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9/11 – Never Forget

Today we remember that 15 years ago Islamic Terrorists flew 2 planes into the World Trade Center.  Another hit the Pentagon, and one crashed when brave passengers made a stand and saved more lives by giving theirs.  Before the day was over more than 3,000 innocent people were murdered, many of them first responders who rushed in to save lives and lost theirs.  People ran away as the first responders ran to the World Trade Center.   They made the ultimate sacrifice.  Paramedics, firemen, cops, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, all murdered in the name of religion.

As former paramedics, my wife and I visited Ground Zero a couple of months afterward.  The site was still smoking and folks were still walking around with pictures of loved ones. Walls everywhere covered with pictures, stories, flowers, teddy bears and memorabilia, as people held out the last bit of hope for their loved ones.  It was a solemn place and very moving.  These horrific murders were done by Islamic terrorists.  It was done in the name of Allah.  It was done by cowards.  I can not, and will not, forgive or forget.  We must remain vigilant against this twisted version of Islam, both here and abroad.   George Bush was not my favorite president, but at Ground Zero he said something that is as relevant today as it was 15 years ago.  “You are either with us or against us.”  As far as I am concerned we should wipe every single one of these scum, participants and sympathizers, off the face of the earth.  This is a fight we must win.

God Bless America 


And as far as my whining about being caught in a rut, Colby did not mince words.

You ARE in a rut. Get below all that freshwater with a 1/32 ounce jighead and a soft plastic. Those fish reluctant to hookup on a topwater will hit that light weight jighead and soft plastic. Make a change! Keepin’ It Fun. Colby

It is time to get back in the water and throw that 1/32 jig head and Down South plastic, a quick way to get back on track.  Well hopefully tomorrow I will get out of that rut.  Stay tuned.  And thanks for your comments, keep them coming.


I got this question from Walt, and if I knew the answer I would be a millionaire, or start organizing fishing trips.  Oh yeah, I do that occasionally.

Would like to fish POC next week, but, rising tide to midday. How would you fish this, or just go to one of our Oklahoma lakes and wait a week or two? Ever a good afternoon bite, and where. (drains inside?)

One thing I have learned from fishing places I have never been to is to try and put as much in my favor as possible.  A couple of examples would be the Arkansas lakes in early spring pre-spawn, Falcon Lake on the spawn, POC with early high tides, and Florida when the tarpon are there.  But by the same token, if I could predict when folks should visit anywhere I would be rich.  But now to your question.

Looking at the tide tables for the next couple of weeks you should wait.  Of course there is no accounting for what the weather may do, but looking at the tides next week there are multiple tide days, not my favorite.  The next week, September 20th on, have a high tide a little before daylight with a fall during the day.  No guarantee, but it is usually better.  As far as the rest of it, grass and sand flats should really start to take over.  So while I will always hit drains if one is close, it is time to start looking for them on the flats off the island.  (That is where I will be next time out.) Remember for the drains to be the place the water needs to be moving. otherwise I am looking at the flats adjacent to the major back lake drains.  And as we slip into fall, and the water temp drops, the fishing picks up and you can whack them all the way till dark, which makes for some interesting rides back.  So good luck on your trip and I should have several new reports by then. Drop me a note before you come and maybe I can help out.  And please let us know about your trip when you get back.

And always remember the old joke.  The owner was at the counter of his resort when Joe, who comes the same week every year walks in, a week early.  The owner says, “What are you doing here, you are a week early!”  Joe says, “I have been coming here for years and you keep telling me I should have been here last week, well here I am.”  So take any suggestion above with a grain of salt.


I really want to give a shout out to the Razorbacks.  What a win!  Those are the ones that often got away from us early in the year.  Hopefully it is a sign of things to come.  An easy game next, then those freakin’ Aggies.  The Aggies are looking good after beating the snot our of nobody, just what they are supposed to do.  One thing about the game with the Aggies, it could not be more important so it will be strap it on and get it done.  As Jim Ross says, “Expect a slobber knocker.”

The Cowboys on the other hand looked pretty good considering.  But like last year they just could not get it done.  You can not hit the red zone 4 times and come out with 3 field goals and win many games.  They are still a work in progress and obviously need help on defense.  So it may be exciting but it could be a long year for Cowboy fans.  And last congratulations to the Texans, they looked good beating the Bears.  They just may have signed a quarterback.


Excuse the 9/11 rant above, I know this is about the fishing, but every once in a while I can’t help myself.   Never forget what happened that day, and be sure your children know and keep the memory alive.

It is Sunday night and I am trying to decide where I am going to fish tomorrow.  First I will start with the weather report, then the tide tables, and last the Solunar times.  Who knows, maybe that will help.  But when it comes down to it the only thing that tells the story is bait in the water. And if you caught some fish or have a comment bring it on, we love to hear from all of you.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Port O’Connor Day 9/10/16.


Boat Decal A Knocker B topwater will be up first this morning. 

I will be real interested in how many folks are fishing POC in the morning.  (Friday)  The tide looks good and I will get lucky if the weather will cooperate.  Unfortunately we are still in this oppressive Heat Index that will reach 100+ again on Friday.  So it will be up early and hopefully be putting fish in the boat as it cracks daylight.


91/73  Cloudy with 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms  Wind SSE 10 – 15


High   5:40 AM     1.0   (Not the best flow but the timing is right)
Low    6:14 PM     0.4

Solunar Times

Best    5:13A – 7:13A    5:37P – 7:37P       Good  11:01A – 1:01P


I really had no specific plan today other than catching a couple of keepers for supper.  The wind was blowing about 15 when I got to the ramp at Froggie’s.  The tide was way up, almost to the top of the piers, so it was high and had some color to it.  I was surprised at the number of folks at the ramp, and the parking lot was almost full. But the bigger point is I fished uninspired and this report is boring, a reflection of the morning.

From there it was off to Big Bayou.  I was hoping the water would start to run out at some point, but when I started fishing it was still coming in and the wind was blowing it right along.  The first stop was a sign of things to come.  Topwater (Knocker B and Skitter Walk) produced 6 or 8 bites, but only 2 hooked up and neither were worth a hoot.  I caught 4 or 5 there but nothing close to a keeper.  It stayed like that all morning, especially the good ones not staying on.


The best of 3 or 4 reds today.

After that first little flurry it was hunt and peck with a bite here and there.  But there was one big problem, I could not for the life of me get a hook in them.  I lost several (Lots) of really nice fish, both trout and reds.  For some reason they just pulled off, and it happened on both spinning rods.  My hooks were sharp enough, not sure what the problem was.  I did drop my rod tip on one nice trout and of course it jumped off.  And to add to the misery the small ones managed to stay hooked up.


This was the biggest trout of the morning.  She had a mullet in her bigger than some of the trout I caught today.

There was one thing different today and that was I caught some fish on a couple of really shallow flats behind an island in Big Bayou, so actually it was in Barroom.  The tide was so high, and not really dropping, and that obviously had something to do with it.  And with the wind helping to keep the water moving it was actually tough to fish the drains with the water running off the reef into the Bayou.   And the water color was not as clear as the last couple of times.

