11/7/11 A Few Random Thoughts and a Catch Up Day.

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Sorry you have not heard from me for a week.  I spent a few days with my family and it reminded me what is important in this world.  When my 2 year old grand baby calls me bampa, or something like that, it makes me into jello.  And as a side benefit to the trip I got to see my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks put it on South Carolina.  If we keep winning it sets up a showdown with those #1 LSU Tigers on Thanksgiving weekend.  Go Hogs!  So remember, our time here is short, and family is what makes us, so take some time to be sure you are not missing what is really important in life.

I fished 2 days last  week, one on Coleto Creek and one on the Gulf at POC.  We had a good day on Coleto and a really fun day at POC.  I will get those written tomorrow so stop in, the trout fishing was really good on topwater, and I will fill you in on all the pertinent facts.


As you all know I do not have any sponsors, and no one pays me or gives me anything.  Every once in a while I run across a product that is everything they say it is, and let me tell you the Yeti line of coolers is the real thing.  Now I am no Flip Pallet, their spokesman, but he is not kidding.  I got the Tundra from my wife for my birthday and I can tell you it is a great cooler.  Just a small bag of ice from the ice maker and you are good to go all day, and if you are fishing a couple of days you can just empty the water each morning, add a handful of ice, and off you go.  And the amazing thing is stuff is still cold.  I have taken it in the trunk of the car when traveling, and if you just open it for water or an adult beverage, stuff is cold for 3 days.  And Flip is right, you can stand on it, which makes a nice raised platform when fishing for reds, the rubber feet keeps it from moving.  And one other thing, it is heavy and solid enough to keep it from blowing out of the boat.  So when Flip tells you he has bought lots of coolers over the years, and this is the last one he will buy, it is right on.  In fact they have a small one that will be great for a lunch or a quick trip and when added to the one I have will meet all my needs.



And that leads me to one other thought.  Flip has been one of my inspirations over the years.  Not only a great fisherman, but he has fishing in perspective.  He loves the day, the camaraderie, and those things that matter to me.  The wildlife, the sunsets, the feeling we get on the water, and all those things that make fishing great.  We all need to step back at times and realize that it is not just about how many we catch.  Fishing is about where we catch, what we see when we are there, and all the other intangibles that have make us a fisherman.


Again let me thank you all for keeping me energized.  I have been getting hundreds of comments that let me know you are out there and actually reading this stuff.  I am still in the process of changing my format, and of course that is not as easy as I thought, but it is coming.  So please stop in, I do this for you.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!


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