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It has been a couple of days since I blogged thanks to responsibilities getting in the way.  First I was plumber extraordinaire a few days, really at best a good tool go getter.  Not sure if I will be helping out this week but as long as Ken and Jeffish need the help I will be working.  Ken breaking his hip is a good reminder of how quickly things can change.  And speaking of the getting old thing, sorry Ken, there was another medical issue out there that I had to deal with.

Friday it was off to Austin to get our eyes checked.  The Boss came out just fine, but she still needs new glasses because who could possibly be caught dead in last years glasses?  I on the other hand have a cataract on my left eye.  I did not need an exam to know that as I have not seen squat clearly out of that eye for over a year.  Having worn glasses since the 2cnd grade I have never been able to see much so I just let it slide until it is just got to bad.  The right one got fixed 2 years ago and is great so I am actually excited about being able to see, maybe without glasses or just readers, for the first time in my life.  Hope to get that done in the next couple of weeks.


And while we were in Austin a new record was set, one that may never be eclipsed – I shopped at Dick’s and Cabelas and spent a grand total of $13.00!  The point of mentioning this is it really was a matter of  having everything I need.  To hear that coming out of a fisherman’s mouth is something.  And that point was further driven home the other day.  Cabelas had $150 Lew’s reels clearance for $70 and with my points I got 3 for $135.00, a great deal.  As they will be here tomorrow I started looking at rods in the tackle room trying to decide what each reel’s application will be and on what rod.  First I looked at the 11 rigged, 6 fresh and 5 salt, that I use each trip, and then I looked at the new spare rods sitting behind the rod rack.  Low and behold there are 9 new rods in that pile.  (At least in my defense there is not a one that was not bought on clearance.)  So when I barely spent any money the other day it made me realize – You have enough stuff Dude!


Randy sent this comment along and it added something I forgot the other day talking about the water color and changes on Coleto.

Does anybody remember when the lake was 4′ low, about 4 years ago. You could not use the boat docks and they had to dredge the ramp on the left side because it was
too shallow to use.
I think the grass died when the lake was low, and the water color has been too stained
to let the sunlight reach what was left.

You are absolutely correct.  It was after the low water year and then spring flood which brought all the color was the beginning.  So now the question – If the water level remains fairly stable, and I notice it was a little bit clearer the other day, will some of the aquatic grasses come back, or are they gone until brought back in on boats and trailers?  So no way to tell until this spring into the summer.  I have no clue if the seeds/plants/whatever are still there waiting for the right conditions to grow, or is it just gone?  That is a question for biologists, the rest of us will know something as the spring wears on.  So thanks Randy, it reminded me what started it.  It was just the “perfect” storm.  And thanks for reading my stuff.

And from Joe, our hard core bass guy, on the same subject.

Do you think the game wardens or the folks at Coleto entry find out an answer to the water clarity/Grass question. Water biologist? Gotta be someone.

I know some of the small ponds I fish have houses around them or use them as drainage ponds and alot more grass in the water from them sucking water and maybe going back in with chemicals. Wasn’t like that when it was a no house ponds.

I miss the clearer water at that lake. That’s why I haven’t really rushed back due to some dismal fishing trips there.

I hate to hear that last line, but I feel your pain.  The conditions have changed enough that like I said the other day part of the problem may be us.  If it remains the same, and there is no reason to think it won’t, we just may have to rethink methods and location.  So as the spring plays out we shall see.  And as far as GBRA being overly concerned, or willing to investigate, it might be like it was all those years I lived on Corp of Engineer lakes, they had a purpose, power generation and flood control and the fishing was not a consideration.  While I am sure GBRA would like the fishing to be good, I am not sure that is a big concern on their part.  But it sure would be nice to have a real study done.  And if any of you have any more ideas lets hear them.


And I got comments from Billy and Joe on the dead trout picture the other day. Billy’s first:

Is there any way you can repost the pictures or put them up in a different format?
Obviously in and of themselves, they tell a story. However, you cannot enlarge them to see better detail.


I am sure there is but how to do it but I do not have a clue, though I tried with my meager skills.  So sorry, not sure how to enlarge it and sharpen that type of photo, I just could not find a way to do it.

And from Joe.

While you were gone up north TPWD Temporary Fishing Closure in Place on Texas Coast during Freeze.