I did throw spinnerbait for a little bit and even managed to lose one on that, which is a really rare occurance.   The only one I boated on it was a rat, just like the others I caught on plastics.  Nothing got bites like the watermelon red/white paddle tail anywhere water was running around a point.  I did catch a bonus Spanish Mackeral but even he did not make the grade.  But on a better note, the fishing seems to be trying to creep into the fall pattern, we just need to break out of this hot weather.  Nothing those cool fall mornings won’t fix.

So here it what I learned today.  First, I should have been wading.  The couple of shallow places where I caught them would have been a ton better if I had been in the water with them.  Second, time to get out of the Big Bayou rut.  I can blame it on several things, including hot weather meaning shorter trips, but really it comes down to being lazy.  No matter what the reason, my saltwater reports have been fairly boring, and even I am somewhat sick of them.  My trip yesterday really did leave me bored and uninspired.  I achieved the goal, supper, but that is hardly motivation.  As my good buddy Randy would say when the fishing was slow, “Somebody do something spectacular!”

Fortunately there is a really simple resolution to my boring saltwater reports, just drive the boat another 15 minutes and jump in the water.  Add in a little experimentation and you have the makings of a good report, and a good day on the water.  So I hear you Randy, time to get back into doing something spectacular.


The Mad Trout Fisherman (aka Chad) is at it again.  The boy has them down pat on croakers.

Poc today light winds to start off the morning . A livewell full of croaker a 4 man crew, and a 5 min boat ride to cityslickers. When we shined the spotlight on the water upon arrival, and bait was everywhere i knew i made the right choice. We made short work out of it today. 4 man limits of trout, 7 redfish 0ne 45″ oversized released. The tide was falling and the fish were right on the drop off. Big trout of the day 22″ i love it when the fish make look like i know what im doing. Last time i had one of these guys on the boat was at baffin at yarbough pass and i shut the boat down in less than a foot of water. We had to push it 100yds . He hasnt forgot lmao!!! So it was good to wack em today!

The nice thing about your current run is you have got to share it with some folks who make it great when you whack them.  Nothing like right place, right time, and right bait to make it come together.  Good job.  So keep those reports coming, we all love them.  Thanks.


There is a bad situation happening on Falcon, and as usual the folks at Falcon Lake Tackle are all over it.  He works hard at keeping TPWD, and other state agencies in line, and again there is a another big issue on the lake.  A contactor building a new bridge has built a dam which ended up causing a huge fish kill.  Basically all the involved agencies and contractors are getting away with fishocide by their inaction.  You try causing a fish kill in the thousands and thousands and see what that gets you.  So if you are interested in how TPWD has responded to the killing of your fish please read his blog, it is very informative.  Plus nobody would ever accused him of not speaking his mind.



One thing that happened Friday was fairly spectacular, though not in a good way.  As I was fishing a drain in Big Bayou a couple of guys in a fairly big deep V came roaring into the next cut headed onto Bill Days reef.  If you know anything the back side of the islands in Big Bayou they are shallow, even at high tide, and covered in oysters.  So they slam into the bottom and spent the next 1/2 hour trying to get moving.  When they finally did they were chewing up the oysters and the bottom of both the bay and the boat.  So here is my point, other than being amazed they did that, your GPS is not the be all, end all, on new water.

It really seems that map study has gone by the way side with the widespread use of GPS.  As maps were the only way we got around they have been a part of my fishing for decades.  Even today I buy a map first thing anywhere I intend to fish.  Not only does it give you the big picture, it can keep you out of trouble.  Fishing with folks who have different mapping on their GPS there is a big difference in the information they contain.  It was real apparent these guys were not local because even a basic examination of a map would have prevented the whole fiasco, or maybe hundreds of $$$ when you break something.  Plus on the good maps available now it seems like you always learn something reviewing them.


It can be hard to keep it fresh when you try to write 150+ days a year.  Your comments and reports really help keep me motivated and I appreciate them all, feel free to comment anytime.  Next up is a weekend full of football and door painting.  Easy to get started on the football, harder to get started on the painting.  Then Monday it will be back to fishing, though still in the 90’s and a 50% chance of rain.  It is like a broken record around here.  Here’s to hoping you all are getting to fish some, the good times are coming.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Coleto Creek 9/7/16.


Boat Decal Pick up a Knocker B topwater next time you are at the tackle store.

First up this week is fishing on Coleto.  With the wind forecast to blow some with possible thunderstorms I decided to fish close.  Plus, the bass fishing has been good, and the fishing did not disappoint today.


93/74  Partly cloudy with afternoon showers or thunderstorms  40% chance  Wind SSE 10 – 20mph   (wind blew 15 – 20 after 9 and it was partly cloudy)


High   6:39 AM     0.9
Low   4:26 PM     0.4

Solunar Times

Best   3:38 am to 5:38 am    4:00 pm to 6 pm

Good  9:49 am to 11:49 am  (Right On)

Like I said in my last post this is one of the slowest weeks of the year on the water.  And when I got to the ramp there was nobody but me.  In fact, I only saw one crappie fisherman and a TPWD boat all morning.  And there was only one truck at the lot when I took out.  Lots to be said for having it dead quiet on the lake as the sun rose.

One thing I can say for sure about the bass on Coleto, I know where they are, and I sure know where they aren’t.  It was just cracking daylight as I headed up lake to pitch the Yum Dinger.  It was definitely a go with what you know day.  Just like the last 3 trips they seem to be on shallow banks, and many I caught today were in a foot of water.


                                    Just a nice average size today.

I am still pitching the 5″ Yum Dinger in watermelon red on 20lb. test with a 1/8th slip sinker.  Today I actually had more bites than the last couple of days, but never did boat a big one, though who knows what I missed.  I did have a hoss broke me off in big mess of wood, and I am thinking of going to a 30lb. leader.


                         I am not complaining about this average.

One thing that happened today was several stretches would give up 4 or 5 fish.  So when I caught one I really concentrated and hit every little bush or blade of grass.  Again several boiled it (which I caught) easing it over a bush.  And one really nice one rolled on a small bass I was bringing in.  During the bite they were very active.


                                           They were eating that Yum.

I caught one on my third cast, then got a bite here and there until about 10, and then they bit like crazy.  One of those deals where I wondered if I just got to the right place at the right time, or whether the bite was on.  It was definitely the later.  Again I only started the big motor once or twice once I started fishing.  I just kept the bait in the water and fished any cover I came to.

After catching a wad of them on shallow flats it dawned on me that maybe the Strike King Swimming Jig might be the ticket.  It has not really been effective this summer but it sure seemed like time.  I had one literally try to take the rod out of my hands on my first cast with it, which I missed.  Then another one hit it hard, and I missed that one too.  I finally got the feel back and put the next 2 in the boat.  The swim jig is easy to fish, but takes a little practice.  And those were the last bites I had today.  So after the big  flurry they flat out quit.  I mean at 11:30 it was over.  So I decided to try a couple of places down lake.


                                 It was a solid consistent bite today.

