Catch Up Day 10/7/15.

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I can’t wait to get back on the water!

I spent yesterday just sitting on my butt as we both had a serious case of jet lag.  We feel a lot better this morning so I plan on getting my fishing stuff back in shape.  After the last Gulf trip Shoedog and I emptied the LTS and washed the boat from top to bottom.  So all the stuff is all over the garage, and my tackle and rods are in a serious state of disarray.   The plan today is get all equipment and tackle back in working order, and then take care of a few mundane chores all homeowners have.  And with the boss starting a 7 day stretch I am free and clear and it is going to be some serious fishing on both fresh and salt, starting tomorrow, and boy am I ready.


I heard from Dan, and though this reply is late since I actually took a real vacation from FCT and did not post for a couple of weeks, I do have a couple of comments on his post.

Damn! It sounds like you guys are having a blast! I am half tempted to take my bass into the salt just to have a shot at some good fishing. Do you see many bass rigs on the bay and if so do you have any advice on keeping them from rusting up?

Keep up the good fishing. I’m hoping I can get to Coleto by mid October.

Dan in SA

First we did have a real good run the three times I hit the Gulf before we left.  The fishing was as good as we saw all summer, by a mile.  As far as using the bass boat on the salt I did that for the first few years I fished the salt.  I actually towed mine to Florida for several years and learned some important lessons.  The very first time I used mine I had no clue how bad the salt was.  I did not wash the boat and when I hooked up the charger the you could feel the charge just by touching anywhere on the boat.  Most bass boats have lots more electrical connections, switches, etc, and the salt plays hell on them.

Added to the problem is the trailer.  Most bass boats trailers are steel and not galvanized, and if you think about it, you put the boat in the water and then park the trailer.  Even when you get back and wash the boat the trailer actually sits there all day and the salt is doing its thing.  I learned that lesson when I bought a small boat for the Florida trips with a steel trailer and in about 5 years it actually ate that little trailer up from the inside of the frame.  So I guess the answer is, of course you can use it but it will not do it any good.  And last, most of them do not run near as shallow as our flats boats and it takes a lot more care running in the shallow water.  Not that I would know how freakin’ hard it is to push a Champion off a sand bar.  Using it in salt did not stop me, but there is a price to pay.  Thanks for the question and I will be looking forward to hearing how your Coleto trip goes.  And here is a comment that I got from my buddy Bobby that pertains to Coleto.


It was good to hear from my buddy Bobby who has a permanent case of bass fever.

Hey my friend I am going to coleto Wednesday and Thursday will let you know!!!

Good to hear from you.  Bobby fished with me as I was learning the Strike King Swimming Jig and he has been a faithful user of them ever since.  I can’t wait to hear from him on how his couple of days have gone and will post his report as soon as I get it.  And speaking of the Swimming Jig, the new swim jig that has the articulated hook, the Swinging Swim Jig, is out in some places.  I have not seen them yet so if any of you see them in the stores let me know where so I can pick some up.  I love the whole concept.


Jim dropped me this comment, and though I have been gone, I have a couple of thoughts on it.

Welcome back! Do you know if the Bull Reds are running in Port O’Connor? I promised a young lady last year I would take her there to catch one for her Facebook page pic. Due to schedules it is difficult to manage thus the only weekend we can meet ic this coming .   Your best guess or hear say evidence will do


First, it is October and the reds are starting to gang up for the big fall bite.  One of the places as we all know they start to hang is the big jetties and the passes.  And if you remember I towed some folks in a right before I left who had been out on the island, and the day before one of them had put a 39″ red in the boat in Pass Cavallo.  Here is a post I got from Ed that might add a little to your red search.

Great pics. Looks like y’all had a great time.
Surf is hot with reds and they are also in the lakes against the grass.
Trout are hard to find but takes some work.
Get in the water can’t wait to read your blogs
Thanks Ed

Good to hear from you Ed, and your comment is timely.  If the surf was hot with reds the big bulls should be really ganging up with the 3 year olds who are making their big trip out to the Gulf.  And we sure found better reds on the move our last couple of trips. So sounds like there is a great chance to put a bull in the boat for your lady friend.  Let us know how it goes.


That is all I have this morning.  The sun is coming up and it is time to get back to real life.  Vacation is always good, but it is always good to be back.  At daylight tomorrow I will be on the Gulf putting the hurt on them.  Thanks for your comments and support.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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