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Day 1

August 15, 2011

Welcome to my site.  As you can see it is a work in progress.  As time goes on it will get better and hopefully, so will I.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am married to a wonderful woman, Nancy.  Over the last 25 years we have traveled and fished together.   At least I did the fishing, she simply humored me.  I am fortunate, her love of beaches and awesome places has worked out great for me.  One of the things I hope to accomplish is to tell you about places we have been, or would like to go, that can accommodate not only my selfish fishing ways, but also the things that keep her happy when we travel.  It is possible to accomplish both.  Hopefully some of these places will let you scratch the fishing itch, but still leave time for family.

As far as my fishing credentials I guess you could say I have spent my life chasing fish.  I have always said,  if there is a puddle I will cast to it.  I have caught everything from the smallest panfish to blue marlin.  I started fresh water guiding in 1975 when I owned a little bait shop in Arkansas.  I guided for about 20 years, mainly on Bull Shoals and Norfolk Lakes.  I fished trout in the White River and smallmouth in the Buffalo River.  I caught everything from big stripers on down-riggers, crappie on brush piles, to catfish on trotlines.  For about 20 years I did that full time then later part time.  During that time I also wrote the weekly fishing column for the local paper.  I have spent way to much money on boats, tackle, and all the fun gadgets that we fisherman love.

I took about 10 years out to practice law, which was not near as much fun as fishing.  I towed the boat all over, Florida, the Everglades, South Dakota, Texas, Louisiana  and everywhere in between.  Nor am I a purist or a fishing snob, ponds, lakes, rivers, or the ocean, it does not matter to me.  I am now in Texas fishing freshwater and salt.  I have found a new love in flats fishing in Texas, but still fish for bass weekly.  I am currently fishing 2 – 5 days a week and will update you on those trips as I go.

I still fish a few tournaments, in both fresh and saltwater.  Our team is The Bar Hoppin’ Fishin’ Crew, we mean chasing redfish, what did you think?  While winning is the primary goal, spending time with other fisherman who have the passion is the reason I do it.  Like fishing with my brother Jeff, or trying to get my friend Clyde to be there at daylight like he is supposed to be, it is all about sharing the outdoors with friends and family.

Nor do I have any sponsors.  Of course I will be happy to have some, the amount of money I spend on tackle and supplies leaves my wife in awe at times.  So when you read anything here about fishing tackle or products, it is  because I buy it and use it.  Should there ever be any issue I will inform you.

So here we go, I hope you will check in every so often.  I will have big features, random thoughts, and how to articles.  If you have something to say, let me know, comments and input will always be appreciated.  Thanks for stopping in.


Update  9/9/14.

Since we started  we have fished fresh and saltwater, and reported to you the truth.  This is not just a “boy did I catch a bunch of fish” site.  We are striving to give you real information on not only how to catch fish, but where.  And we haven’t play favorites, we use baits and techniques that anyone can use.  We have shown you the actual lures, and describe the actual places.  None of that “we caught them on mid-bay reefs” kind of reporting.

And when we talked about a place to stay, or eat, or anything else, we did it because we used it.  If you have not see something about where we stayed when we do go somewhere it is because we will not stay there again and would not recommend it to you.  We have also provided links to those things you need to plan your trip.

And last, I have strived to answer each and every fishing inquiry I get.  If I can help you by pointing the way it is my pleasure.

Let me thank you all for helping me keep up the work.  I started doing this for me, just more of a log and a way to put down my  thoughts.  Now I do it for you, and I can not thank you enough.  So keep stopping by, and if you have comments, suggestions or questions by all means let me know.  So add me to your favorites.

Saltwater  –  Big Black Drum in Port O’Connor Texas

The Marsh  –  Redfish in Grand Isle Louisiana

Freshwater – Falcon Lake Texas Fatty

Memories  –  Lake Norfork Arkansas Stripers

And The Truly Wonderful  –  Puerto Rico Marlin


Good Luck and Tight Lines


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