Before I left up lake I caught a bunch, probably an easy 15, and missed that many easy.  They were a nice average size, so things are picking up on the lake.  So I figured that there had to bee some place down lake to catch them, wrong again.  First thing the water is a good 3 – 5 degrees warmer down lake and a whole lot clearer.  I hit a couple of points, a long deeper  bank, and my favorite bank down lake and did not have a bite.  So the Solunar Tables were pretty much right on.  Other than a few small ones down lake has not been kind to me.  I can honestly say I do not have a clue how to catch one down lake.  So with that result I called it a day at 12:30.


Looking at the weather report for the week it is definitely fishable both from the wind perspective and the rain.  One day has a 90% chance and the rest of the days seem to be you will get wet somewhere, or not at all.  So time to head to the bay.  One of the real important part of keeping my blog is to be able to look back at the months and see where I was fishing.  Last year near the end of the month I had a couple of good days and caught one of the bigger trout I have caught out of POC.  So with that in mind it will be the bay in the next day or two.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Summer Is Over 9/6/16.


Boat Decal Pick up a Knocker B topwater next time you are at the tackle store.

I hope everyone had a great holiday as summer comes to a close.  You might not be able to tell with our  heat index forecast to be as high as 110 degrees the next couple of days, but it is coming to a close.


While I took the weekend off the Masked Flounder Assassin, who shall remain nameless due to the outstanding warrants for continuing to murder innocent fish, was hard at it catching reds.


Nice Red!  He is not gigging, but is still giving them a go at night.

20160905_013243 (1)

The guest of honor at dinner tomorrow.

Thanks for the pictures dude, can’t wait until you are back in full foundering mode.


Following my trip to Lake Travis I got his question from Joe Bass.

So when you were on Lake Travis how did the water clarity look like? Last April 2016, I was there and in coves you could see at least 10-20 feet down. Haven’t been back with all the rain we been having. Not sure how clear it is. Thanks

The visibility was good but it was not quite that clear, but you could see a good 5 feet plus where we were on the lower end.  Fishing many highland lakes it reminded me of the Ozarks, but not quite as clear.  Because of the kids there was only a little trolling to let them catch one, but I really liked the looks of things.  I know the pressure there is pretty heavy but come late winter/early pre-spawn I will be back up there for several days.  That is my favorite time of year on clear lakes like that.  I can just feel one thumping that jerk bait.  And it sure was nice to put the boat in a dock and not have to trailer, and the wife can have the car and shop Austin until she drops, or runs out of money.  Everybody wins on that trip.


And speaking or Travis here are a few from a great trip with the grandkids even if I didn’t catch a fish.  It was a great way to end the summer.

IMG_4552  IMG_4570

             Summer Fun.  Baby Wren was unsure of the whole tubing thing.


                            No I will not kiss the bass Grandpa!

I did a little trolling so I was sure to catch Mia a fish and we finally caught a small Guadalupe bass.  She is a fishing nut and we did not get to fish as much as she wanted, she is going to be a fisherwoman.  I can not wait until they visit, we will wear those Coleto crappie out.  It was a great weekend and there were several highlights other than Mia catching a fish.  Baby Wren, who was quite skeptical of the tube, immediately fell asleep while being towed with dad and mom.  And then she topped off the weekend by throwing up like a volcano on the way to the restaurant.  How a little kid can throw up that much I will never know, but it was amazing.  So a great weekend was had by all, as the older we all get the more important family becomes.


On a side note I really try to be prepared when traveling with the boat.  Of course we stopped at Cabela’s and I noticed a trailer tire was losing air.  A quick change and we were back on the road.  There is no such thing as preparation or taking to much stuff.  You never know what will, or in my case, is going to break.  Taking a moment to check the works before you hit the road can make what would be a big hassle into a small bump in the road.


Any of you that went dove hunting hope you sacked them up.  You too Orlando!  Looking at the forecast for the next few days it is going to be super hot and more rain is on the way.  So I guess it will be off to the lake tomorrow until the weather stabilizes and then it will be back to the bay.  I know all the time I lived at the boat dock on Lake Norfork this week was one of the quietest of the year on the water.  So time to get out the waders and take advantage of the great parking at Froggie’s.  So keep those comments and pictures coming and I will do my part and try to catch a few.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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This and That 9/4/16.


Boat Decal Home of the mighty Bang O Lure!

We are still at the lake enjoying our time with the grandkids.  The weather is great and we have been swimming and tubing, and they even did a little kayaking today.  The house is great but the walk to the dock down the bluff is a little much for a lazy old man like me.  As they all take a nap I thought I would take this time to share a couple of things with you.


The Mad Trout Fisherman is at it again with another good report.

Well the surf on friday would of been great if we would of had a surfer on boad. After stopping at a couple spots, we headed for greens with a couple of prime time hours gone bye i was hoping to find some reds. Our first wade was not bad we put 3 reds and 2 trout in the box. Due to the extremely high tides we weren’t able locate rafting mullet, and at our go to spot the porpoises beat us there coming down the shoreline blowing up the water. So a bit disappointed and aggravated we headed to good ole cityslickers were we found a consistent bite of 16″-18″ trout . What a relief it was to finally be on a good bite as the four of us burned through our croaker with double and tripple hook ups. I didnt trust my guts this morning when they said go there first. So i decided to burn alot of unnecessary boat gas. We boxed our 4 man limit of trout and released many more. Again the trout were right off the drop off. After seeing the big ole green fish you been hooking , i may have to use my annual pass that i buy every year for coleteo. Looks like the wind will be switching back to the se this week. Thank god ! Thanks, chad

Your report puts emphasis on something I truly believe is important in fishing, especially if you fish a lot  –  Listen to your gut or that little voice in your head that is talking to you when fishing.  It is often the way to go, and that little voice is telling you what your mind knows.  So you still got there and got it done.  And you are still catching most of them deep on drops, which will be changing more and more every day.  As far as the lake goes, it was a tougher than usual summer but things are changing fast.  Thanks for your reports and keep them coming.


It was really good to hear from my old buddy Voe.  In the time we fished together before he moved back to Las Vegas we became good friends, and actually caught a fish or two together.

That’s some nice fish my friend. I am still reading your reports and enjoy doing so. The short while we got to fish together I came to know a wonderful man and I feel blessed for that. As for my fishing I have been sidelined, I fell off a ladder while trimming a palm tree and shattered my funny bone (not so funny, so I keep hearing). Had surgery on the 23rd and in for a long rehab according to my doctor.
Great Fishing and Tight Lines!!!!

Wow that is a tough break, no pun intended, as that is a bad place to break.  Kinda hard to cast, which is never funny.  So as you know, do what they tell ya, take it easy, and you will be back in action soon.  We will be looking forward to seeing you holding up some of those big desert fish, if there is any water left in those lakes out there.  And if the Boss and I get out that way for a little adult fun we will holler at you.


