Coleto Creek 11/15/11.

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A couple of days on Coleto Creek.


Not much has happened here at Fish Catching Travel the last  couple of weeks.  I got one of those cold/flu things from hell that has lasted almost 2 weeks.  I finally was able to go fishing yesterday, and let me tell you it was slow.

I fished from noon until 5 and caught a total of 6 bass.  One on topwater, one on spinnerbait, 3 on buzzbait, and one on a Red Eye Shad.  The wind was blowing hard out of the southwest, making it near impossible to fish plastics effectively, and what few fishermen were out were pounding the calm banks, making it a little to crowded for me.

I was actually hoping for a much better day than that.  Front coming, wind blowing, water fairly clear and the lake on the rise.  When I got out there I was surprised how much the lake has come up.  It looks to be almost 2 feet, an amazing thing considering our water situation in south Texas.

Keep your enemies close………………………..

I have a theory, one I will get a chance to work on tomorrow.  In the past when I was guiding in Arkansas I saw a similar situation develop.  Water level low and falling all year,  then a rise.  When that happened the fish seemed to be just fine were they were, at the old level, and they never came to the “bank”.  I think a little of that is happening on Coleto.  So the plan tomorrow is to stay off and fish the “old” shoreline.

I did fish a day a week ago with my brother.  We caught lots of fish, easily over 25, and while some were good solid fish, none ranked as a hawg.  I did have one bite during the day on buzzbait that was a big one, but with my superior skill I managed to mess it up.

My brother Jeff with one of the better ones of the day.

We caught fish that day on everything we tried, but tandem spinnerbait with a big willow leaf blade was the best.  While not buzzing it, they wanted it right below the surface and most of them hit it right after it hit the water.  One thing that has come to a complete halt is them chasing the buzzbait and smashing it over half way back to the boat.  Again another thing that points to them not coming en mass with the rise.

That day, as it has been for awhile, points were the place.  And that not only meant lake points, but grass points in the long stretches of grass.  We probably could have even refined it more by skipping any straight stretch of anything, just look for irregularities in the bank.

One thing that has been consistent is the fish seem to have evacuated the big flat grass  covered stretches.  The better places right now seem to be the steeper banks where there is deep water immediately adjacent to the bank.  Now if my theory about them not moving up with the rise, tomorrow I will head to the flats and sit out, way out, and try to locate them on those places they were just a few short days ago.  And maybe, my theory is full of crap and I need to just get over it, which is so hard when it has worked so long.

So there you have it.  Between painting the house, visiting the grand baby, and then sick for 2 weeks, I am getting a real case of cabin fever.  So it is time for some more Fish Catching Travel and I intend to work them over pretty good for the next few weeks.  And I am hearing more awesome reports from the gulf, looks like the trout are on the winter fatten up feed!

Good Luck and Tight Lines!



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