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I am already sick of painting!

I hope to spend the day trout fishing Thursday as the weather still looks good with a lower wind forecast.  One of the things I have wanted to throw for trout on the deeper reefs is the Alabama Rig.  I have a smaller one that is listed as a crappie A Rig, so I added a pile of paddle tails and will be really interested to see if it works.  There is no reason it shouldn’t, but who knows.  Hopefully I will have a crazy report on that soon.


How many rods can 2 guys have?  When Aaron and his dad were here we managed to mix up a couple of rods and neither of us noticed for several days.  How he ended up with my redfish rod and I ended up with one of his spinning rods is beyond me.  Heck they are not even the same thing.  So hopefully he will be coming down to fish Rockport in the near future and we can swap out.


After Lee asked his knot question last month and you all sent several suggestions he dropped me this comment on the rest of his Galveston trip.

Hey Doug,
Thanks for all the great responses on the knots. I have been working on efficiently tying them. That’s probably my big key. On my last day of our vacation, I went on a wade on the South Shore of West Galveston Bay close to SLP and hooked into a massive shark. Gulp! I’m guessing I foul hooked it as I saw a disturbance in the water and started casting in front of it. But, the good news is the knot held but the hook straightened. It was my first ever time to do a wade as I have a perfectly good kayak. Needless to say, I will be sticking to the kayak for the near future. Sharks have a more difficult time getting in there.

On that note, any recommendations for good kayak places to put in and spots to fish from a yak in Port O’Connor? I have some work coming up down there.

Also, I fished Lake Travis last week and had some luck on clear Zara Puppies thrown right up against the bluffs. I mean I had to throw it within 6 inches or closer to the rocks and the majority of the fish hit it immediately when it hit the water. Most were dinks which is typical of Travis but caught one good LMB and one good Guad. I switched to a Chartreuse grub later and caught a few more on it. Just FYI in case you can get some fishing in during your Labor Day trip. Good luck!

Nothing like a shark to add a interesting twist to a wade.  My few encounters have been scary enough, but I was never in fear for my limbs, usually!  But sharks aside do not give up on the wade, it really is the way to go, but a kayak is obviously much better than a big boat for getting close.  And when you do jump out of the kayak and catch a dozen trout without moving your feet you will be hooked.  I will drop you an email on several places to drop your kayak in the water.  POC is a little tough unless you are a big paddler, but it can be done, and there are several other places that are in this area. And thanks for the tips on Travis.  I have never boated a Guadalupe bass so if nothing else I would like to get that crossed off the list.  But being a holiday weekend who knows, but I will get in a cast or two since I will have the boat.  So keep dropping a comment whenever the spirit moves you, thanks.


And on the continuing subject of croaker fishing Jason dropped this informative comment.

Wanted to say hello and interested in seeing your stories on croaker fishing for trout. One thing that is interesting about croaker is that they have a minor spawn in the springtime. I use to get the smaller, better bait size ones starting in Mid-September and it started all over again until the end of October(most people are hunting or doing school football stuff). Usually was a slow down around the end of August or maybe labor day for a couple of weeks. Of course fished them with other live bait because there were fewer of them, but would get them going on croakers and finish limits on mullet, pinfish, piggies, etc. good luck

I had no idea they were still fishable that late in the year.  Sounds as if you are like me, happy to see fall and all the other things that attract folks who might otherwise be fishing.  And combining different kinds of live bait was on my mind when I built my bait tank.  I have it set up so that I can mix stuff without anybody getting eaten before he even gets out of the bucket.  So thanks for the comment and when I give them another go I will let you all know how it goes.


I did not get to fish today (Tuesday), and won’t tomorrow either.  What should have been a minor remodel is turning into the painting job from hell, but when it gets done it should be awesome.  And the wife gets her bigger closet.  So I am going to whip that out as quick as I can and Thursday I will be back on the water.  I really appreciate it when it is slow around here and you stick with me.  Serious fishing time is right around the corner.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

(Go buy your new fishing and hunting license today before you forget!)

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