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Buy more baits, KVD is down to his last million!

It has turned off cool, clear, and windy, gusting to 25mph, out of the north today. (Saturday)  There are small craft advisories on the bay.  So I made a good decision fishing yesterday even though it did not go as well as I would have liked.  So a little football this weekend and then back at it.

Watching the weather has not gotten me any closer to making a decision on Baffin this coming week.  One thing about traveling is the farther out you have to plan the tougher the weather is to predict.  Take last years Canada trip, the first real cold front of the fall on what is normally the hottest week of the years.  Or the wind pretty much howling its rear end off in South Florida.  It is always a crap shoot.

It is funny how only going a 100 miles is just as tough a decision.  Is this the calmest weather with clouds this week?  Is it going to be perfect early next week?  Is 50% chance of rain mean you have a 50/50 chance or will you be wet 50% of the day?  When it involves overnight travel, you just have to take your chances.  And this time of year it still is a matter of putting on the big boy pants and just doing it.   Great results do not go to the timid.


Got this timely Fayette report from Steve.

Fished Fayette today. Hit the water at sunup, and fog was so thick you couldn’t see for more than 30 yards until about 10 am. Days like today you’re glad you’ve got the gps on the boat! Took me 20 minutes to navigate to my first spot, which would normally take about 3 minutes. Safety First! Caught 6 in about first 2 hours on shallow diving crank baits. Hit a cold spell till about 11, than picked up another 7 on deep diving crank baits and senkos off the dam. Shut it down about 1, total count 13. Only a couple dinks, though no hogs either- biggest probably about 3 lbs and average about 2 lbs. Water temp about 64, still dropping from 3 weeks ago when it was 67.

Sounds like a normal day on Fayette.  Even when it is not hot it seems to always be consistent, and they sure love that crankbait.  And nice job on the foggy run.  I am not scared in the fog, it is the other guy that scares me.  Put along and nobody gets hurt.   We are now in the heart of what passes here for winter and the water temp is slowly dropping on most of our waters, and of course it usually takes some of the fishing with it. But it won’t be long before we start the slow rise back up, and the good fishing that comes with it.  It was good to hear from you and thanks for the good report.


I really appreciate your comments and questions.  There is no such thing as a stupid question, and any report is better than no report.  It makes my job so much easier when you participate.  So thanks for all the comments lately, keep the coming.


I do not mean to rag on duck hunters but as I was fishing Big Bayou the other day it looked like there was some kind of fence on the bank behind me so when I idled over to fish it I checked it out.  Interestingly it was a line of shotgun hulls floating along on the water, there must have been a dozen of them all in a line that looked like the top of a fence from a distance.  And then here comes a Gadwall floating along dead.  Now not sure how the dead duck got there, over the limit maybe?  But I do know how the shells got there, the hunters were to lazy to pick them up.  What does it take, a minute?  Come on folks, this is not your private dump.  Littering is littering on land or sea.


Well a decision is finally made and it is Baffin and ULM Wednesday thru Friday.  Leaving Wednesday early will give us 3 full days of fishing.  You can over think decisions like this, and in this case it was time to make a choice and put it to bed instead of worrying it like a dog with a bone.  With that decided I will squeeze in a day at Coleto in the morning.  So a busy week is ahead with 4 days of fishing.  I appreciate your support and keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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