February 6, 2012. A Reader’s Best Bite

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A Reader’s Story

I love it when readers send Fish Catching Travel their stories.  Todd Penick sent me this great story about his best bite.  And the best thing, it was with his dad.  There is nothing like fishing with your dad, as we all know it can be gone to soon.  So if you can take dad fishing, and if you have kids, take them fishing, it will make a lifetime of memories.    So if you have something to share just let me know.  Thanks Todd.


Todd’s Story

“I’ll never forget my first memorable bite! My dad and I were fishing for Tarpon in the mouth of the Brazos river on the Upper Texas coast in the summer of 1969. I was 7 and we were driving from one school of tarpon to the next throwing large King Bingo lures with ambassador reels. I was on the bow of my dad’s 14′ fiberglass boat just kind of letting my line and lure dangle in the water as we idled around waiting for a school of tarpon to show themselves so that we could cast to them. When all of a sudden, my lure was crashed by a large silver streak that got me soaking wet as it blasted away like a chrome missile. It was a huge tarpon that ripped off about 30 yards of line and then, the unthinkable happened. The beautiful, shimmering silver king shot strait out of the water right in front of me shaking it’s head violently. It was as if it were in super slow motion. I saw that pink and yellow King Bingo come flying from the fishes mouth and like a comet it passed by my eyes and   hit my dad right in the face. Dad was wearing sunglasses and wasn’t hurt and he had a huge grin on his face, for he knew that his son was the one that had been hooked, and I will be for the rest of my life!!!!!!!”


Now that was a bite and is an awesome story.  I remember being hooked when I sat under a Mulberry tree with my dad and caught small bluegill one after the other, and look at me now, a fish addict.

I am going to be hitting the bay this week.  My brother will be down for a  couple of days of hard fishing.  I love it when he comes, we do the daylight to dark thing.  We have a chance of rain and the weather will be cool, but that usually does not stop us.  And I would never not want it to rain.  We all need a lot more rain and lets pray it comes.

And one last thing.  Our readership is going up every month and I am so appreciative.  I try to give you the straight stuff.  My fish may not be the biggest, I may not catch the most, but I try.  And I try to give you reports that just might help you catch a couple next time.  So keep those cards and letters coming!

Good Luck and Tight Lines!




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