Coleto Creek 1/25/12.

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Topwater Fishing

The fish are seriously thinking spring.  They are up shallow and biting.  I have told you about catching them on top the last few weeks but today they were really humping it.  Now one would not suspect that with the wind blowing 25 mph that a finesse topwater bite would work, but it did.  Anywhere there was calm water, all a light ripple, there were fish.

The thing that was most impressive is that I found them on real shallow banks.  If it was flat and protected, it had fish on it.  And to really whack them, find calm water about halfway back in a cove.  Now many of the fish I caught were small males, actually even better.  If our weather holds there should be some spawners this moon, with wholesale spawning next month.  Now don’t get me wrong, there were some good fish mixed in with them.

A good one a floating Rapala.

I have been using my favorite Bang-O-Lure but I only have 2 left and the fish have been tearing them up.  So off to Academy to buy the old standby, the Original Rapala  Floating Minnow, I believe it was a size 7.  Of course in the silver and black back.  I have been using Rapalas since I was a kid.  The original floater will actually catch about anything that eats.  Over the years as baits have become more high tech we sometimes forget there is a reason some baits always catch fish.

Now that was a bite, they are eating it right now.

How to use it.

The Rapala is a light bait, and better used on 15 pound test or lighter.  Even though this is a topwater technique, this is a finesse technique.  When it hits the water just give it a small jerk and let it pop up.  Move it fairly quickly in small jerks, pausing occasionally, though right now they are willing to hit it without letting it pause.  But be subtle when you twitch it, just enough to pull it under.  I did notice that I caught several with it sitting after it was halfway back.  I think they were fish who were just not willing to commit and followed it.  Watch it closely as you can see fish under it, then it is time to tease them into biting.

And get used to what the splash and boil you make jerking it looks like.  If you see any other disturbance, wake, or boil behind it one has flashed on it.  Just keep it coming.  And if you miss it, keep jerking it.  Then if he does not hit it throw right back in the same place, as they will often hit it again.  And another reason to watch closely, many of them are hitting it under, but if the boil is big enough you will have no problem setting the hook.  Very few are blasting it, that will come as the water temperature increases.

This is a good technique anywhere there are bass,  With springtime creeping up in the south it is time.  So get out there and give it a try.  If you like action, this is the thing.

One last thing.  Our winds have been up pretty high every time I want to fish the Gulf.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 5 -10 mph and I plan on whacking some trout.  So thanks for reading my stuff and I look forward to hearing from you.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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