Redfish on Halfshell 8/18/11.

Well folks a quick note.  Got to the gulf today for a little wade fishing.  Super hot, so of course covered up well.  Just a comment, I started using a buff this summer and it is a great thing.  It is 103 here today, little wind, and the sun was brutal.  So protect yourself, a little sunscreen, a buff, and a good hat goes a long way.  Keep the dermatologist from burning your face off.

Back to the fishing.  Jumped out of the boat in 2 foot of water, throwing plastics, a 4″ paddle tail on a 1/8 ounce jig head.  The best color today was a blue with chartreuse tail, called a Mardi Gra.  Caught one the first cast, which as all fishermen know is a good thing or a bad thing.  Today it was a wash.  Ended up catching 8 speckled trout and 3 redfish.  Not a bad short trip.  Most were caught on the up-wind side of an oyster reef in 2 foot of water or less.  Using a fast what is here called a Texas Two Step – jerk/jerk -reel.   Did have 2 hits on topwater, but got out way to late for that to be the way to go.  The water was off-color and I was 2 hours late for the right tide.

The redfish is now on the half shell, fillet each side and leave skin and scales on.

So here is my quick from the water to the plate.  And this works with any fish, including the wily store bought kind.

Make a liner out of tinfoil and place skin side down.  Place on top of broiler pan.

Sprinkle with whatever you like, Cajun, lemon pepper, butter, whatever.  Today is Greek seasoning for me.

Put oven on broil – get it real hot – and broil on the highest rack for exactly 8 minutes.  The meat will peel right of the skin, and the rib bones, which I leave on and are not a nuisance.

If you make a tin foil boat for each fillet the great thing is, slap it on the plate and eat it, then take the whole mess and wrap it in the same tin foil and in the trash.

Speaking of redfish, please check the techniques page in a couple of days.  Will tell you about the Waker and how to catch redfish on it.

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