morning,
Sorry I haven’t gotten this to you earlier.  Steve and I were down in March.  It was windy, cold and the bays were low low low.  It was too windy to make a run over to the island.  The fishing wasn’t anything to write home about.  Typically we would use those conditions to explore and mark channel trails.  However, our Lowrance graph went out!!!  It was purchased new in summer of 2009 and we take excellent care of our equipment.  FYI, when you call Lowrance to find a repair center, they tell you there isn’t one!!!!  “WTH”  We topped the trip off by each coming down with colds.
We were down to fish May 5th and 6th “graphless”.  On Wednesday afternoon, the 4th, Steve was out playing with the dog and said he saw you loading up at the boat ramp.  The next day we got a later start (I was lazy).  We headed out to the old Coast Guard Station.  We saw you and Shoedog wading but didn’t want to blow your fishing.  We caught one here and there but that was about it.  The ones we did catch were mostly smalls.
On Friday, we hit up the CGS, the drain off Saluria, Grass Island but again only sporadic action.  Around 10am Steve decided to head over to Big Bayou.  HE’S A GENIUS!!!  We idled down to Mailboat Point and anchored up.  The tide was moving in, and it was full limits of specs for us both in less than 1-1/2 hours!!  They were all nice 18″ – 22″ fatties.  I was using popping cork with live shrimp and Steve was using a salt n pepper paddletail.  We would pitch up next to the bank and let the tide carry it across the drain.  It was perfect conditions;  tide moving, lower winds, and according to the tables “best fishing time”.  It was one of those moments that keeps you coming back!!  It was so fast & fun that we didn’t take time to get photos.
So, we are off to buy a new graph today before we head back down this Sunday to fish Mon & Tues.  It doesn’t look to be the best conditions but we’ve got to get down before the summer work madness sets in.
We wish you all safe travels and tight lines on your Canada trip!!
Thank you for your time and energy to bring us your fishing adventures.
Steve & Faye Corrado 

Where to start with that good report.  I feel your pain with the Lowrance.  I had a Sea Eagle graph and it went out in 30 months and so I contacted them.  Not only no service centers, since it was an Eagle they would not fix it since it was over 2 years old.  I called BS for all the good it did me.  So since that I avoid them at all costs and stick with other brands.

That day you saw us we were knocking the snot out of them, but if you would have stopped you would have saved us.  If I remember right we kept maybe one out of a big bunch.  Lot of fish, all small.  And the day you wacked them is a perfect example of everything coming together.  When the drift is across with the water flowing out of the drain the fish position looking for stuff coming at them, and sounds like you were set up perfect.  When it is working like that it so reminds me of catching rainbow trout on the White and North Fork rivers in Arkansas.  And as I am beginning to notice, the best times and tides are interwoven and it was nice of the weather to cooperate.  So thanks for the report and we will be looking forward to your next one.


I try to respond to folks here and on a few other online sites if they have a question and Don dropped me this comment after my response.

It seems like you don’t do much salt fishing in San Antonio Bay? Is that correct or just the way its worked out lately? I’ve been thinking of trying that area. I was thinking that there would be trout on all those oyster reefs but then again its more difficult navigating due to risk on the motor/prop.

I am the guy that sent you the pm from austinbassfishing.

BTW, I grew up in the Victoria area. We didn’t have a boat so we wade fished Boggy Bayou.

You are correct on both counts about me fishing in San Antonio Bay.  I have not been there any this spring after fishing it more this winter.  I guess thinking about it, since I usually fish by myself I rarely head all the way there when I can sack a wad out of POC without going anywhere.  But when I do, I catch fish.  (Sounds like the most interesting man in the world.)  So it is not like I intentionally don’t go there, it just works out that way.

Some of the back lakes and reefs down there are great fishing places, but like everywhere it is being in the right place at the right time.  Definitely as we head into summer there will be trout moving on those deeper shell reefs in the bay, the old “mid-bay reef” pattern the guides write about in the summer.  And yes some of that is troublesome and tricky.  There are lots of reefs and shallows in some areas and it really is a take it slow place to explore.  But with good map study and GPS mapping it can be done and exploring that area can be extremely productive.