Just a quick note on Lake Travis.  It really is pretty and reminds me so much of the highland lakes in Arkansas where I made my fishing bones.  Of course it is a holiday weekend and there are boats every where, but we expected that and it is nothing we have not dealt with on lots of water over the years.  So we got out early with the grandkids and did some tubing and swimming today, and will get back out on the water again tomorrow.  One thing I know is I will definitely be back sometime in really early spring.   Looking at the map I think I know where to find those pre-spawners.  Can you say early season jerk bait fishing.  And I forgot how nice it was to leave the boat on the water instead of trailering every time.   So stay tuned for that one.


And we are continuing to follow Jay’s trophy Blue Cat adventure.

Well, I went out and drowned cut skipjack today. Wind howling 20mph up the river from the west, current flowing east… I set up drifting main channel ledges and holes in 35-60 FOW. Took me over an hour to realize that wind blowing from the west pushing the boat east does NOT present bait in a natural presentation against current. Yes bait swims up river, but catfish tend to hold on the base of ledges or scour holes to catch what flows down stream… Had a bunch of big marks on the Graph, swimming up, take a peek or a sniff and swim right back down. May have been my problem before with the threadfin shad…..
Got turned around, but controlled drifting with 4-6 rods out, 3-5ft off an inconsistent bottom contour, in a 20mph headwind is not an easy task. Folks think catfishermen drop cut bait, sit on their duff and wait. HAHA! I was running around my 18′ boat like a longtail cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. Constantly adjusting bait depth. Nothing like getting 5 baits hung up in a trotline in 55FOW. Try breaking off 85lb braid with a 50lb mono leader!
Discovered another problem. Had several really good takedowns, as in MedHVY rods bent in the water and fish coming off. Plastic rod holders do NOT provide good hooksets on 8/0 circle hooks…. Too much flex. Have some Heavy stainless ones on order.
Fun trying to selfie with a 7lb blue cat. No idea how I’m going to do a 70lber. Guess I need to charge up the gopro and remote and figure out boat mounting.

Of course, after I’m out of bait, I go graph some more water and find the attached.


Now that is a wad of fish!
Next trip.
Enjoy reading your stuff. Can’t wait to get back down to Perdido Bay by Gulf Shores, AL and try some of your salt techniques. Thanks for running a down to earth fishing blog!

Oh, BTW, watch out for these guys if you get on a river. They come around the bend quicker than you think! Talk about a scramble getting 6 rods in, trolling motor up, big motor fired up and run out of the way!!

My first comment is if a person has never tried this on a river they really do not have a clue how hard it is to fish efficiently.  And of course the wind can play havoc.  I know when I have drifted for Blues on the lake it is not easy to keep a bunch of rods at the proper depth and speed, much less when I tried it on the Arkansas River.  As you said it is not as easy as soaking bait.  Catching trophy fish be it catfish or marlin successfully is not just dragging bait around.   Presentation is everything.  There is nothing like watching as a heavy rod slowly bends over as the circle hook takes a bite.  You never know.  And while you did not score the one in the picture looks like supper to me.   At the rate you are going it will happen, and when it does it will be out of the blue like it always is when we catch a big fish.  And have a great time at Perdido Bay, we were there last year and though I did not get a chance to fish it looked great.  And there is a great lake/bay right behind Gulf Shores that had a great ramp as you drive down the coastal road and the guys I talked to there were putting in to catch flounder and reds.  So have a good time and we can’t wait to see that first trophy Blue.


Wooooooo Pig Sooieeeeeeeee!

Even though this is a fishing blog we will be talking some football this fall.  I always tell folks that it cost me a hundred grand (Law School) to be a fan, and by God I am going to stick with them to the bitter end.   As I write this Oklahoma is having a meltdown, losing on day 1 is a killer, just ask the Hogs last year. Miss State just joined the beaten by a nobody club, it is shaping up to be  a tough day.   Here comes the Gaggies on the field, for Sumlin’s sake they better play some ball.  Oops – nice fumble dude!  And my buddy Todd from Austin is at Lambeau Field in Green Bay to watch his #5 LSU Tigers play the Badgers.

Image may contain: 2 people , sky, cloud and outdoor

 Ripped this off my Facebook page.  Hope you guys have a great time!  Even an old Chicago Bear fan like me knows that Lamdeau is hallowed ground, in spite of the stinkin’ Packers. 

It turned out to be a tough day for several folks, especially LSU.  I know from Todd’s Facebook page even though it was a tough loss he had nothing but great things to say about Lambeau and the fans, who were very welcoming.  Over the years if the Hogs were not in a bowl we have always rooted for those coon ass Tigers.  But I do have to comment on the late hit at the end of the LSU/Wisconsin game.  That was a dirty play, not just a cheap shot, but a dirty play.  And then when Wisconsin players came to the aid of the fellow player that dirty player from LSU was taunting them.  Miles needs to set that knucklehead down for a couple of games.  The question is if he is smart enough to even understand that type of play does not get it.  That was just plain crap.

Congratulations to the Aggies, they were favored by 3 over #10 UCLA and they got the job done.  It wasn’t easy but maybe this years team will keep it rolling.  And in the case of my Hogs they squeaked it out by the skin of their teeth over La Tech.  Now that may seem like it was a bad thing but it wasn’t, last year we had a terrible run early before we figured out how not to lose.  So the season begins.  We are still at the lake and after some fancy supper tonight it will be Texas vs. Notre Dame.  I really hope Strong gets it going and survives the inevitable calls for his hide.  He came in and did something that should be done more often in college sports, get rid of the jerks and knuckleheads that do not know how to act or appreciate the chance they have been given.  More colleges should recruit on character than do.  Hey I love to win as much as anyone, but I am not a win at all costs guy.

And speaking of that general subject, when I took sports law in law school there was quite a discussion of whether college players should be paid and how little or how much.  There were several D1 athletes in the class and they talked about how much time athletics took and of course the discussion was also about how much the colleges make off their play.  I really was against them being paid.  A full ride at a major college now runs around $120,000 give or take a buck, and then a degree adds somewhere between $250,000 and a million over a lifetime, adequate compensation as far as I am concerned.  Of course part of my perspective is my wife and I paid every last cent of the cost of our educations and paid back every cent we borrowed in student loans.   Just saying, or whining.


So there is a quick holiday report.  I hope all of you are having a big time.  There will be no fishing on this trip, time to spend it with the kids who we do not get to see as much as we like.  So be careful, be nice, and have fun no matter what your choice of activities this holiday.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Coleto Creek 9/1/16.


Boat Decal Pick up a Knocker B topwater next time you are at the tackle store.

Today’s post has both a saltwater and freshwater report.  The fishing is good right now no matter what you fish of choice is.  Since we are headed to Lake Travis for the weekend I had some things to get ready for the morning so it was Coleto for a quick trip.  Plus, the boat was clean and I wanted it to stay that way. Basically I was just being lazy.  So it was off to the lake before daylight.


95/74  Partly Cloudy  Wind N 5 – 10   10% chance of rain  (Right on.)


