Port O’Connor 12/19/15.

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The Best Baits on the Planet!

After our trip to Garcitas on Friday it was POC on Saturday.  It was cold and clear when we got to the ramp at Froggie’s.  There were a few trailers in the lot but it was not that crowded.  We headed across the bay out of Army Cut pulling up on the shoreline close to Army Hole and started a wade.

The punch line was the wind was blowing about 15 mph straight out of the north right on the bank.  It was flat cold.  We fished about an hour and not a bite was had so it was time for a move.  I looked at the water temp and it was 57 degrees on the island.  We were hoping the other side of the bay would be better but the wind was howling right down the bay.  When we got back in the barge canal we decided to try a bank in there, and the water temp was almost 61 degrees, a big difference.  We fished about an hour without a bite and then it was time for Big Bayou.  At this point Shoedog suggested putting it back on the trailer and heading off to the creek, but we were already committed.  It was time to put on the big boy pants and get to work in spite of the wind and second day of the front.

First in Big Bayou it was spinnerbait for reds, but that was not successful in the least.  So we hit our favorite deep water bank to get after the trout, and we did.


The old dead fish picture.  Guests of honor at the fish fry for the Arkansas folks.

The wind was blowing right down the Bayou and we drifted really fast as the tide was ripping with the wind.  We struggled to keep the boat in position and work the bait properly with the boat hauling ass.  And to add to the confusion you had a big bow in the line making it hard to feel them, and with them 3 foot deep, it was tough.  When the tide and wind are combining like that it is very important when fishing a bank to make a cast straight into the bank and then let the bait sweep with the tide.  It is very much like river fishing.  When you get the drift right they will smack it, have it falling unnaturally does not provoke near the strikes.  Today I used a 1/8th ounce Strike King flats jig head with dark plastics.   One thing I wanted to let you know,  since I started gluing the plastics to the jig head using super glue the number of fish I catch on a piece of plastic has risen dramatically.

Over the next three hours or so we would motor up above them, whip by, catching a couple here and a couple there.  Some were easy no measure, with lots of 14″.  I did manage to catch a good redfish (left side of the picture) and Shoedog added a rat and a short flounder.  I would guess about 1 out of 4 measured and we kept 8, so we caught about 30 before it was over.  While dark plastics were the ticket, the Shoedog caught 5 or 6 on a Corky, which was amazing considering how hard the wind was blowing and how fast the boat was moving.  But today we put on our big boy pants when it would have been easy to put it on the trailer and hit the road.  We quit about 3, it was work fighting the ripping tide and wind, but the results were worth it.

So considering the poor start and the conditions, we were happy with the results.  One of the local saltwater mags had a headline on the front cover about how the mid-coast fishing was booming.  I have been telling you all that something has happened to the good in the bay, and it was evident several months ago.  The fishing is good right now and the fish are a little bigger.   I have said in the past I am not the best trout fisherman in the world, and when limits are the norm, and multiple catches of 30 – 40 fish a day not uncommon, you know it is good.


I have really been wanting to try Strike King’s new Swinging Swim Jig.  It has been designed with the hook swinging behind the head, increasing the swimming motion by the trailer, and making it a lot harder for the fish to throw the hook.  I have hears good things about it and some are finally on the way.  As the Swim Jig has become a staple in my arsenal it will be interesting to see how well it catches fish.  A big thanks to Strike King and Terry.


My buddy Jeffish sent me this picture of Linda, his mom.  This is his mom’s first deer, it may even have been her first hunt.


Congratulations, great buck.

That is one high rack, and ridiculous tine length.  Great first buck, it may take a while before you beat that.  Congratulations again!


Our fishing both fresh and salt remains good, other than Coleto’s little hiccup, this has been the best fishing of the year.  And with the number of folks foundering on the bay it must be pretty good right now.  Other than a few things I need to attend to my schedule remains open, so it will probably be Coleto in the morning, though it sucks to have to pay to get in because my truck is still in the shop.  And if I am lucky I might get my truck back this week, which would be nice as we are still thinking about the mountains after Christmas.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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