And speaking of maps I got this question from Walt.

I have been getting your post via email sense May of 2012, and enjoyed every one. I am healthy enough now to try to fish POC again. Could you tell me where to get a map that shows the places you fish in the POC area. Before I fished the jetties and offshore, when calm. Now I have a lake boat, so need to fish the back bays. I would also like the name of a guide for trout out of POC. I have seen some clean a cooler of hardheads and other trash for clients and they were dumb and happy. I don’t need that. Thanks for any help. walt

First let me take the time to thank you for sticking with me for all this time.  I love hearing from folks, and you are one of those that has kept this thing going and you have my thanks.

Now to the map, I use the Hook-N-Line maps since I moved here 7 years ago, and have each section for the whole coast, the Maragorda Bay version is for this area.  I have stared at it until the words have fallen off.  I also use the Lakes & Bays Atlas that you often see in the gas station for $10 I think.  They are great references and nothing beats map study.  One word of caution, there are definitely some shallows not on the maps, which is why they say on all maps that they are not to be used for navigation.  They are a tool to let you get a feel for an area and then, in conjunction with the onboard GPS , learn to get around.  And be sure to take the map out with you on the water so you can look at it with the GPS.  But unless you want to use the Sea Tow, take it easy, all areas of the coast have their hazards.

And I am with you on the catches of some guides I see at the cleaning table.  A cooler full of black drum and sheepshead is not my idea of a big deal.  But who knows what folks want, but it sounds like you know exactly what you want.  On the subject of recommending a guide I am not going to be much help.  I do not know any other than what I read in the mags and online.  The only piece of advice I can give in that department is the same thing I told my clients when I was practicing law.  Tell me what your expectations are, in this case tell any prospective guides you talk to exactly what you want so there is no confusion.  Live bait or lures?  Wading or not?  Boat fishing?  Trout only?  Be specific.  Most guides have a favorite or regular way they fish and it is important to make sure everybody is on the same page.  One way you can get a some personal recommendations is go on Austin Bass Fishing or 2 Cool Fishing and post a question for any suggestions, you will get some.  So good luck in your search and keep in touch.


Yesterday after getting back from the island was a catch up day in preparation for the Canada trip.  4Runner serviced, bank notified, phone arrangements made, reservation made for the way up at the hotel in northern Minnesota, along with a few other things.  Funny how it was so far away and now I will be heading that way soon.

It looks like the weather  may straighten up tomorrow and I think it will be either Kellar Bay or Indianola, depending on the freshwater runoff.  It has finally stopped for now but more is forecast for tonight.  But no matter what I will be on the water somewhere tomorrow.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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This and That 5/15/16.


Boat Decal

Home of the Bang O Lure.


The last few days have generated several comments that I wanted to share with you.  THe first is from Mac, one of my loyal long term readers.

Doug, your reports and pictures are always beneficial to your many readers. I have never seen any discrepancies in your work. Even if they were upside down, sideways or any other pictures , they all make us want to “saddle up and go fishin”.
We all do realize the time it takes to share your stories. I know several old fishermen in rest homes who along with me look daily for your stories. I guess they are catalysts to get me off the couch and fish hard and often. I have never been to Canada in person, but I will be with you in my thoughts while you fish. One thing Doug–You are dedicated to all of us. After a long day on the water, you still have time to let us in on your adventures. Thank You and also your wife for her letting you do this. Take her out for dinner tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You, Mac

PS It would be a a sad day if you stopped your sharing of your thoughts and experiences.

As usual your kind words humble me.  It is hard some days to keep it up but I love the outdoors and love sharing it with others.  And as far as the little woman, I am sitting on the balcony looking out over South Padre while she is on  her morning walk.  The bay is flat and the Gulf has a nice roll.  My point is this, whether a small creek or a big ocean, whether I am fishing or not, the water has always made me feel a certain way.  While that is hard to articulate I think most of you know how it feels.  You all give me so much more than I give you, and the thought that there is an old salt, like I am becoming, who can’t get out any more and gets to spend one more day on the water with m makes me the luckiest guy in the world.  Thanks again.