High  10:50 AM     0.6
Low  11:47 PM    -0.3

Solunar Times

  • Best  Times    11:34P – 1:34A
  •                           4:59A – 6:59A  (They were biting when I got on the water.)
  • Good Time      5:23P – 7:23P

First thing I noticed was the water had  definitely come up.  So it was up lake to see what the water looked like.  Once I got up there you could see the area where the new water was a little off-color compared  to the rest of the lake.  There were 2 important factors today, first the water up lake was 5 degrees lower than last week, and it was actually moving ever so slightly.  Nothing like a little rise with current to get bass in an eating mood.  And the best thing was the gobbling fest that went on as multiple turkeys flew down off the roost.

I started with buzzbait and in less than 10 minutes I put that up for good.  I went back to pitching a Yum plastic as I have all summer  and they cooperated by eating it.


This is the Yum 5″ Dinger in watermelon red plastic that has been one of the most consistent producers for me the last year.

I did want to show you the bait I have been pitching most of the summer the last couple of years.  Today I started with a 1/4 slip sinker and at 3/0 Trokar hook.  The Trokar is a little more expensive but it really helps to have a super sharp hook for this style of hand to hand combat.  One good thing about the Yum brand is it is not quite as expensive as some brands and they catch fish.  Then all you have to do is just pitch it to cover and hold on, but back to today’s fishing.

Last trip they were getting the best of me by swimming towards me, and it happened again on the first couple of bites. I finally put it together and dropped down to a 1/8 slip sinker and it was on.  The water was clearly up, and they were on the most shallow stuff up lake, several of them hitting it the minute it hit the water.  In fact, the fone below on the left blew up on it when I reeled it over a clump of stuff.  Cool bite.  And I did see 2  roll over on it and eat, another indication of how shallow they were.


                                             We are havin’ fun now!

The lighter weight made a big difference.  They were eating it and holding on.  As long as you did not play touchy-feely with them they would hold on to it until you set the hook.  Now this was not some extended time period, the instant you felt a tic or saw the line move you had to set the hook or they would drop it.  Good thing, between 7 and 9 am I had 25 bites minimum which never hurts anything.


This was a big girl.  Things have been looking up at the lake!

The fishing really stayed consistent and  I did not even start the big motor for 2 hours, if that gives you any idea what I fished – everything.  The only thing I skipped was the coves, not quite time for that yet.   There is enough cover now to just put the trolling motor down and keep your bait in the water.  The shallow banks were clearly better, and the fish definitely liked grass a little better than wood, but no matter, they were right on the bank and any piece of cover you came to might have a fish on it.


This size was average and I caught several.  When added with the ones above my best 5 was not a bad string.

This pattern seems somewhat counter intuitive, flat shallow banks in the middle of summer, but those are the places where I am finding them.  And it really helps that this is the 3rd trip to the lake where I have boated a nice big fattie.  Today I put an easy 15+ in the boat  from 7 – 9am, and missed several.  Then it started slowing down considerably, and I only boated another 6 or so before I quit at noon.  And they definitely got smaller as the morning progressed.

It was easy to tell the big weekend is coming, I only saw one boat, and it was by the dam on the way in, otherwise I did not see another soul.  That will change in the morning and it will begin.  So if you are camping or fishing on Coleto this weekend the fishing is good.  Crappie, catfish, and bass are all biting.  I know one thing, drive way up lake until the water color changes and toss the Yum at cover, then hold on, you will get bit.


And Chad, who from now on I will be calling The Mad Trout Fisherman, is at it again.  Love his reports.

We went to poc this morning thinking the wind would of layed down. When we got to the ramp it was gusting 28 mph out of the n/e. As we headed out to the little jetties i thought we must be crazy. My buddy assured me we are, so we made the track down to greens which is usually a 25 min boat ride took over an hour. As we exited the boat i got a good laugh as my buddy todd slid over the side and was shoulder deep. Most days its less than belly button deep. We were only 75 ft from the shoreline. We been hooking some large specks in the area, but with wind blow dirty water and enough mullet in the area we headed down the shoreline the reds started eating and within a hundred yards we were limited on solid redfish with some oversized released in the process. After a brief discussion and only 2 trout we decided to find some green water. I’m guessing with the extremely high tide and wind out of the ne the drift wood was every where with some trees mixed in. So we made the track back to poc by now the wind was n at 3 mph so to the surf we went. After 30 min there and breakers at the dangerous level. We head towards the hump, as we did the wind got back up to 25 mph and we headed for cover at city slickers . We bailed out with croaker in tow and it was game on. The trout were right off the drop off. We finished up a eventfull day on the water with full limits. For my longtime friend eric who gets to fish about once or twice a year you couldn’t ask for no better results for our conditions. Or any conditions thats what you call adapting and improvising. Hope to get in the surf on friday. Thanks chad

At least you buddy agreed with the crazy part, so only one thing left to do – Make the one hour ass killing ride across open water to Green’s.  Love those rides.  And then nothing better than jumping over the side in shoulder deep water, always a surprise.  In fact, did that once on the King Ranch shoreline in winter, and I was anchored only 20 feet from the shoreline.  And nice job on the redfish and then making the right decision on better water for the trout.  You both adapted and improvised with full limits the result.  And congrats to your buddy Todd.  Nothing like taking someone out who rarely gets to fish and whacking the snot out of them.  So as usual thanks for the report, keep them coming.  And the rest of you feel free to chime in any time.


For You Catfish Guys – A Lake Tawakoni Catfish Trip Drawing 

Jay dropped me this note with a link.

Michael and Teri Littlejohn from Lake Tawakoni are giving away a guided trip for three on Lake Tawakoni. No idea if you Facebook. It’s on their page how to register for the opportunity. Maybe you want to let your reader’s know.
I have fished with Michael. We slugged it out in what felt like Noah’s flood a couple years ago when Texas was coming out of the drought. Good thing I had just bought new Frabill raingear, dry all day. We caught fish and had a blast. Several 30, 20 & high teenagers. Bite had been off due to rising flood water and current conditions, but Michael still got us on fish. The trip was already planned and we decided the fish were already wet and don’t care, as long as no lightening.
Got back to the ramp, we had several box fish (under 10lbs) and had several big fish for the day. The rest of the guides reported nuddin, nada.
Teri is also a HELL of a trophy fisherwoman!
Here’s a link to the post.


Holy Catfish Batman!  Those are some awesome freakin’ catfish.  I have heard how good Tawakoni is and the pictures on their Facebook Page says it all.  And your experience, a few 20’s etc, says it all about their abilities. So if you want to win a chance at a real sack full of fish check out the contest, it only takes a minute and you could get your line stretched.  Thanks for share Jay.  And if any of you win we expect a full report with pictures and tell them fishcatchingtravel sent you.



No matter where, or what, you do this holiday weekend please, please, be careful.  With gas prices still down the forecast is for  a heavy travel weekend.  So our roads and water will be crowded.  A good goal is to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  Be organized at the ramp, and if there is any question on the water or the roads, yield the right-of-way.  Observe no wake zones.  Check your life jackets, fire extinguisher, and boat trailer to be sure everything is in order.  Make sure your paperwork is in order and easily found.  Don’t let any child anywhere near any water without a life jacket on, it only takes a second.  Leave with more trash than you came with.  Be nice.  Do not feed the alligators and hold hands when crossing the street.  If we all do this and a little more it will be a better world.  So have a big time this weekend and do not be the drunken fool behind the wheel.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Readers Day 9/1/16.


