10/26/11. Finally Done.

Fish Catching Travel


Excuse the relative inactivity on my website but I have just completed the dreaded paint the house routine.  After getting a few estimates for various work I finally took the plunge and painted it myself.  Having a thing for ladders does not help, but at least it is out of the way.

Now I will admit it was work, in fact I promise everyone, that was the last time I take on a project that big all by myself.  But at least once I got started, I kept after it.  So now I have a happy wife, and I have cleared my schedule for some hard core Fish Catching Travel.


Fronts – Today or Tomorrow?

We are expected to have the second front of the fall arriving some time tomorrow.  That leads me to something that has always puzzled me, when is the optimum time to go fishing?  Is it directly proceeding the front, or on the actual change itself?

With a big weather change, and significant drop in tempature on the way, it is time to go to Coleto for a couple of days of bass fishing.  The wind will start out blowing 10 - 20 SSE and swing around to 15 – 25 NNE in the afternoon.  So I should hit the change just right.  Can not wait until I see how the fish react.  My experience is that generally right on the face of a big change there is usually a bite of some sort.  So we shall see tomorrow.

Stop by tomorrow nite for a report and pictures.  Sure is good to be done painting the house!

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

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