And speaking of respect around here I got a question from Joe Bass that is asked around here occasionally.

I keep getting some ugly dude holding some beautiful bass in them. Whats going on with that ????

That guy is the other dimension me.  I really am a lot prettier live!


The Shoedog and I did really rip them the other day on Fayette and that generated a couple of comments, first from the resident Fayette correspondent.

I would have commented sooner but I have been on Fayette Lake enjoying the exceptional fishing this past week. As you found out, the bass are hungry. What a great time+….I’ve been on the water almost everyday and going tomorrow. Your fishing report was spot on!
tight lines and look for my white Champion boat when you visit again.

Good to know we figured out what as usual on Fayette is a good bite.  As of course thanks for your report and I will watch for that Champion.  I had the 4th Champ made in the old pad style them went to the 16.8 V.  John Storey the owner was friends of Clyde and I and it brings back lots of memories of the years in North Arkansas.

And speaking of that I just watched the Bassmaster Elite held there last month and it was something to watch Randall Tharp win on a bank I fished hundreds of times.  Times and equipment change, but our sport still comes down to one thing, catching fish.  Keep in touch and see you on the water.


And Jim dropped me this comment on Fayette.


Awesome report. I was on on Fayette this past Tuesday with similar results. The bass were feeding and it was on. We got on the lake at 6:45am launching out of Oak Thicket. We went up by Park Prairie and fished until about 9:30am and had landed 10 fish on Texas rigged trick worms. We then moved over by Johnny’s Pond on a secondary point and started throwing Pop-R’s. We started catching them almost every cast! We were in about 6ft throwing toward the bank. The fish were in very shallow water hanging around isolated grass. When the top water bite slowed we switched to a black/blue swim jig and continued the hammering. We alternated between the two depending on what the cloud cover was doing. Cloud – Pop-R, Sun – Swim Jig. Unfortunately we had to get off the water at noon but by then we had boated 32 slot fish with two fish going 5lbs. Gotta love Fayette when the bass want to eat!

I also wanted to let you know I will be on Coleto tomorrow prefishing for a club tournament Saturday. I should be there at about 6:30-7;00am. I think I saw that you might be there too. So if you see a silver/red/white Nitro Z21 with two black power poles, stop by and say “hey”. I will be on the lookout for you too.


Fayette is on right now, and there is nothing like being able to fish separate and distinct patterns.  But the important thing about Rusty and Jim’s report is location, location, location.  Good healthy green grass is always the place to start, good grass = good fish no matter where you are in this country.  Thanks for the comment, but there is more from Jim.

