Beating my head against the wall. 10/4/17.


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I started a little later this morning, around 8:00 and unfortunately I should have stayed home.  I have had a slow day or two on Coleto, but the last 2 trips have been past rough.  I was able to catch some small ones, but inactive would be the best I could give the fishing right now.

                Not sure what these were but I do no see them very often.

Just like last trip I fished it all, working shallow to mid depth, fast and slow, but it was still one here, one there, and none of them worth a hoot.  Uplake, downlake, and somewhere in between, and the results were the same.  Plastics, buzzbait, swim jig, topwater, crankbait, it just never got going.  One thing is really clear, they are not chasing crap.  (See Joe’s report below.)

It was good to hear from Joe again, and his experience is exactly what I am finding right now.

Hey man, Joe from Katy here. So glad to see you up and at em again. A friend and I fished Coleto this past Saturday the 30th. Man it was a tough day.Started out in one of my favorite coves on the way up lake. Managed 3 small ones there. Moved up lake just past the bridge and managed 1 fish. From there it got slower. I threw a squarebill, trap, topwater, swim jig, crankbait, spinnerbait, and a jerkbait (once the sun got up high) They wanted nothing to do with a moving bait.

From there on it was fish deliberately and slllllooooowwwww. We started putting fish in the boat with shakey heads and drop shots. My worm of choice was a Zoom finesse worm and a SK Ocho.

We stayed at it all day¦.all day. as the day wore on, one thing was certain¦.they would eat but you had to put it right in front of them. At about 530, things started picking up. Water came alive, and we started catching them on top water. Again most were small and between the 2 of us we maybe had 6 keepers but we caught somewhere around 50-60 fish. We were on the water at 630 AM and came off at 745 PM. It’s been a long time since I went dark to dark. OMG I was sore for 2 days. LOL!!

Water still stained but not necessarily dirty. Temps were running in the 84-86 range depending on where you were.

So glad you’re back my friend. Happy Fishing!

Hell I did not need to write a report, you found exactly what I have been finding.  Coleto is just plain tough right now.  Not sure if it is an oxygen problem, a PH problem, a half ass turn over, I just do not have an educated guess right now.  But hey, you were fishing.  But in my case I am going to lay off the lake for a week or two and hope things change.  But thanks for the report and as usual I appreciate your participation.


Today was just a bad decision.  Guess I thought the other day was just an aberration, unfortunately it wasn’t.  Guess when you get to the ramp and there is only one boat left out, and I only say 1 boat all day, that is probably a pretty good indicator of just how slow the fishing is.  I am not a happy camper by any definition.

So the next couple of weeks will be dedicated to the bay.  The fishing there is picking up daily so time to switch gears.  Hope a gator don’t get me!  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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