Garcitas Creek 12/17/15.

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I will be waist deep in the bay throwing the KVD Sexy Dawg topwater in the morning.

Voe got to fish with me one more time before he heads to Vegas so we decided to trout fish.  The original plan was to fish Lavaca but I decided to check out Garcitas on the way, and that turned out to be a great decision.

It looked a little more off-color than it was last week, obviously it got a big run off.  The water was a lot fresher than it has been.  And while we were off loading a guy came over and he had just been at the ramp on Lavaca and it was running high and dirty.  That rain we got last weekend must have added a bunch to Texana so apparently they were dumping the lake.

Our first stop was not that far down the creek and other than a couple of hinky bites, we did not boat a trout.  We kept easing down creek trying here and there without much success.  The water-color did improve as we worked our way down.


Lots and lots of these today.

When we finally got down near La Salle the fish started biting.  From there it was the same pattern I use on any river or creek, just head down the bank keeping the bait in the water.  I was throwing a purple plastic on a 1/8th ounce head and catching them right along.  None were particularly large, most were not keepers, but as we were able to work through a ton of them we would have easily limited had we been keeping fish.


It was an easy 50+ today but no real jumbos.

The real punch line from fishing these type of waters is look for the flats.  They are often hard to see by just looking at the bank.  One advantage of just fishing down the bank is they would show up on the locator, and when you got to one, the fish were there.  We caught them on the first drop to out next to the boat.  The best runs were when the boat was in 6 – 8 foot of water, a cast from the bank.  We were just Texas 2 Step hopping it up and then letting it fall.  Green pumpkin, flake, Chartreuse tail, seemed to be the best color.  Some were smacking it, some just on when you lifted up.  So if you felt anything it was time to set the hook.


Only one flounder and a small rat red today.

Once we got down to a little saltier water the fishing was consistent.  So on the way back up we stopped here and there, and there were fish there, just nothing like down creek.  But unlike the way down, the spots we stopped on the way back up had 1 or 2 that were willing.  As the day warmed so did the fishing.  It will not take long for the fresh water to work its way out, and the fishing up river will keep improving every day.  I am still puzzled why we are not catching any real reds to speak of, but again, it may just be luck of the draw.

I really like it when the fishing is this way.  Nothing like catching them pretty much one after the other.  There were some spots that did not have them, but by just keeping going down the bank you would be back in them in nothing flat.  So if you take anything from today’s fishing, watch the locator for those flats and points that stick out into the river, they really like them.  We were not keeping fish today so it was just a fun trip, and it turned out to be exactly that, thanks to making a good choice.


Hey all you bass fisherman out there, somebody knows the answer to this.

Can you ask all your readers if they are generating water on these three lakes, Walter E. Long , Bastrop and Fayatte. Usually spawn kicks off in jan/feb on those lakes because water is a lot warmer when they generate. Last time i was at Walter Long the water was cold as heck and the plant was quiet. Thanks. Joe

I never did check the water temp on Fayette the other day for some reason but it was not warm on the main lake.  The lake was high and the plant was operating so if any of you know whether they are releasing any water drop me a note.  Thanks.


Here are a few deer cam pictures the Shoedog sent.

1112:121515:66F:2945:CAMERA1   :11517:121215:63F:2944:CAMERA1   :1

Looks like a good shooter.  She is not all that impressed.

 I really do suck at deer hunting.  But they sure are fun to look at, food on the hoof.


Tomorrow the Shoedog and I will be getting after it for a couple of more days.  Not a clue where, the bay somewhere.  It will be interesting to see how this little cold front affects them.  But no matter, we will be waist deep flailing away the next couple of days.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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