Thanks for all your help and advise. I wanted to let you know I won our club tournament today with 19.97 lbs and had big bass with a 6.64lber. I caught a total of 10 fish.
I didn’t catch any fish on a CR. I did however catch fish on topwaters (which I had a small limit before 7am on) and throwing a TR power worm tight to cover later which I caught my cull fish as well as the big one. Btw….. I caught the 6.64 within 10feet of where I caught the 6.40 on Friday. Just goes to show that lightning can strike twice in the same spot ⚡️.
Tight lines! <“}}}><
Now that is what I am talking about.  I figured after the other day when I caught them it would take 20lbs and that turned out to be spot on.  Looks like you had the kind of week a bass fisherman lives for, knocking the crap out of them on one lake and then winning a tourney on a completely different lake.  Congratulations, oh wait, one more thing from Jim.
IMG_4803 (1)
Here is his 6.4 he caught in practice.
Again way to go.  And thanks for painting that big X on the water where you stuck those big girls, can’t wait to put their sisters in the boat.  Keep in touch, we can all use all the help we can get.
I had not heard from fishfearlarry in while, and he dropped this note the other day.
Your second to the last paragraph sums it up perfectly! When I was younger, it was all about limits and then stay on the water catching as many as I could. Now, as the years go by, it is more about the beauty of a sunrise, the challenge of sight casting and catching a redfish, perfecting my ability to see little signs of bait activity, and just being thankful that I have the ability to recognize that all the beauty of the outdoors is a gift from God. A limit is not an issue, just a bonus. To fish alone is peaceful and calming, to fish with my wife or good friends is good relationship building, and to fish with my nephews is a good opportunity to show them how this old man can still put a “whuppin” on them and hang with them! I am not able to get on the water as much as you are fortunate to be able to, but your reports keep reminding me of why I love the water so much. Thank you for your dedication to this blog. I know it would be easy to throw in the towel after all this time. PS: those salty fish bite when it is windy too :-)
This comment is the kind I love to get.  It reminds of the few years I tourney fished and guided pretty hard, and took it all the wrong way.  It was so much about catching fish that it often took the fun right out of it and after a few years I slowly slacked off.  The problem was me, I was young and dumb and did not realize what I had guiding and fishing so hard in the beautiful mountains of the Ozarks.  It was all about catching and nothing more.  Now it is about catching if it happens, but there is so much more.  A big gator growling, a loon hot on a musky as the Shoedog fights it, coyotes howling and this list goes on.  As I get older I have learned how lucky I am and that there is a limit to all of us, and going back to Mac’s comment, there will be a day when it is all about the memories.  So enjoy your time outdoors, it is a privilege.  And I know those stupid bay fish bite in the wind and trust me, I am going to hit the bay a lot harder in the days to come.  Thanks for reminding us what it is all about.
And last but not least is Clyde and the new Lund.   They finally got it all rigged and ready to roll.  So to understand this picture you will need a little background.
That is one beautiful boat.  Send us the maiden voyage fishing report.
That is our old buddy John.  He owned the dock where I had the pleasure of living, working, and guiding for years.  A great boss and a good guy John is getting up in years and fishing and moving around in the boat is getting harder for him, as it is for the rest of us.  The reason I tell you this is if you have read this stuff for a while you have seen pictures of the inside of Clyde’s old boat.  Stuff everywhere, it stayed in a completely trashed state.  And remember the trailer from hell on our Canada trip?   Well that is what John has dealt with fishing with Clyde for years.  In fact John had to sit on a bucket!   John did not know Clyde was buying a new boat so Clyde called him up and gave some story to get him over.  I bet John is as excited as Clyde about the new boat, no more bucket.  See you guys in Canada in a couple of weeks!
 View from the balcony.
I know it is a little fuzzy but I wanted you to notice the pavilion just right of center.  One of the ironies of life is that the Boss is allergic to shellfish.  What?  A crawdad and shrimp eating old fisherman married to a woman who is highly allergic to supper and bait?  Well yesterday there were folks having a crawdad boil over there and you could smell it from the deck.  Then last night she had a reaction.  That is crazy!  Over a 100 yards from the boil and she has a reaction.  Guess it is a good thing I only smell like bait but do not fish with bait.
Time to wrap it up this morning.  I really appreciate everyone participating, makes this a lot better place.  So now we will crank up the 4×4 on the beast and head out on the  beach.  Time to get some sun and a maybe just a little fishing while I am at it.  Hope you all had a great weekend, we sure are.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.
Good Luck and Tight Lines
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Coleto Creek 5/13/16.


Boat Decal

Home of the Bang O Lure.

The Beatdown Continues

(First thanks to all who replied.  I guess when the blog platform updated it changed the picture program some way so that it cause some incompatibility with my laptop.  I think I got a handle on it so thanks everyone who let me know the pictures are fine.  Now it is time for the story.)

Since we are headed to South Padre this weekend for 3 days I thought I would squeeze a quick morning trip to Coleto before I headed home to get ready.  I knew from Jim that there was going to be a tourney this weekend so there would be folks practicing.  When I got to the ramp it was busy.  It was foggy when I got there at 8 so I am sure folks were waiting it out some.  But it was clearing so in the water I went

The water temp was 80 and has fallen just a little, but it is really clearing and there is still lots of shallow cover on most banks.  One quick word on that.  Though I am still not seeing deep grass I did see 2 big clumps growing shallow up lake, so who knows, we may have some grass yet this year.

