Coleto Creek 1/4/16.

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The Best Baits on the Planet!

After several days of really crap weather it finally cleared so I hitched up the boat and headed to the lake for the first fishing trip of the year.  It was around 45 degrees with little north wind and not a cloud in the sky.  When I backed the trailer in it was obvious the lake has stabilized some and is finally clearing just a little.  The water temp was around 59 down lake, to a low of 57 way up either arm.

The first couple of places were main lake points with fairly deep water close by.  The topwater minnow got a good workout but never did raise a fish.   I also threw the KVD jerkbait without a bite.  Normally this is the month for the topwater minnow, but I finally picked up the 5″ watermelon red senko style plastic.


Bite Number 1.

The first fish came on a deep point right where he was supposed to be, but there were no buddies with him.  I kept fishing the main lake points and after an hour another good one jumped it.  Today, as they have been doing this fall, they would just start swimming away with it.


The watermelon red senko style bait has been consistent this fall.

During this period I threw a white Swim Jig, the KVD  jerkbait, and spinnerbait on and off, but just could not buy a bite.  I tried the back ends of a couple of pockets just to see if there were any small ones there yet, and only managed to catch one small one on the jerkbait.  So I pulled up and ran all the way up lake.

As you head towards the bridge past the out flow cove the water temp got as high as 61 but then started dropping to a low of 57 way up.  And the water up there is significantly more off color as you go up.  Once up there I stuck with the plastics and finally had a good bite.


The only bite up lake, but this was a good one.

It was nice to put at least one pretty good fish over the side today.  I am not complaining about size today, other than one small one they were all nice keepers.  So after fishing way up I decided to head farther back down and fish a calm sunny bank with no wind.  I stuck with the spinnerbait and finally put one in the boat.


Even caught one on a spinnerbait.

This one came off a flat point with a little brush on it and was on a lay down.  She smashed it buzzed on top.  For the rest of the afternoon I had one more bite, and it was on the plastic.  I can not emphasis enough, if you feel anything set the hook, how some of them get it in their mouth and swim with it before I feel anything is amazing.  I tried a few other places on the way to the ramp, mostly throwing the spinnerbait, but did not have another bite.

So for a 5 hour trip, the first of 2016, I can live with the results.  While bites were few and far between, when I got one it was a good fish.  I am definitely trying to hurry the bite along by fishing spinnerbait, but the water temp is sure not a problem right now.  I am surprised that the topwater minnow is not producing yet, but give it a couple of warm days with clouds and mist, it will happen.  My guess is when they really start biting this spring on Coleto it will be something.


I got this comment from TheMowdy and wanted to share it with you.

I am a new follower of your blog! It was recommended by a friend. I am enjoying your writings! I am looking forward to hearing about the 4 wheeling trip in the mountains of New Mexico!  I also fish Port O’Connor. I fished the Ineos docks on the 29th but did not do much. I don’t believe the fish had acclimated from the warm weather the week before. I hope to make a return trip up the barge canal soon.

Funny you say that because I have several thoughts on the barge canal and docks, and creeks and rivers off the Gulf, places that traditionally have a good winter trout run.  This year it stayed a lot warmer a lot longer, and when it was combined with several pretty significant rainfalls putting lots of fresh water in those places, consequently the fishing has not been as good as it has been the last couple of years.  I really think it slowed the fishing down, so we will see what happens if we have an extended cold snap.  But with another round of rain coming this may be as good as it gets this year in those deep water winter spots.

And I am really looking forward to some cruising in the mountains in a couple of weeks.  So thanks for the comment and let us know how it goes if you get a chance to head back up there.  It will probably be the river the next couple of days for me so will report that as soon as I go.  And my thanks to whoever shared the blog with you, it has grown by word of mouth and I appreciate it when anyone shares it with someone else.


RL sent me this kind comment.

Your site is an addiction to those of us who can’t make it out as often as we would like. Thank You for choosing to take the time to post! Hope the new year Blesses you with Good Health, Better Fishing & a 30 plus inch trout!! Happy New Year!!!

Thanks, your comment is the kind that keeps me writing.  It is you all taking the time to read this that makes it what it is, and I thank you.  And the 30″ trout hunt will be starting in earnest shortly.


So off we go this year.  The weather will be sketchy off and on the next couple of months, but with proper timing some of the biggest fish of the year will be caught in the next few weeks.  Those periods of really warm cloudy days with light mist can be killers when everything comes together at the same time.  I will be watching the weather closer the next couple months than the rest of the year combined.

Not sure where next but with a 90% chance of rain tomorrow it will be Wednesday before I get a chance to go again.  If the wind stays down like it has been it will be the Gulf, there are a few places I still have not fished this winter that I want to.  And we love your comments so keep them coming.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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