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Gator Watch

I hate to prolong the gator thing but I got another reliable gator report from this weekend.  My buddy Justin, and some fishing friends of his, were wading the Pringle shoreline when Justin saw a gator watching him.  He kept fishing and then the gator slid under, and with discretion being the better part of valor, he high tailed it to the boat.  (They did fairly well on red and white paddle tails.)  Obviously all the fresh water post hurricane has moved some out from the marshes and into the bay. A few years ago at the Indianola Marina I actually saw a big one at the ramp, and there was even a small one in a puddle in the parking lot.  Not sure exactly what can be done about it other than keeping your head on a swivel, it is their home, not ours.  But if you are wading right now, and I will be, just be aware of your surroundings and probably the shallower you wade the better, but as we all know nothing is certain.


I got this question from Richard and guess I will have to look at the video and see if I can answer it.

Saw a vid of you fishing Shoalwater with a type of paddle tail in pink and green. What brand ?
I would like to try some this Fall.


It was a Gambler Flappin’ Shad, the longer one.  Had to go to the tackle room and check a bag to be sure.  The thing I like about it is the tail is long and thin with a flat tail, not a paddle.  But the tail flaps to beat the band and it catches fish, as you can see from the video.  It also reminds me that all of us get stuck on particular baits for a while, and that one was the ticket that winter.  But as usual, a specific plastic may make a difference one day to the next, but the real answer – Location, location, location.  No fish, no bites, no matter how great a bait it is.  So when you try it this fall let us know how it works out.  Just might transfer the bag from the tackle room to the boat.  Thanks for the comment.


And our chief head banging reader sent along this comment on the ninja turtle.

Never done so myself, but always heard those soft shell turtles were good eating.
Wouldn’t have a clue how to clean one.

We actually had this discussion yesterday evening over a cold one.  They are good to eat according to folks, though I have only eaten snapping turtle, which is freakin’ delicious.  Of course that brings up a story.  My best friend from grade school was a professional trapper and one of the things he trapped in the summer was snapping turtle.  He would brown them in the pan, cover with mushroom soup and simmer for hours, you talk about good.  And even years ago he was getting good money live with the shell on.  And though they are a hassle to clean, I have only seen it done once, it sure is worth the effort.

And as long as Billy sent this comment along here is his nice limit he caught this weekend on topwater.  He has a topwater fishing habit.

A nice solid limit.  (Stolen from his facebook page.)

Billy caught these in the Palacios area, he never met a topwater he did not like.  And Capt. Aubrey Black even gave him a little dig on his throwing a topwater, which he does even when fishing with the Black’s and everyone else is throwing plastics.  But hey, there is no wrong way to fish, usually, and Billy throws it year round and catches fish.  Thanks for the comment and nice string.


One thing I forgot to add to my post yesterday was crappie.  I spoke with Mr. Crappie 1 and Mr. Crappie 2 on the lake and they had a nice string of good ones.  They are using minnows and report that the 8′ foot range was the ticket.  And when I pulled out there was another gentleman cleaning a few.  On many lakes some of the best crappie fishing of the year is fall extending into winter.  So if you love you some tasty filets Coleto has them.


There really is not a lot more to say about the massacre in Las Vegas.  As usual the f’n coward killed himself before law enforcement could administer the double tap.  What could possibly prompt a piece of crap like this to do such a horrible thing?  Maybe nothing could have been done to prevent this, but I have learned a couple of things about criminals and guns after representing hundreds of fools over the years.  While we can not stop idiots from being idiots, no matter what subject we are talking about, there is something that can and should be done.

If you use a gun in commission of any crime we should impose severe mandatory minimums, and I mean in the 20+ year range with no parole.  The problem with folks who would do this is they have no soul and no conscience.  I know, I know, you do not have to tell me all cases are different.  Tough shit.  Once you pick up a gun and use it in that way you have forfeited your right to live among us.  We are incarcerating way to many non-violent criminals for way to long, and not jacking up fools who use guns to commit crime.  One thing that is not well known is almost every penitentiary system in this country are in a one in, one out, mode due to overcrowding.  Send in a hot check artist, send out a violent thug, happens every day.  Time to re-evaluate who is incarcerated, animals who use guns in the commission of a crime need to be caged until the fight is out of them.  Trust me, most who use guns like this are animals who are a danger to you and your family.


Today is maintenance day on truck and boats.  New trailer light, fix and replace running lights on boat, grease hubs, inspect them both front to back, and check air and fill all tires on both trailers.  Also getting tires rotated on truck, differentials all drained and replaced, oil change, and on and on.  Trailering constantly is hard on a vehicle and nothing extends the life of your tow vehicle like constant attention to maintenance.  The easiest way to spoil a day of fishing is sitting roadside waiting for a tow vehicle.

It is raining right now so the decision to get some stuff done today looks like a good call.  Even doing all that the fish are calling me and watching the weather will be my favorite activity the next couple of days.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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