Since it was a quick trip and I knew I would be quitting by 1:00 I decided to stay with the topwater.  Today it was walking the dog with a big KVD topwater in the Sexy Shad.  I fished a couple of places down lake but had only a couple of half hearted bites so I committed to heading way up lake.  It was clearing fast up there so I figured it would be right, and it was.


This was a really nice fish and she smoked it.

I was way up lake in the Coleto arm and wanted to start on a bank up there that is basically a medium sloping bank with good cover.  We caught a few on it last week with plastics and I figured if it cleared enough they should eat that topwater, and they did.  I put 4 in the boat in about 20 yards and besides the nice one above lost another one the same size.


They were on the chew.

It was probably about 9:00 when I got into them so I committed to staying with the topwater.  It was important to get it right next to the bank and then walk the dog with a moderate speed.  Most of the fish came within 5 feet of the bank, and they were wolfing it.


My limit had some weight today.

They were on the more sloping bank with cover, small points, and big flats with grass that had deep water close by.  It was important to throw it up in the grass on those flatter places.  Yea it got that green slime on the bait, but it sure was a beautiful thing to see one explode on it in water less than a foot deep.


An easy 5 , this girl must have just got off the bed, she was all beat up.

The other place some came from was the wood.  There was also the beginning of schooling action on the lake and I did catch one chasing bait behind the boat.  1 of the biggest fish came off a tree in 8 foot of water.  So at that point I was just covering water and tossing at any likely looking spot.  And any big point with good water on both sides definitely held fish.   It would be really efficient to keep a rod with plastics handy so that after you throw the topwater over wood you could come back with the plastic if they don’t hit the topwater.  Trust me, those fish are on that wood.


Nice solid fish.  These were the 5 biggest.

So a real productive quick trip.  They really were eating it in a big old boil and it was probably about 15 for the morning, not bad.  I had to change rods as the one I initially used was to light, as was the line for the cover I was fishing.  I changed to a medium heavy with braid and a 20lb fluoro leader and started hooking them up a little better.  It was by far the best topwater bite of the year and there is no reason it will slack off for a while.  And the number of fish I saw chasing shad there will be some schooling activity.  So if you are on the lake early in the morning be watching, they just might come up in mass.


I have some great comments and reports I want to share with you but it is time to load the truck and head to the beach.  I love driving the beach and if that southeast wind will lay just a little I will get in some topwater fishing at daylight when the boss takes her walk and then later when we spend our afternoon in the sun.  I will get the other stuff up in the next day or two.  Hopefully the Shoedog will be down next week for a couple of days of wading and trout catching.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Lake Fayette County 5/12/16.


Boat Decal

Home of the Bang O Lure.

(Sorry if the picture look sideways, some kind of coding problem which I am working on.  But no matter how they look this was one crazy day of fishing – see the newest post for a couple of reports from Fayette regulars.  It is crazy good!)

First I am just going to shut my mouth and digest this a minute……………….











Here is the couple of important thing about these pictures.  You can tell by looking at them it started on the first bank at 6:45 where I put 10 in the boat in nothing flat, most on a crankbait.  It ended on the next to last bank at 3:30 where we fished it twice and caught 15 or 20 on both passes, the last place we only caught 3.  The crankbait I was using was a wooden shad looking thing and they like it on Fayette.  Of those 10 a couple came on jerkbait.  Shoedog was throwing the Whopper Plopper for a little, he has a bad case of it, and he even had a bite before he got with the program.   Once he did it was a killing.

Number 2, I caught them on 5 different baits, Shoedog on 6.  And they all worked all day if you wanted to fish any one in particular.  All together we caught on 4 different jerkbaits, 3  different crankbaits, the swim jig, a lizard and a couple of more I can’t remember.  One thing about the jerkbait and crankbait bite, they we smacking it.  Several came when my crankbait ticked the grass.  And with their proximity to grass, the usual there, it was time for a different bait.