Boat Decal Pick up a Knocker B topwater next time you are at the tackle store.


I really love it when I hear from you all.  So here is a few comments I thought I would share with you today.


I got the following question from Richard, and it made me think about not only Big Bayou but all the drains coming out of the back lakes on the island.  That is where I will be doing most of my fishing the coming months as we start to get those monster low winter tides and the redfish gang up.

Great info. I fish POC, mostly Barroom Bay and Big Bayou, but only get down there about 3-4 times a year.
Question: When the tide is coming in, do you set up inside the drain at Barroom Bay and fish the incoming tide from that side or do you still fish the drains from Big Bayou side?

Thanks and blessings

I want water coming out of any drain that I fish if I have the option, no matter where I set up.  Basically  I like the little passes between the small islands that drain Bill Days reef.  The best set up is usually right at the mouth of the drain leading into Big Bayou as the water falls.  The Power Pole is great for positioning so you can reach the back, middle, and out into Big Bayou.  I always try to bring my bait either with the tide or parallel to it for a more natural presentation.  Now should the water be coming in the drain as the tide floods you can still find a few there, and they are usually right in the back where the water goes onto the shallow flat.  Then you usually have enough water to get out on the flat and throw into the drain and pull it back to the boat.  Remember though once it is up need to pay ateention, when the water falls at the mouth of the Big Bayou drains on the Bill Days side it gets shallow big time fast.  Basically the fish set up in the same position on the opposite side of the drain when fishing the outgoing.  The fish like to set up on those little points and oyster bars at the mouth on the reef side, though on the upstroke tide it is never as good.   So as a rule when the tide is still coming in or up then I work all the grassy banks there.  The reds are usually up and the trout are scattered along the grass here or there.  As a rule of thumb if the tide is up I fish wherever and the minute I notice it falling I head for the drains.  I hope this helps some.  Every day is different and yesterday was a perfect example of that.  So good luck next trip and let us know how you do.


Funny how things work.  I got this comment from Jaime about a place I actually thought about yesterday.

If you’re going back, go to Dewberry shoreline, has been awsome as of late, up close to shoreline, did very well there Friday and Saturday. Also I read a report where some follower of yours fished the surf Saturday, we drove there to find it very rough, I guess we should have tried it. Some big rollers.

Thanks for the tip.  As you can see from a couple of Chad’s reports if you can get out to the surf they will bite.  But as usual it is deciding whether you can make it based on wind and some of those big ass rollers at the jetties, which can be pretty daunting at times.  Thanks again and keep those comments coming.


Jim had a question, which brought a lot of things to mind.

I want to fish crappie at Coleto Creek starting this fall. Where can I purchase minnows ?
I checked with the little store prior to the entrance and I thought they were really expensive. Perhaps I am living in 1957 when we usually dug for worms to fish perch on the bayous of Louisiana

Everybody I know who fishes Coleto get their minnows at the store.  When we bought some last time I was surprised that they were $3 a dozen, which I agree is way high.  Of course I will always compare bait costs to when I had my store in Arkansas in the 70’s.  I sold crappie minnows, the ones at the store here are actually a small shiner, 3 dozen for a buck.  Funny thing was people bitched all the time.  The minnows were to big, to small, their eyes are to far to the side of their head, we should get more than 36 for 3 dozen, how come you are not open earlier, how come you are not open later, and on and on.  There was just no pleasing some folks.  And growing up in Iowa we could pick up nightcrawlers anytime it rained, so worms were like free.  So sorry, but I think we both are just old guys, but $3 a dozen is still to high.  But no matter what there are good crappie, and lots of them, on Coleto.  Let us know how it goes this fall, I intend to fry a few up this fall myself.


It does not matter where or what folk’s reports about we can all learn something.  In this case I have learned that I am jealous.  Jay is an Texas transplant in Alabama and he is on a fishing adventure in an area with some of the best bass fishing in the country much less monster stripers and world class catfish.

So, as I had told you a few weeks ago I’ve not really been able to find any gizzard shad to use for catfish bait. Been no problem cast netting 2-4″ threadfins. But no matter how you cut em and stack em on an 8/0 circle hook, these big TN river blue cats just don’t seem to want em. Heck, even the little guys been snubbing their noses at em. Watching them on the graph, swim up, take a sniff and swim away is frustrating. Off to Google and youtube to figure out what works.
Skipjack herring; TN Tarpon, Skippies, freshwater jr jacks as some folks call them around here. One thing’s for certain they’re catfish candy! Reports of guys suspend drifting, dragging Santee Cooper rigs or bottom bumping and getting 1 1/2 lb to 104lb blue cats! Catch skips on spinning gear burning what’s called a local foley spoon (looks like a #13 pet spoon), crappie jigs or sabiki rigs. Had pet spoons and crappie jigs, picked up a couple sabiki’s but wasn’t looking forward to catching anything on a rig with 5-6 different little jigs! Found out Skipjack run 4″ to state record 6lbs. Hmmmm. And catch them in damn tailrace spring thru fall.
Off to Guntersville damn tailrace. Spend two hours 75ft off the damn (some of these crazy rednecks actually drive boats in the damn to fish while water is being released)! Not me! Catch four on a pet spoon in 2 hours. Hmm, time to re- evaluate, look around, enjoy my surroundings. Beached the boat, admire the view as a barge came out of the lock and went by (picture attached). It’s getting hot, real hot, did I mention 99* Alabama humidity hot????? I look 75-100 yds below the dam and see skippies being literally skippy on the surface. Ahhhh! Didn’t want to, but tied on the sabiki, put a glove on my non-reeling hand for fish grabbing.

Spot lock just off the edge of the current seam and cast. Start burning it back and wham! TN Tarpon on! These things fight like crazy! 3 on the first cast! 2-3 a cast lasted for about 30-40 minutes then I ground it out till mid afternoon 1 at a time.
Had an ice/salt water brine in a 50qt cooler. (Picture attached) Caught about 90. Got to the ramp, drain the water off, drove 45 minutes home and ziplocked them into the deep freeze.

Sometimes you gotta learn a new technique.  I’d prefer to be at Smith lake chasing record spots and striper but that’s an hour drive. And Smith lake is a huge impoundment of creeks and fingers with a LOT of graphing to find them.
TN River is 10 minutes, so I’m catfishing for trophy blues now…..
Report to follow as soon as I drown some cutbait catfish candy drifting some old river channel ledges on the river and Wheeler Lake or dragging some flats.
Always enjoy reading your stuff!
Keep after it and thanks for letting us all contribute a little.
Rather be fishing in Texas but here I am, I’m fishing and life is good.

