10/31/11. Happy Halloween.

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Random Thoughts  10/31/11

My brother and I are headed to the Gulf for a couple of days of trout and redfishing.  Looks like the tides will be right, high in the morning, then falling throughout the day.  I do not know if it is just me, but I have my best inshore success on a falling tide.

While we will be drifting and throwing plastics, we will also be giving the topwater a go.  I am still hearing reports of some excellent topwater fishing, though I have not been able to duplicate it.  But that sure will not stop us from giving it a try.  So stop in the next few days, hopefully there will be some Fish Catching Travel to tell you about.


Our evenings and nights are really starting to cool off.  I am seeing many more flocks of assorted migrating birds, always a good sign that fall is here.  And that is time to start searching the back lakes for trout.  As the nights cool, the trout begin to gang up much better.  So our search will be in a little deeper water early.  It is always a good thing to find a little shell mixed in with mud at this time, really helps heat things up as the day goes on.  Hopefully the wind will be just right, but if not the drift sock will come out.


I usually do not make this an advertisement for any product, but I would like to give a shout out to Temple Fork Outfitters.  Of course I knew they made quality fly rods, I had no idea that they made conventional rods.  I was at Roy’s Bait and Tackle in Corpus Cristi the other day and happened to find one on sale.  It is a 7′ EH, or extra heavy, and boy is it a nice rod.  I got it for Falcon, but used it the other day on the buzzbait and I really like it.  It is light weight, but strong.  I hope it holds up like it fishes.   Should be a great rod for getting big fish out of trees, but is light enough to  fish all day.  So I am really looking forward to getting back to Falcon.   So take a look at their site.



Always remember that fishing is supposed to be fun.  We get so wrapped up in catching that we often forget to enjoy each and every day we get a chance to be out there.  Which leads me to a scale.  I have no problem weighing big fish I catch, but I have no problem not weighing them also.  My old scale got wet, of course, and just quit working last fall.  I choose not to replace it.  While it makes it impossible to perfectly guess how big they are, I actually rather enjoy not knowing or caring.  The feeling I am looking for is that wonderful feeling you get when you kneel down and lip that big one.  How big? Who cares!   It is just big!


I have finally finished the painting.  You know, the painting that was ”done” last week.  But then there was the patio, the fence, and the small shed.  But it is truly done now, and my wife is happy.  Remember those of you who have a wife, it is much easier to hit the lake when she is happy!

So thanks for stopping in today.  We are still growing and it is wonderful.  So keep those comments coming.  And if you are ever going to go anywhere I have been, contact me, if I can help I will be happy to.

Good Luck and Tight Lines! 


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