Keller Bay 9/21/15.

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If you are not throwing the Strike King Redfish Magic you should be!

All I have to say right now about our bay fishing is Go Fishing!  After having a good day at POC late last week I decided to revisit Keller Bay.  One of my go to spots for redfish, the plan was to fish spinnerbait in the morning when the tide was high, then do some trout fishing.  I love it when a plan comes together.

When I got to the ramp the tide was high and real off-color.  So first it was to the pasture to make a quick pass and see if I could get a trout bite.  Well I got a bite, one small one.  Then it was off to the bank at the mouth to throw spinnerbait for reds.  One of my favorite banks the wind was blowing right on it and it was just to off colored.  So it was back to make another quick trout pass, basically to see if I was going to come back on the falling tide and do some wading.  But it only resulted in one small one on popping cork with the Rage Shrimp.  So next was to the back bay to fish grass past all the boat docks


Keeper number 1.

I just kept the boat where I could just reach the grass and slow rolled it out of the grass.  When the water is way up, which it was, you have to throw it right in the grass and just flip it out so it lands right on the edge, and then a nice steady, not fast retrieve.  And today when they hit it they ate it, and I mean thumped it in that classic redfish bite.


This one had some weight to it.

Today was my favorite tide condition, high in the morning then falling in the afternoon.  The best bite the last couple of trips has been in the mid day when it is hot as heck.  I ended up fishing lots of grass, being sure to throw it to any point, cut, or opening.  Today they were eating it and I only missed one.  I am still throwing the blue crab Redfish Magic, and boy do they like it.  Now don’t think it was easy or fast by any means, it wasn’t, but when they wanted it they wanted it.


This was a real hoss and put out one of those classic redfish battles.

It was about noon when I finished off my redfish limit, though I did not keep any, so it was time to find some trout.  Right in front of the park there is a channel, and across from the park is a big oyster bar/flat.  Over the last few years I have found that when the tide is going out those trout line up on the edge of the flat as the water runs out of the back bay.

I immediately started catching trout, but they were just a hair to small.  So after putting 6 or 8 in the boat I decided to head back to the pasture.  That resulted in exactly one more trout.  It was the classic mistake, especially with speckled trout, do not leave fish to find fish.  So back to the channel in front of the park.  Luckily they were still there.

I am still throwing plastics on the lightest jig head I can find.  It takes a little getting used to, especially when the water is over a couple of feet deep.  It requires patience.  But they tend to eat it and hold on due to the light weight of the jig head.


A nice 17″+.  Boy did he taste great about an hour ago.

As I was eating by myself tonite I only wanted one keeper for a nice fish dinner, and as soon as I got back on that bank I caught this one.  I can not tell you how many I caught there, but it was a bunch.  Most were small, but interspersed with them were a few keepers.  I messed with them about an hour and called it day with them still biting pretty good.  It was really a perfect example of doing things in the right order at the right time.  With the tides being like they are the last couple of trips it really is a great example of how our fish move with it.  You can catch a few at daylight, like most times, but the bites is on the water movement.  By time they started to bite it was seriously hot, but it really is irrelevant to the fish.  They could give a rats a$$.  And a quick reminder when looking at the tides, it is all about water movement, not the high or low.  It is putting yourself in the right place when the water starts to move.

It has been limits of both the last couple of trips, and I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  The Shoedog will be here and we are going to really attempt to work them over.  Not really sure where we are going yet, but the tide is perfect and I have a serious case of wanting to wear them out.   I will try to get results posted tomorrow evening, but no matter how it comes out it will be a great day on the water.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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