Having lived in 3 completely different states I sympathize with you.  Whether it was catfish and bass in Iowa, bass, rainbow trout, and stipers in Arkansas, and now bass and bay stuff in Texas, everywhere has been different.  And one of the great things about what you are facing with the move is learning some new techniques.  And when a plan comes together nothing beats that, and the river is a place to make it happen.  I am very envious of you getting to become proficient at catching those big river blues.  I have fished them here with cut bait and done ok, but nothing like those monsters you are going to be catching.  Never thought of using a sibiki for them, see we all do learn something.  We will be looking forward to hearing how it goes.  Can’t wait to see you trying to hold up one of those 70’s.  And having Guntersville and Smith, both on my bucket list for years, within a reasonable drive plus the Tenn River close to the house  is enough keep you busy for years.  So keep those reports coming.


And last, I was flipping through the new Field and Stream magazine and there is an article on shooting a whitetail that scores over 200.  That is a real big deal.  One of the guys, Sam Collora, mentioned was a couple of years ahead of me in school and we were on the same wrestling team.  His giant was shot in southeast Iowa where I grew up.  That area is known for big bucks.  One of my friends dad shot the number 2, if memory serves me right, non-typical all time in Iowa, a freakin’ monster.  Those corn fields feed America, and some monster bucks.


So thanks to all today.  It makes my job so much better when you all participate.  Tomorrow I will be on the water before the big weekend starts.  And then why not move to an even busier place for the holiday weekend?  But it will be for a good cause, on the lake with the grandkids having a big time.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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POC 8/30/16


Boat Decal Pick up a Knocker B topwater next time you are at the tackle store.

Will history repeat itself?

I am preparing this intro on Sunday so when I get back from the Gulf Monday it won’t be such a chore.  After Thursday’s fishing success looking at tomorrow’s tides, weather report, and the Solunar Times, gives me a case of the can’t wait.  Cloudy, falling tide in the morning with a 2 hour best time Solunar bite, what more could a bay fisherman want?  In fact I am pretty sure it would be a good day of fishing wherever you are.  So with that in mind let us see if another fishing plan comes together tomorrow.


88/72  Partly mostly cloudy chance thunderstorms 40%  Wind ENE 10 – 15 mph  (No thunderstorms but it blew on the high side of 15 all morning.)


29     High   9:36 AM     0.9  (Never did see a drop all morning.)
29      Low  10:46 PM     0.

Solunar Times

Best Times      8:51A – 10:51A     9:18P – 11:18P  (Notice no real bite related to the times today.)

Good Time      2:38A – 4:38A

What a difference a day can make.  With the forecast, tides, and times similar to Thrusday I was pretty excited to get on the water.  When I hit the ramp at Froggie’s it was barely cracking light in the east.  There was lightning flashes as I headed down to POC and I almost turned around and went to the lake.  When I got to the ramp it was cloudy and the wind was blowing straight line almost out of the north at a good 15 mph+.  The water was almost to the top of the fingers at the ramp, and was high and slightly off color.  And the weather definitely held down the traffic as I was truck number 3 in the parking lot.

Since it was a get some filets trip I headed for my favorite drain where I had been catching them.  Only there were 2 problems, first the wind was blowing right in it, and second, it is by one of the cabins in Big Bayou and there was someone staying there.  Amazing as I have never seen anyone staying in that cabin.  They had lights set up and were fishing when I got there at daylight so I left them to it.

The wind was basically blowing right down Big Bayou and I started by alternating between topwater and plastics.  Initially I could not buy a bite on topwater so I just kept working the area with plastics.  Unfotrtunately the wind was blowing in all of the drains there and it ended working against the tide. And it was blowing hard enough that I just whipped down the banks, making it tough to fish effectively. I still managed to catch one here and there before I finally caught a keeper.


The first one in the box for the fish fry on the Knocker B.

Bascially the wind blew in from the NE and kept the tide up.  In fact, it never did start falling before I quit at 1.  I think that wind kept pushing the water back in.  One of the results of that was water did not flow out of the drain, the wind kept pushing against the tide. I did hit one point in a drain where I put at least a dozen in the boat, but they were all small.  It really was turning into a grind it out day in spite of the great forecast.

One thing that can often save the day is spinnerbaiting for reds.   So with the water a mile up in the grass, and somewhat off-color, I threw the spinnerbait and unlike the last trip I caught several reds, including one that made the box.

At this point though I was catching fish here but I just could not get it going on the good ones.  Though I did have that one run of small ones, basically it was just one here and one there.  Unlike the other day today the wind was blowing with the tide and it was tough fishing.  Some of the drains in Big Bayou are real big, but there is always a small channel on one side or the other.  I was working one when I saw bait move in the center, which is really nothing more than a shallow muddy bottom, so I tossed a topwater over and wham, a keeper trout and red back to back.


He ate it.


Kind of hard to talk with your mouth full.  He had that Knocker B wedged in sideways.

So even though the forecast should have signaled a great day, the conditions were tough.  It turned into a real grind but I kept after it until I had a fish fry.  No technique was better than any other, no place any better than any other.  If you discount the small ones, of which I boated an easy 20 shorts, no particular bait, plastics, topwater, or spinnerbait enticed any bigger fish.  Of the 4 I kept 2 came on topwater, one on plastics, and one on spinnerbait, making it a little tough to establish a real pattern.

At 1:30 I had 4 nice ones in the box, plenty for what we need for a fish fry on Lake Travis this weekend with the kids.  It was interesting how wind direction and speed delayed the falling tide, it was just blowing the water back in and it never did start falling today.  So not a bad day by any means, just not the gang busters I thought might happen.  That is what keeps fishing interesting, every day is a new day.   But in spite of todays tough conditions the fishing is still good as you can tell from a few of the latest reports, and if you can get to the surf it is lights out.

Not sure what is next, but I am fishing Thursday come hell or high water.  Hopefully I will be done with the remodel from hell in the next couple of days.  What started out as simply extending a wall to make a big closet has turned into a major remodel. Oh the joys of home ownership.  We are still in this rain pattern but it looks like it will be getting out of here as the weekend approaches.  The weather is shaping up to be a great holiday weekend.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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POC 8/28/16.


Boat Decal Try a Knocker B topwater next time you are at the tackle store.

Chad’s Surf Report

I got another great report from Chad, who has been putting the hurt on them on the bay.  Thought I would get it on right now while it is fresh information.  My report from POC Monday is coming later today when I get it done.  Plus this is a heck of a cool report.

A day in the surf , heading out the little jetties friday morning the bay was flat. So we decided to hit the surf. Inbetween the big jetties and passcavo was our first stop. The breakers where fishable but not ideal. We freelinned live croaker and started hooking trout in the 15-17″ range not what we were looking for so, we moved down towards the light house. As we were approaching the area there was a distinctive color change in the water from green to brown, with at least 200 + pelicans diving in the water. A massive school of shad . So we anchored up at the third bar and casted in to see what was eating them. 40″ bull red was caught and released, the fishing was chaotic for a while with trout reds and sharks hitting the deck. We saw some 6-8 ft sharks feeding as well as some 4-6 tarpon. Lots of excitement on the boat. We boxed our limits of fish quickly. What a morning. You just never know what can happen in the surf. After giving a friend a fishing report friday night. He and his two teenage sons made a go of it sat and the results were the same quick limits of quality trout. The kicker was they hooked and landed and released a 4ft tarpon on a croaker with a trout rod. Glad dove season is around the corner im ready to have miles of shoreline to wade without a sole insight. Thanks chad

Wow, what a day.  The only thing like that I have ever seen was offshore in Costa Rica.  It really must have been awesome to toss in and then see just what in the heck would jump on next.  And who does not get excited with tarpon smashing bait?  Congratulations, one of those great things that happen out of the blue.  Folks you could not ask for a more specific report than that.  The surf fishing is on fire and with light wind forecasts now is the time before it is over.

