Thought I was going fishing. 11/23/15.

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I just thought I was going fishing today.

The lovely wife and I had breakfast and then I headed out to the garage to hook up the Skiff and head to the river.  One thing I do before I ever leave the house with the boat is hit the key and make sure it will turn over.  I hit the key, and nothing, and I mean not even a click or any attempt to turn over.  Why?  I do not have a clue.  So on the charger it went and the day of fishing turned into a day of running around and doing things.

What made the whole thing funny is the Mako did not want to start the other day, and the battery needed to come out and be checked.  So instead of hitting the river, I have one boat on the charger because something must have been left on, and the other boat’s starting battery is in the truck to get checked out.  The good news, it was just the connections on the Mako and the battery checked out fine.  So it is going back in that boat, and from the looks of the rate of charge the starting battery on the Skiff is fine.  Still wish I knew why it was empty this morning.

Just one of those moments that can either ruin your day, or you can suck it up and go on.  So I got some things done that were planned for Tuesday and will be headed out first thing in the morning to keep whipping on those trout.


I got this comment from Jay, and though it was short notice, it applies to all of us for the rest of the winter.

Sorry this is short notice.
Might want to remind your readers.
It’s scheduled to be the first mild freeze of the season here in Central Texas tonight.
It’s the season to remember to lower those motors after fishing to allow water to drain. Might save you some money and prevent damage and lost time on the water due to repairs!

Thanks for reminding all of us, when you pull out of the water be sure to let the engine down as far as you can so the water can run out.  And one thing to add to that.  If you have not checked or changed your lower unit grease lately it is time to do that.  It is the best way to be sure you do not have water in the lower unit, which not only can ruin your lower unit costing big bucks, but can freeze.  I had a friend who let it slide, and when we got a real cold snap it actually cracked his lower unit housing.  And while you are at it check those bearing buddies to be sure there is no water in there.  We have a lot more winter on the way so be warned.  As an old plumber told me there is only one place water will not get, a frog’s a$$.  Thanks Jay, great tip.  Feel free to comment anytime.


I looked at the Academy flyer for Black Friday and they have a Shimano Sonora spinning reel that is normally $49 for $19, which is a real good deal.  There is also a Lew’s combo deal that is usually $150 that is $99.  I do not know anything about the rod, but their reels are sure getting more popular now.  And last, their in-house reel brand, H2O, is on sale at half price, $25.

I have been using them for several years now for saltwater fishing.  Why?  Instead of spending $100’s on upscale reels I buy these cheap ones and use them until they start acting up and then in the trash they go.  The last time I had one of my Shimano’s cleaned and bearings done it was $50, and as much as I fish that had become an every 6 month thing.  The cheap H2Os do just fine, and most last over a year, so I just buy 3 or 4 when they get to $25 and it is working out.


My Razorbacks played one heck of an offensive game, to bad the defense did not show up.  And to lose it on a missed field goal was tough.  Congrats to the Aggies, they beat Vandy and only played one quarterback.  I got to watch a little but am not sure how they played over all, but those helmets sure were something.

Sorry about no fishing report, but that will change tomorrow.  I think it will be the Lavaca River.  I have not made it yet but the trout should be stacked in there.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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