Falcon, Blues, and Coleto 10/16/11.


Fish Catching Travel.


Well I am packing my stuff and heading to Falcon Lake in Zapata Monday morning early (tomorrow).  It will be my 4th trip there, each having been at a different period in the year, and I am very interested in what may happen.  I intend to fish 3 full days.

For starters I will be throwing a jig and frog and a big worm on the points.  I will not get there until about 9a.m. tomorrow, so will point hop until it gets later in the day.  Then it will probably be Rapala rattling baits and spinnerbait in the evening to cover lots of water and see how that works.

I have intended each time I have been there to stop at the bridge and catch a few crappies so we will see.  I always have the best intentions but when it comes to Falcon and what I hear are nice big crappies, but a DD (double digit) is the reason for the season.  So it will be a good trip no matter how it comes out.  I hope to update every day, at least I am taking the lap top, and we shall see how the wireless is there.


I really enjoyed fishing for the blue cats last week.  That is something that I will continue to do, especially when it cools off.  Over the years I have caught several jigging spoons for white bass and stripers in the winter under the shad schools and further reading has confirmed that as a good pattern in the winter.


And a few observations on fishing last week on Coleto.  There seems to be more small gators than I saw last year.  In fact saw a little tiny one the other day and several in the 2-4 ft. range.  And one last thing that was unusual, the 6 ft., what appeared to be a black tip shark, I found floating near the bridge the other day.  Now I assume you must have caught that in the gulf, taken it home, and then thrown it off the bridge to get rid of it.  That was either a huge waste of a great fish, or Coleto has an untapped shark population!

So will see you all when I get back.  Hope to have a bunch of great Fish Catching Travel stories to tell.


Good Luck and Tight Lines!



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