A Reader Tale. 1/15/12

A Reader Tale



I was hoping at some point that a reader would send me a story to tell for all of you.  So folks, if you have a story about anything that pertains to fishing, whether good or bad let me know.  I would love to publish it for you on Fish Catching Travel.

Mac Jank      My Best Bite.

 One of my most memorable bites was not even while I was awake! I had been out with my three pescado grande fishing tournament buddies catching big trout all day in the surf. We got second place in the heaviest ten trout stringer and first in the redfish stringer and won the overall Calcutta. Anyway, we celebrated over cold beers and had a wild party and I fell asleep on the couch in our rental condo with a nearly full bottle of miller lite in my left hand (my rod hand) and my buddy’s dad was up late on the recliner watching tv. Well I commenced to wiggling around and he thought i was waking up. I leaned forward and mumbled something like “got him” and set the hook on my beer twice and soaked myself and the couch and never woke up. Several hours later I woke up a little wet and stunk like a brewery and the first thing I noticed was a nearly empty miller lite on the floor between my feet. I got up and went outside and all of the crew were laughing hysterically because my buddy’s dad, mike, told everyone the ews from last night. He called it “the last bite.” i still grin when i think of that sleep fishing i did that night! I love the flounder bite…nearly undetectable… Gotta love the trout or red that runs straight at you and you can’t reel up slack fast enough… The aerial attack of a trout when you walk the dog right when they’re coming at it.. The first bite of the trip and the last… Everyone else already got my other favorites!

Now that is what I called a dream bite!  A cold one in hand, then all over your face, awesome.  Thanks to Mac and if you have a story to tell just let me know and we will get it on Fish Catching Travel.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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