Another Day of Sensless Brutal Murder. 11/14/15.

A Day of Madness.

(I try to keep this blog what it is, a celebration of fishing and the outdoors, and not delve into politics or religion.  But I am compelled to speak out, the dead and maimed worldwide deserve a voice, they deserve better.  The madness must end.  I am sickened by what has happened in France.  So you have been warned.  We will not be posting any responses we receive to this comment.  This is not a discussion nor is it the purpose of this blog.)


If you do not want to read my off topic comment on the senseless slaughter in France do not read this.  Warning  –  I may be labeled a racist for these comments but I could care less!

President Obama described ISIL as the JV team, he could not be any more wrong or delusional if he tried.  He refuses to use the term “Islamic Terrorist.”  His political correctness endangers us all.  Done in the name of Allah, by Muslims, the rape, murder, slavery, machine gunning of innocent concert goers, beheading of Christian children, are all being done in the name of Islam.  They said it, not me.

The warning from many voices that ISIL would use the refugees as cover for the infiltration of Islamic terrorists in to Europe went unheeded.  Now the Greeks have announced that at least one of the terrorist came through Greece as a refugee.  At least one of the gunmen had a Syrian passport.  Apparently at least 3 of the murdering scum had recently traveled to Syria and then returned to France.  And as far as currently known at least one American was slaughtered and at least 3 were injured in this attack by these murdering scum who we have somehow gotten to the point it is wrong or improper to label what they are, Islamic terrorists.

Islam bears the shame of this horror.  Where are the voices of alleged moderate Islam in the US condemning these insane and brutal acts of terror?  Where are the voices of alleged moderate Islam publicly denouncing ISIL and the Caliphate it publicly states and seeks to establish worldwide?  Why is it racist to ask how many have turned in any voice speading hate and supporting ISIL in mosques worldwide?  Why is it wrong to use the term Islamic Terrorist?  They sure the hell are not a bunch of Methodists.  Have we become so politically correct that we can not call murdering scum what they are?  Why is it considered racist to ask any of these questions?  What justification can ever be rationalized for these senseless acts?

The time has come for the US to get over this delusional vision of what we are facing.  I have basically been a long term isolationist in my view of the world.  But in this case that view was dead wrong.  I am sorry, I was wrong.  Ask the families of the beheaded children, the families of the Yezidi Christians in Iraq being slaughtered, the families of innocent diners in the restaurants of France where they stand.  Ask yourself how you would feel, what it would mean to you, when your grandmother’s brains are splattered all over the wall as  she feels her life slipping away as she is senselessly machined gunned while eating in a café on vacation.  Imagine the horror victims worldwide feel as they are raped and beheaded.  This may be ugly, but that is what it boils down to, senseless slaughter.  It only becomes real when it happens to you or the ones you love.

It does not matter how the world has gotten in this state.  Who gives a rat’s ass whose fault this is.  Why does it matter now?  Our foreign policy is not blameless in all of this, but that is not justification for brutal murder.  That discussion is now completely irrelevant.  We can no longer ignore this worldwide threat.  The time has come for action, to protect our country and the rest of the world from this insane spreading of radical Islam.  Call me what you will, argue all you want, but the time has come for real action.  The time has come for this ridiculous political correctness to end.  ISIL has taken responsibility for the unspeakable horror spreading around the globe in the name of Allah, and they promise to continue spreading death and war on the US and our children.  They threaten our country, our very way of life.  They have done this, and they are responsible for the whirlwind to come.  What more is it going to take?  The US, the rest of the world, and whatever moderate wing of the Islamic religion that allegedly exists, must quit F’n around with these animals.  What more do we need?  How many horrors, how many mass murders, how many innocent children have to be raped and beheaded before we act?

George Bush, not my favorite president to ever live, said one thing that was right after 9/11, and is even more correct for our world today  –  “You are either with us or against us.”  The time has come to take sides.  The time has come to end this.  Strategic military action and lip service in protecting us have to end.  It must end before the world is thrown into a conflagration that destroys us all, before a bomb is set off at a football game, before people are machined gun as they worship in a church in Peoria.  This will not go awayIt will not be alright in a little while.  Does our current administration have the backbone to do what needs to be done?  The world is at a tipping point.  For the safety of our country, the world, and those children yet to come, we must take action without mercy.  We must quit this ridiculous need to be politically correct.  My soul is sickened and I am so sorry for what has happened.  If this makes me a racist so be it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil  is that good men do nothing.”

 God Bless America!

 (I will be posting the last couple of days of fishing in POC in a couple of hours.   I  am sorry my blog has come to this, but I am compelled to speak out for the innocent.  If my comments offend your sensibilities to bad.  I am scared for the future of my grandchildren and our world.)

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