Daily Rant 10/12/11

Fish Catching Travel   10/12/11

I really appreciate the support I have received from all of you.  As readership has increased so has the amount of messages I am receiving.  I am sorry I can not respond to all of you but at times it has been overwhelming.  I will still attempt to respond to anyone seeking fish catching travel information, or wanting help with specific questions.  So keep stopping in, we appreciate your support.


The Bass Champs Tournament was just held on Falcon Lake in Texas.  If there is any doubt as to the best bass lake in the world, those doubts have been dispelled.   The winners had 10 fish that weighed 86lbs with a 10.66 kicker.   Are you kidding me!  An over 8 1/2lb average.    According to their website, there were 13 bass over 10lbs.  In fact, can you imagine a place were you catch 10 bass in a two day tournament, and they average 6lbs a piece plus you have a kicker over 10, and you are 5 places out of the money!  Or even more spectacular, you catch 10 bass averaging 5lbs apiece, with one over 11lbs, and you finish in 62cnd place, 40 places out of the money.  And finally, there were over 60 10 bass stringers weighed in during the two day tournament that averaged over 5lbs apiece.  Unbelievable!


I am headed there next week.  I plan to fish about 3 days in the middle of the week.  If I come even close to any of those numbers it should be an awesome trip.


Our bass fishing on Coleto Creek has remained steady.  The little bit of rain we got this weekend seems to have raised the lake about 6 inches to a foot.  We got over 2″ here at the house and it was sorely needed.  It seems to have got the bass hitting topwater, or at least fluorescent green corks.  As you will read in my catfishing report, when I went to catch a few brim for cut bait, I had several bass blow up on the cork while I was reeling it in.  It is very hard to keep fishing for bait when the bass are acting like that but I am committed to catching a big blue cat.


The work on the new look for the site is progressing at a snails pace.  It is hard to make any progress when the chief cook and bottle washer, me, keeps fishing.  I am trying to balance the work that needs to be done here and my uncontrolled urge to fish.  It has got so bad I have even left the boat hooked to the truck when I get home because I know it will get used one way or another.  So cut me some slack, the new look is coming but it is not my fault the fish keep biting.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!


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