Probably around noon I really got them going on a 1/4 oz. white swim jig with a paddle tail trailer, and I did not stop throwing it the rest of the day.  They definitely wanted it at a moderate steady speed, not manipulated, and they were smoking it.  I would hate to guess how many I caught on it, but it was a big ass bunch of nice ones.  Most were close to the bank and if I felt some grass it often triggered a bite.  It was one of those days when you got to really see how deadly that swim jig is.

While I was using the swim jig at a steady moderate speed Shoedog got out the shallow running Shad Rap and just slow cranked that at the same speed and they jumped all over it, and it was running maybe a foot deep.  A couple hit it on top and he saw a couple of more eat it.  We kept at it with those baits for most of the afternoon.  Two totally different presentations got it done.

They were so active during the middle of the day that we had a couple of follows to the boat, and another couple nice ones rolling after a good bass I landed.  It went like that all day.  As far as location they were in the 2 – 5 foot depth in that 80 degree water.  We tried to keep the boat in 6 feet and get fairly close to the bank with our casts.

When there was a little drop, and that good grass in the 3 foot range, we would catch a couple, 5, or 1, whatever, but we would catch them.   And I do believe that as many as we caught in a spot that it helped trigger more bites.  We had lots of back to backs or doubles.  It was different in that they stayed that shallow all day.  When Fayette is good like that it is crazy good, and today was that day.

Last, the pictures are just a small sample of how it went today, we really did whack them.  When you start getting in the 50+ range, most nice average heavy slot fish, it is all about the catching.  This was one of our better days ever if you just take into account average weight.  And one thing about Fayette fish, most look like they just left the buffet after thirds.  They just kept coming, and we were more than happy to help them out.

One word about the weather, it was a complete miss, 100% wrong.  But the thunder and lightning was in the distance, and the wind was only a slight hassle at times.  The fish were where they were if that makes sense.  Catch a couple, then another, then another, then maybe no bites for a little ways, and then do it again.  They were in the back ends of coves to the outside points or somewhere in between, it was a matter of covering ground.  They were on deep banks and flat banks.  So while I would like to take credit it was the fish.  They were on the chew and we just figured it out.

Today was simply a thing of beauty.  I just want to take this time to say how lucky I am to have the Gulf, Fayette, Coleto, Falcon, Amistad and a host of others close.  Living in Arkansas was fishing heaven, and while this is a different heaven, I really do appreciate days like today more and more.  No matter how much, or how little, we get to fish ever day is precious and I do not take them for granted.

Not sure what is next, we are still in that high wind pattern, but it will break.  Summertime is descending on Texas, when the weatherman asked himself the following question:   And when is this humidity and heat going to get out of here?  His answer:  October.  So welcome to summer in Texas, and with it will come those calm summer mornings on the Gulf as the trout slurp that topwater.  And Canada is only a little over 2 weeks away!  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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This and That 5/11/16.


Boat Decal

Home of the Bang O Lure.


Shoedog likes his hunting and a buddy of his has a lease with lots of hogs.  He hunted it a couple of times before and finally killed a nice hog.



Shoedog with his first hog, and it is a good one.

Way to go dude.  How about making a bunch of barbeque for Canada?  Just a thought.  They also fished a pond on the lease and Shoedog said they loved that Whopper Plopper.


And it is always good to hear from Austin Aaron.


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a report to pass along.  I’ve had a hard time getting out on the water lately.  All your fish pics finally broke me so I snuck away for a morning in the kayak this weekend in POC.  It was a great day on the water – 20+ reds and a mixed bag of other fish.  I was fishing alone so nothing but a dead fish pic to send along.  Thanks for being part of the inspiration to make me get up at 2:30AM to drive down from Austin to hit the water at first light.


I also forgot to tell you about some bowfishing I did down on Coleto last month.  Took over 20 gar and 25 tilipia in a couple hours.  Shot that bow until I couldn’t shoot anymore!  The tilapia were so thick that I managed to skewer a couple doubles.  I attached a pic of one of the larger gar (50″ – I’m 6’4″ for perspective). The big ones put up a respectable fight.



Wow, that is what I call a good string of fish, or supper!  And something you said about getting up at 2:30 to drive down here to fish struck me.  It is often that simple, how bad do you want it?  It is so easy to make excuses, ask me, I can fish whenever I want, and it still happens.  As I always say put on your big boy pants and get it done.

