Fishing – Cast Nets – And other things. 10/13/11

 Fishing – Cast Nets – And other things.

Fish Catching Travel

So one of the side affects of blue cat drifting is I finally decided to learn to throw a cast net.  I looked at several videos online and this seemed to be easiest to remember and apply.  As I own a net, thanks to Jim Rose, I headed to the driveway, and lo and behold, I was able to do it just like the video.  Of course it helps to only be throwing a 5 footer, but you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.  So we shall see next time in the boat.  If you want to see the video which taught me to throw in about 10 throws watch it here.


My wife and I got out for a few hours of drifting yesterday evening.  We only had 4 bites, caught one small one and had one about 10 lbs. come off at the boat.  After drifting quite a while, it was getting late, and we seemed to find the right spot.  There were lots of fish on the locator, and we had immediate bites as we drifted over them.   They were positioned in deep water, around 25, on the tip of a long point, near the mouth of a cove.  Looking forward to seeing if they are still there or whether they have moved.  I am still working to catch a big blue.


Sometimes it is rough trying to decide where and what to fish.  I have the time next week to do a little Fish Catching Travel and was hoping my brother could accompany me to Falcon this week.  He is not able and am kinda hearing it from the wife about fishing there alone.  I do not fish the Mexican side so I am not concerned at all.  I have thought about going to Amistad but have a friend who can go in a  few weeks so I believe I will wait for him.  Ahhhhh decisions, decisions, decisions.   It is great to have the options and there is no reason I have to make that decision today.


I am headed out for a couple of hours of drifting.  Hope to have something to tell you tomorrow.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!


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