And I could not agree more on the hunting season.  There are days I get to Froggie’s and there might be 3 or 4 trucks and trailers.  My favorite time of the year is coming on the bay.  Bring on the schooling redfish.  And with that a couple of trips to Baffin as we really get into late fall.  Please keep your reports coming, we all appreciate them.  Plus helps me out, and I get to learn something.  Thanks again.


As I have said here many times before, you do not have to have a degree in journalism or be Ernest Hemmingway to send us a report.  All you have to do is tell the story just like you were telling it over a cold one.  It is a thing of beauty to read a report like Chad’s.  Easy to imagine those birds diving, fishing boiling, and a bite on every cast.  So send us your report or story, we would love to have them.  As for me it will be up dang early so I can be gone by 5:30 to get to POC by daylight.  I need a fish fry for the grandkids when we meet on the holiday weekend and the pressure is on.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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All Better Now! 8/25/16.


Boat Decal They liked that Knocker B today.


I love it when a plan comes together and today was a perfect example of that.  The weather forecast was good, the tide was dropping all morning, and the wind was perfect, in both speed and direction.  I have been looking at today all week thinking it was the day to hit the bay.  So it was back to lure fishing out of the boat.  Sometime it is best to do what you are good at.  I will leave the croaker fishing for another day.


92/73   Partly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms in the PM  SE wind 10 – 15  Chance of rain 60%


High   7:31 AM     0.8
Low   6:28 PM     0.0

Solunar Times

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It was just cracking daylight as I zipped over to Big Bayou.  I immediately noted the water temp was down over 4 degrees from last week.  With the water projected to be moving for hours this morning it was definitely a drain kind of day.  And it was a beautiful morning, to bad it is still humid as hell.


It should have been perfect for topwater and they actually cooperated.   First it was a long stretch headed to a drain, though not a bite until I got to the drain.  I put 3 or 4 keepers right off the bat and some smaller ones on the topwater.  Of course I missed a bunch, it comes with topwater fishing for trout.  Just easing the topwater along in a walk the dog pattern fairly slow they were blowing up on it.  I lost my big Strike King topwater on a huge lady fish, the first of several today.  (And as an aside I ended up losing another topwater later when against my better judgment I tossed it into a school of big jacks, stupid.  I saw several bunches smashing bait today.  The last thing I wanted to do was spend a half hour chasing one of those things when the real fish were biting.)  But before I left that drain I threw plastics for a while, and they liked that just as good.


P1010694 P1010696

  The first drain.  You can tell it was early, my Cocoons were  not even on yet.

After  catching about a dozen out of the first drain it was time to move and see if the bite was on.  I hit a couple of more drains then I hit my favorite deep bank and had a real bite on the plastic.  This was the heaviest trout I have caught in a while.


A quick CPR on a nice thick one.

It was probably around 9 when I just started hunting and pecking.  It was not fast by any means but several things happened that made it an interesting day.  First, in Chad’s report the other day (Thanks Chad.) he said they found the fish near the bank, so I started fishing shallow grass and they were scattered here and there right on the edge.  I did not fish anywhere today without catching at least one or two where ever I tried.  Once they got off the topwater it was the 3″ red flake white bottom paddle tail on a 1/8 jig head.  The tide was moving a little to quick to fish the deeper banks with the 1/32, which is basically a wading jig head.


The biggest red of the day.

The other really interesting thing was the trout bit until about 10 or so, and then just one here and there the rest of the morning.  But as soon as the trout quit it was like someone threw the switch and the reds started.  In fact I got bit consistently for several hours.  The reds were not interested in topwater or spinnerbait, but they were liking that plastic.  I re-fished several banks that I caught a trout or two and then the reds were up on it and the trout were gone.  Interesting.


                                              I caught 4 or 5 this size.


                                                 I even caught a flounder.

One thing about fishing drains is you have to be there at the perfect time, and that is when water is running out of them.  The fish are usually there, it is often a figure out what bait they want thing.  Today was nice as a few ate topwater right off he bat and let me know they were there and then the rest came in the same places on plastics.

And the Power Pole was a integral part of catching them out of the drains today.  Being able to position just right was helpful, so I could throw across current and work it just like stuff riding the tide out.  When it is working like that it so reminds me of fishing rainbow trout in the White River.  Working the bait off the bank and letting it almost swing with the current, and it worked today.  But once that water stops running in the drains, the fish leave, end of story.  Today’s fishing was predictable, and watching weather and tides was the key.  And there is a lot to be said for confidence, it sure is nice when it works out.

There was bait everywhere, besides trout and reds, I caught a wad of other stuff.  Fish of all kinds were active and I boated an easy 20+ today, no counting the junk fish.  Not bad for a short day.  I gave it up around 1 and they were still biting a little when I left.  But as forecast there were rain showers all around, more towards Victoria, and it was 92 degrees when I took out.    So it was an excellent day and I am looking forward to many more this fall.


And here is a comment from Joe Bass on the upcoming weekend.

“What you talking about Willis”. You heading up this way to fish Lake Travis? Lunch on me when you come thru San Antonio unless you go another way. Do your research because that lake might get REAL crazy around Labor Day. The idiots come out that weekend, many hours to get boat in/out of water. I don’t go those weekends.

Side note: Do you use a line threader thru your live bait to the hook is near the rear? I have a friend that bought one for $16 but started tinkering and has made some for alot cheaper using wire leader, crochet hooks etc….

I am absolutely positive there will be a crazy crowd.  Rich people behaving badly.  I am taking the boat but it is primarily a weekend with the grandkids who will spend the weekend swimming off the dock.  When it comes down to it if I actually get to fish I will be surprised.  As far as a bait needle I have never used that technique but have seen it used in offshore fishing.  Heck for me to have fished with live bait 3 times in the last month is something.  It has been 20 years since I used live bait that many times.  Not saying I may not give it a go in the future, but for the time being I will stick with lures.  And thanks for the lunch offer, just may take you up on that some time and keep those comments coming.


So there you have it.  It was a fishcatchingtravel good time and it really got my bay fishing juices flowing.  It will not take much more falling water temps to really get them moving.  So next time you check the tide and see it falling most of the day, with light winds and cloudy skies, quit the job, sell the kids and go fishing.  They just might be biting.  And as I say so often I can not thank you all enough for supporting my blog.  We just hit our 500,000 visit since I started this, who woulda’ thunk it.   I truly appreciate your readership.  So keep stopping in and thanks.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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