Coleto Creek 1/30/18.


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(What an idiot, I forgot to hit post on this the other day, better late than never!)

I got the trailer basically squared away today, truck washed, tackle organized (A never ending task.), and am ready to roll to the lake in the morning.  The last couple of days should really have warmed the water some and there is no question the bass fishing will be improving daily.  With the number of bass that came over the side trolling shad color crankbaits a little time will definitely be devoted to the Sunny B tomorrow.  And it just might be time to switch to the white swim jig, or even a spinnerbait on the really windy banks.  No matter what it will be nice to drive to the lake not worrying something is finally going to come apart on the trailer.


70/54  Periods of clouds and sun.  Wind SSE 10 -20.  10% chance of rain.

Solunar Periods

Best 10:18 am to 12:18 pm.  (It could not have been any more right today.)

Lake Level

Today  96.78 msl   Sunday 96.82 msl   (Some places are beginning to show the slow decline.)


I Don’t Freakin Get!

The Bagley Sunny B in a silver foil black back.

You are about to read a rant from someone who caught give or take a couple or 22 bass.  When I got to the lake at daylight it was foggy as snot, just like they said it would be.  So it was ready set – Go – Slow.  It took over twice as long to get up lake but I finally made it.  It was so foggy everything was drenched when I got there.  And the one big surprise, there was very little change in the water temp from the ramp to up the lake in both arms from Sunday.

The plan was to throw cranbaits, jerkbait, and the 1/2 ounce jig.  The first bank I caught 3 on the jig, all small.  (I did break one off on the jig later, braid and a 20lb leader, my fault.)  So I turned around and started throwing the Bagley Sunny B, the same bait we killed the white bass on, and caught a nice one.  And one word on the Bagley line up of balsa crank baits.  The white bass will not stay off that thing, and I caught a couple bonus white bass today.  And it was by far the hot bait today and Sunday, it catches fish.

A nice one.  They were just getting on today.

Next up it was a different bank and I immediately caught one on the Bang O Lure, but I just was not feeling it.  So back to the Sunny B and the catching began.  They were on shallow banks and using a soft rod was really important.  They were not smacking it, just getting on, and letting the rod bow before setting the hook resulted in very few misses.  I had 2 do one of my favorite bites, as I was reeling it along it just went slack, no bite, no twitch, nothing, both them made the boat.  Basically I was banging bottom out to 5 feet with an erratic retrieve at moderate speed.  From 10:00 until 12:00 around 15 made it over the side.  (Until I got home and looked at the solunar times it did not cross my mind that it was right on.)  The wind had started to blow some and the bite was on.  Most were small, but enough were nice to keep it interesting.  And they were on shallow soft banks, which was probably the result of daytime heating.  It did go from 40’s to 70 air temp in the 2 hours they were after it.

They were liking that Sunny B.  If I catch 3 this size every day the rest of my life I will be happy!

So what’s the bitch?  The fishing was good so it was time to head down lake and fish the lower end some.  The water temp from the out flow cove to the dam is in the 64 degree range, where I am catching fish it is 57, which means it did not significantly warm anywhere much since Sunday morning.  But as soon as I get in the warmer lower end, just like the last couple of trips, I can not find them.  Today I boated 4 on the lower end, all on the Sunn B, over the next 4 hours.  I fished coves, main lake banks, channel banks, and it was one little one here and there.  Maybe I am over thinking it, but 64 degree water should be perfect,  and I can not figure out why I am not having an luck down lake.  And it seems like in the lower end where I caught  a fish last time produces zip next trip, and I continue to catch random fish with no pattern or clue as to why.  Those historic pre-sawn places are just not producing, yet.  I just don’t get it.  Obviously I am doing something wrong.  So seems funny to rant a little when the fishing was good, I caught a lot of fish with some good ones in the mix, a successful trip any time.


After my review of the LTS it looks like Gary is going to buy him one.

Thanks for the time you took for the lts review, I got the chance to actually fish with a couple of former customer, who just got their new lts with a 115. I like the size, layout, and it should fit my needs well. I’m glad you covered all the different aspects that you did, I love bass fishing but mostly do saltwater due to my location. Coleto has been my favorite place for years simply because I don’t have to drive through Houston to get there. Thanks again for your help.

You will be happy with it, it really is a multi use boat that gets the best of both worlds.  Hope you enjoy your new boat.  Thanks for letting us know.


It was really fun today, it has been awhile since I spent that much time cranking.  When they are on it, and they were today, it is a great way to catch fish. And mark it down, the Bang O Lure fishing is going to happen any day, I can’t wait.  Tomorrow we are off for a couple of days and on the way home will pick up the old trailer.  I am already hearing it from the Boss about more “stuff” in the yard so it will be out of here on a fire sale next week.  And it is time to get back to the salt a few days.  One of my better days on the bay last year was in February and a repeat sounds great.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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