And good job on the bowfishing.  There are more tilapia than I have ever seen this year.  They have been up for 2 months now, and they are still out there shallow.  Every spring I tell folks, if you are a bow hunter come to Coleto.  And plus, they are actually good to eat.  So thanks for the report and keeping in touch.  Will be looking forward to a report from the river where you caught all those nice bass last year.


I bumped into Frank, the director of the Victoria Academy, and as always he had a couple of fresh fishing reports to share.  He has been fishing the bay and the surf.  He reports the croaker bite is on and they limited the other day by 8:30 on reds and trout in the surf.  He is a big offshore fisherman and showed me a marlin caught out of POC last week that was in the 750lb. range.  Apparently there is a big temp break offshore and there have been several marlin caught lately. Our warm winter may account for the early croaker and offshore bite.  I love spring.


By time you read this the Shoedog and I will be thrashing away on Fayette County.  It has been closed for several weeks and finally re-opened this weekend.  I have not been there for quite a while and am really looking forward to fishing.   We have always had great luck there as it fishes perfect for our style, which is using that jerkbait.  Anytime you have fish positioned in that 10″ range a jerkbait can be deadly, and there are always lots of fish at that depth on Fayette.  I will get to that report in the next day or two.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Coleto Creek 5/9/16.


Boat Decal

Fresh or saltwater the Knocker B catches fish.


86/71   Cloudy with gusty winds in a.m. South  20-30   20% chance stray shower


Low   1:36 AM     0.0  (Talk about a flat tide.)
High  12:56 PM     1.0

Solunar Times

  • Best     1:30A – 3:30A
  •              2:00P – 4:00P
  • Good   7:45A – 9:45A


It always amazes me how the weatherman can be so right when he projects high winds, and today he was right on as it blew at least 20, and sometimes up to 30.  It was windy.  So why when he projects light winds is he so often wrong?  Just wondering.  Of course I wanted to be on the coast today but that was completely out of the question, as it might be for several days to come.

It was blowing pretty good when I got up and it had rained.  So I took my time, enjoyed breakfast with the Boss and finally made it to the lake around 9.  It looks like it is still dropping slowly, the water temp was 80 degrees plus, and the wind was howling.  Perfect.  So the first place was a cove with at least fishable wind.


This one blasted it in a bush.

With the wind spinnerbait was first up and this one just creamed it next to a bush.  I fished most of the cove and missed another in a bush so it was time to re-fish it was the senko.  Now I am not big on re-fishing an area but there were so few choices due to the high wind, and both bites came right out of a bush, so plastic made sense.


This one swam with it.

I pitched at the green bushes with the most leaves on them, which is were they seem to be.  Going back over them I caught 3 additional bass before moving.  Next it was a main lake bank with a light breeze,  (That is a joke.)  and I boated another one out of an isolated green bush that was furthest from the bank.


This one thumped it.

It was tough enough out there that there were lots of banks that were not fishable.  One of those fish where you can and not where you want.  Kind of reminded me of when I was fishing tournaments in the old days and we went bad weather or not.  I was basically altenating between spinnerbait, senko, and topwater.  The first 2 that hit the topwater as I walked the dog knocked it a foot in the air but did not hook up.

I decided to try a real windy bank with the spinnerbait.  Actually I covered a long way as the wind just blew me down the bank like a leaf.  I made a cast when and where I could, and just tried not to fall out of the boat.  I caught 3, 2 that were small, and the one below.


This one stopped it like running into a brick wall.

Before I called it a day I went to the south side of the main lake near the dam which was a little protected.  I caught another one on spinnerbait, missed one on topwater, then finally boated a good one on top.


Sorry about the no shirt thing, just wanted to show you my 5 best, not a bad limit considering.