Shows how out of touch I was while gone.  And after seeing those pictures it is no wonder they closed it.  And unfortunately it looks like we have another round coming this week so lets all hope it does not get as bad as it was.  We shall see Wednesday and Thursday.


And last it was good to hear from Rusty, one of my most loyal and long term readers.

Hello Doug!
I too am looking for a new replacement boat trailer. Can you steer me to someone?

Here is what I found out when I started my search and what the companies I checked with had to offer on aluminum trailers.  (Note the prices are not specific but close as I can remember.  And most trailers were the same quality within reason.)

Mako  –  $3800.  I contacted them first, you know, the original trailer for the boat, mass produced, should be perfect right?  Way to high as the original under the boat only lasted 8 years.  (But with the number of miles on mine that is not surprising.)  I was really surprised that they did not have one that could be shipped and ready to go in nothing flat.  While I love my boat, my experience in dealing with the Bass Pro Katy store over the 8 years has been less than satisfying and I would not buy a boat from them again.  Poor customer service, poor rigging, it may have simply been that store.

Here is a little side story illustrating how incompetent the Katy store riggers were.  We had it rigged with a 24 volt tm and had continued problems with it shutting off.  We even took the boat back to them and had it checked out twice, and they said the tm was just fine.  (Turned out to be true, sort of.)  Got it back and had a tourney 2 days later so I went to practice and it started shutting off first time out.  I called them and raised hell so they actually sent a guy to Victoria with a new one to replace the almost new one.  But it kept happening so I called Minnkota while I was on the lake a week later and they said check the breaker.  Bass Pro did not even read the manual when they mounted it.  It was one of the few Minnkotas that need a 60 amp not a 50 amp breaker, which was why it kept shutting off.  So after allegedly checking it out twice at the store, and yes the tm was fine, and then driving to my house and giving me a new one, including replacing the front plug, to shut me up, it was simply the wrong breaker.  You would hope the riggers might  actually read the directions on anything they install!

Kresta (Edna) –  $3400.  That was lock stock and barrel with the works ready to go.  Nice trailer, like all of these custom made.  This included spare and mount.

Coastline (Seadrift)  –  $2800.  That was using my wheels and tires. (Just put 2 new with spare on the old trailer.)  So you can add an easy $500 to that quote for a complete ready to go.

McClain  (Houston) – $2600.  Does not include spare.  Will have to take the boat there for the final fitting when done and have a friend drive to take the old trailer home.  I did ask them about a galvanized and was surprised to know that they are actually more expensive due to the cost of steel.  (I am real happy with the galvanized under the skiff, but in the past I had a galvanized frame break not at a weld but on the actual frame doing 70mph on I10 on my way to Florida.  That was fun and could have been deadly.)  So I went with McClain, they have been building trailers for years.  The only downside is if something goes wrong it is back to Houston and not Seadrift.  It should be here in a couple of weeks and will let you know what I think.  The Coastline and one at Edna were fine trailers, I just decided price was the most important, and if the engine lasts 8 more years like the new trailer should that boat will belong to someone else by then.

As far as a bass boat, which I assume you are talking about, all these were aluminum saltwater trailers with stainless rigging.  I have a feeling that a bass boat trailer is a little cheaper but not sure.  I do know no matter the trailer I sure do like the 5 year no maintenance hubs and torsion bar axles.  Not sure which direction you are heading, but no matter what it sure is nice to put a new trailer under the boat.  Good to hear from you.


 And last on a non-fishing note I am excited about something else this week.  It is time to send in the application for a cow elk hunt in New Mexico.  I am applying on the reservation for all 3 hunts and maybe I will draw.  I believe it is the only way to get a cow permit for a nonresident.  Trophy hunting is clearly not my thing, but meat eating sure is, so if I am lucky I will get one.  Not only will it be cool to shoot an elk, it will be great to spend some time in the mountains.  It can be a do-it-yourself hunt, but since an elk hunter I ain’t, it will be a guided trip.  It has been 20 years since I hunted but this is one of those bucket list things.  Funny how the bucket list is a living breathing thing and seems to have no end to it.


This morning will be back to helping my buddies.  Ken is making a remarkable recovery and is moving around fantastic for being 2 weeks post op.  So I will keep helping them until they find some real help.  But all you have to do is take a look at the weather this week to see it is going to flat suck here starting later tonight.   Around midnight the wind will howl and here will come sleet, freezing rain, and then cold weather wet weather for the next 4 days.  So stay bundled up and keep stopping in.  Thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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