Lavaca River 12/9/15.

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 Voe and I decided that a trip to the Lavaca River was a good plan so we met about 8 and headed to the river.  It was warm even first thing, and though it was fogged in, as soon as we actually started casting the fog lifted.  By time we quit it was shirt sleeve weather.

The water was quite a bit clearer than my last trip, and there was a light wind maybe 5 mph out of the south.  We started down river past the power lines and from the first cast until we quit it was steady.


The first of an easy 50 today.

The better areas seemed to be where there were little flats and the boat was sitting in about 5 feet of water and a good cast just reached the bank.  Many of the fish were there on the first lift, most less than half way back to the boat.  I was throwing a plastic paddle tail on a 1/16th jig head and many of them were knocking the snot out of it.  Occasionally you would feel one hit it, swing and miss, and there would be another one on when you lifted it up again.  Others would grab it and be 5 feet from where you felt them.


Most were in this category, would have made an easy limit if keeping them.

Most of the morning we just kept easing down the bank, and I don’t think I even started the big motor for a couple of hours.  We would catch one here and there then hit a little pocket of them and maybe put 5 or 6 in the boat one after the other.  Color sure did not seem to matter today.   Voe did put a couple in the boat on a popping cork with a DOA shrimp, but bottom bouncing plastics on the jig head was the preferred method.

This was my third trip there this winter and the fishing has been getting better and better as the water clears.  I have been a little surprised that there has not been any keeper redfish, but I think that just is luck of the draw.  We caught several rats today, but none made the grade.


Just look at how fat this guy is, looks like a bonefish.

Later in the day I made a run up to the Navidad to my favorite bank, and other than one miss by both of us, it was a big fat zero.  The water is quite a bit more off-color from the bridges up, which may have something to do with the results.  In fact, as we were taking out we talked with a gentleman who just came down river and he only had one keeper, which is a pretty good indicator of how the fishing is up river.  I asked if he was coming back and so I put him right on the fish for tomorrow.  I love doing that and hope he whacks them.


The day would not be complete without the obligatory black drum.

So before we quit we headed back down river and caught another dozen or 20.  It was just like that today.  We easily boated 50 and would have had easy limits if we were keeping them.  None were particularly big fish, just a good run of trout with some solid keepers in the mix.  One of those days where the fishing remained steady and consistent all day.


 A got this rant from Hal concerning a couple of rants by me.

I totally concur with your rant. Rich kids, athletes, etc are all that we see on outdoor shows now.  If they’d zoom out on half the hunts, we’d see how canned the hunt is. Even if it’s not canned, they are filmed in prime/exclusive locations that you and I can’t afford to go to.
The fishing shows have become advertisements with a bit of fishing. I understand that America is all about retail and squeezing more money out of folks, but I get tired and disinterested in watching those shows. Your blog, on the other hand, is more informative, helpful and entertaining. Keep it up because we enjoy it.
One of your other rants some time ago related to whole ducks left on the ground at one of the ramps in POC. I saw some at Thanksgiving in POC as well. Hunting is not a video game. When you shoot an animal, eat it. If you don’t care to do that, quit hunting because animal rights activist will use such idiots against those of us who love the hunt and the harvest.  It’s our duty and obligation to call out such idiots and report them when we see it.
Oops. I better stop now before I fall off my soapbox.

Thanks again and take care!


I really appreciate how you articulated the heart of my rant – If we keep doing crap like this, ducks on the ramp like I saw again last week, rich spoiled pretty girls breaking game laws, people just generally acting poorly or irresponsibly with firearms, we are not helping ourselves.  You can argue all you want with the anti-gun/hunting/fishing folks, but this type of behavior is impossible to defend.   I am so with you on many of the hunting shows, they are canned and just stupid to watch.  And the fishing shows teach us almost nothing, and like so much of the crap in fishing magazines, it has turned into nothing more than advertisements.


Folks there are stand up guys and there are posers, and Jeff is a stand up guy.

Saw your post about the congrats on 4th place, lol, it would be great if there were not only 5 teams lol.
Folks you have to admit this is a stand up guy.  He could have left us thinking there were like a 100 teams.  And I am glad you can laugh about it because as soon as I open your email I got a good laugh too.  Thanks.
So a good time was had by all today.  Honest, we caught fish from 10 when we got there until 3:30 when we left.  If I had not wanted to check a couple of particular spots we could have just kept going down river and never even started the big motor.  It was a pod here, a pod there, and they just kept coming.  It was the Lavaca River fishing I love, and since we did not keep any I just might head back out today and boat a couple for the pan.  Not sure what is next but a little bass fishing is on the plate as we hope to hit Lake Fayette early next week and I can hear Shoalwater calling my name.  The fishing remains hot so keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.
Good Luck and Tight Lines

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