January 4, 2012 – Happy New Year.

Fish Catching Travel

It is a new year.

Hope you all had a great holiday!  I had one, but after celebrating Christmas 3 different times and places, I have had enough.  You know how you love your family, then it is time to return to the real world.  So now to the important issues at hand.

Here is my first video post.  The fish are not all that big, but it is my first effort at video, so what you see is part of what I caught that day.  Of course I caught the good fish early, before I decided to try my new camera, so these were caught in the afternoon.  To bad I was not closer to the alligator who made a duck sandwich, it was cool, and the second one I have seen eaten in the last couple of weeks.  As soon as I am sure how to load them directly to my site I will get that done.


One of the things I am going to add, and it will always be in the NEW section of my blog is a running total for the year of the fish I have catch.  I will update it after every trip, keeping track of both numbers and species.  It will be interesting to really know how the year went. Also, you know how we all fisherman are liars except me and you, and I ain’t that sure about you.

Just a note to all you Hog fans, the big game is Friday night.  My beloved Razorbacks take on the Kansas State team in the Cotton Bowl.  It will be a great night with my feet propped up with a cold one in my hand as we beat the stuffing out of K State.

There was a year in review article in the Kansas City Star which had a note about the new Missouri state record for stripers.  It was caught on Bull Shoals Lake, my old stomping ground.  It weighed 60-pound, 9-ounces and was caught on a swim bait.  It was one of 5 caught that day over 39 pounds.  I guided for stripers for several years and I can say I miss catching those big fish.  Having a 20 pound striper hit a topwater right at the boat, at night, is one of the great bites in all of fishing.  So I guess I will need to do a travel article on the Twin Lakes area.  There are very few places you can catch a big bass, a bunch of smallmouth, huge rainbows and browns, and top it off with a big stiper, all in a matter of a couple days, and the setting is great if you love the mountains.

So off we go at Fish Catching Travel.  It will be a great year and it is all thanks to you.  With a trip to Africa for a mission with some tuna fishing and safari on tap, I am looking forward to a great adventure.  So come along for the ride.  I appreciate you reading my stuff and love hearing from you.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!


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