I did miss another real nice one on top when I looked away, stopped reeling, and turned the trolling motor.  I did not even see or hear it as it took it off the top and swam right to me and I just could not get the hook in her.  Today would have been a real topwater day if the wind had blown about half of what it did.  Though 5 or 6 came in a couple of coves, the main lake banks produced the big bites.  I really do think if a person walked a bone color topwater, and picked the right bank, a good string could be caught.  I had 5 bites on top and 3 of them were good fish.  It seemed like they were biting better when I quit about 2:30.

Considering the conditions the fishing was ok.  And since I was not able to get on places I wanted to it really wasn’t a total failure taking into account how hard the wind was blowing.  I finally got tired of fighting it and called it a day.  Maybe I am not as mad at them as I used to be.  There was one trailer at the ramp when I went out and 1 when I quit.  Not many folks were willing to fight the high winds, it is just Monday and I usually am more than ready to fish no matter what the conditions.   For a short trip in rough weather it was a success, sure beat sitting at the house and whining.


I told you I was lucky enough to meet Colby Sorrells, a longtime writer for the Gulf Coast Fisherman.  He was kind enough to show me, and give me a couple, of the trailers he uses on the back of his topwater.  It is a great idea and makes adding the trailer a whole lot easier than my tying on the  feather.


It does not take much to achieve the desired results.

Glad to meet you at POC. Feel free to use the flashtails (and information) however you want. I detailed them in the Jan 2010 Gulf Coast Fisherman(didn’t realize it had been that long ago!) I’ll send you a photo with the package of Fas-Snaps if you will send me an email. Texas coastal anglers have been using some kind of tail on their lures since the 1930s. Several lure companies made lures that included a little pigtail made of thin wire to hang a bucktail on. Dan Blanton in California uses a flashtail on several of his flies including his Whistler and he has detailed how they work for him. I just took a little bit of everyone’s ideas and made it easier by using the Fas-Snap which makes it very easy and quick to add a flashtail or remove one. You can certainly tie some up using feathers if they work better for you. I like the plastic(mylar) material because I think it looks very similar to the way piggy perch tails or shrimp eyes and tails look to fish. When gigging flounder at night I always noticed how piggy perch tails and shrimp eyes and tails really shine when the flood lights just barely hit them. I believe fish see fluorescent colors better than we do and I often check both lure and tying materials with a UV light. Amazing what shows up. Best to you and hope to see you again. Colby

Wow.  I can not thank you enough for sharing that with us.  I have already added the couple I got from you to my favorite topwaters and I can not wait to get back to the Gulf this week.  One thing that hit me immediately with your method is that the mylar has lots of flash and it is not necessary to add bulk, which really does affect the action of the topwater.  So I will be tying those as soon as I get to a real fly shop and pick up the mylar and the Fas-Snaps.  And for you folks out there, watch for his writings in the Gulf Coast Fisherman.  And Colby, feel free to add your .02 anytime you feel the urge.


After big days in your life like marriage, kids, graduations, there is one day that hardcore fishermen do not want to admit is one of the top in their lives:  When they finally get to buy the boat.  You know the one I am talking about, you have looked at them longingly, researched, shopped, and then finally did it, you took the plunge.  Well my good buddy Clyde and his lovely wife Maria finally bought a Lund.  For you Southern guys a Lund is to aluminum boats as Ranger is to bass boats or Majek is to saltwater boats.


Congratulations.  Can’t wait to see it up close in Canada.  It just needs a little pike slime on it and it will be perfect!

Nothing like getting the real deal.  A boat that will actually last a lifetime.  Able to handle big water and solid as a rock, they are the best aluminum boats on the water.  Kind of like owning the Lexus of boats.  My only piece of advice besides do the maintenance exactly like they tell you is to take advantage of that new boat love affair and  put a couple of baits away occasionally.  I know that is a novel concept.  So congratulations again, you guy deserve it.


That is all for today.  I have some things to get done today so I am freed up the next couple.  One of the things will be spending that free $1o card from Academy.  It never seems to be just $10, but every dollar helps.  And I will start seriously working on the Canada list, it is about 3 weeks from taking off.  I love the anticipation.  Of course the fishing this week will be weather dependent, but there will be some fishing.  I have a good kayak report to pass on and another thing or two that I will get to later today.   So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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