Coleto Creek 11/3/15.

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I got this note from my buddy Bobby who was struggling just a little the last month at the lake.

Doug sorry it has taken me so long Just wanted to say thank you for trying to help me at the lake. Coleto can be tough some time. You are a true sportsman and I thank you for all that you do to help people like me catch fish….


No thanks is necessary my friend.  But there is some good news.  The reason I put his comment first is after yesterday’s killing at POC it was time to go to the lake and see if there might be another pattern or two.  It has been tougher this last few months than anytime I have fished the lake.

So with that in mind I got to the lake at daylight and decided to throw the buzzbait some.  Starting on a main lake bank within sight of the ramp I caught one pretty quickly.


The first buzzbait fish in a long time.

I sure was glad to finally catch one on a buzzbait.  Keeping on the main lake I worked up lake and before it was over 4 managed to hang on, and I missed a couple of more.   Both sides of points including inside a cove, not far in, were good but they were around the points some where.  The purpose of the morning was to find some other ways to catch fish, so I threw a spinnerbait and swim jig without success.


The last buzzbait fish of the morning.

It was hard to not throw the senko style bait on cover,  and I finally succumbed after the quit biting the buzzbait.  That is probably a viable pattern early, buzzbait and then plastics by wood.  And then as the day wears on stick with the plastics.  I did not take any more pictures but the 5 or 6 that came off wood were all of the same class.

It is clear that they are starting to move just a little, and I did catch a couple on the plastic no where near wood, so maybe this little rise combined with the cooler weather may just have them thinking about the fall bite.  I gave it up about noon to do a few things before we head to OKC for the fund raiser.  Not a bad little morning, but the fishing still leaves a little to be desired.  I do know the crappie are hitting minnows around isolated standing timber, so if you like to eat them it should stay good for a while.


Jeff, one of my readers, and his wife fished Fayette again this last weekend and it sounds like things are going just fine over there.

Me and the wife went back to Fayette again this past weekend and the bite was still pretty good. Still on the crankbaits but this time it was shallow over the grass as opposed to off the rocks. It did seem that the better size fish were still up by the points. We fished several coves and creeks and caught fish front to back…. Now in between back of cove/creek and point were some pretty small fish but my wife was catching those and really enjoying it so hard to complain about that… She was throwing a KVD 1.5 in a baby bluegill coloring and I alternated between a bomber square A and lucky craft  LC D-10 on deeper breaks kept with the shad theme….. Have you seen any sign of grass coming back on Coleto? Our club tourney might be getting re-scheduled for December 5th and 6th….Might be a little chilly then. And great job as always I love reading your posts. Jeff
Thanks for the report, sounds like your wife is getting the hang of it.  I love that lake and hope to get back to it sometime in the next couple of weeks, at least as soon as the Gulf slows down.  And if you get down to Coleto for the December tournament let me know.
That will do it for today.  I am about to head on over to the fund raiser, and while I never win a raffle, it is about my turn to win the Yeti soft side cooler.  And then it will be home and back on the water.  Shoedog and I plan on spending a couple of days on the Gulf so keep stopping in, it should be something.  Thanks for reading my stuff.
Good Luck and Tight Lines

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