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It still remains tough for me.  This is one of the longest stretches I have not really done worth a crap.  What is the saying?  Pride goeth before the fall.  I quess I was due to have a tough trip.  Thank goodness I have 9 more days to get it right.  Somehow I figure it will happen.  One thing about fishing hard and heavy in lots of places you learn to put on your big boy pants and make it happen.  What takes the sting out is having old friends, good eats, and tales tall enough to build a building.+


Having a meeting.

Lake trout at this time of year are in the 40 – 125 foot range and you use light line and small jigging spoons and  heavy rattle type baits.  On the way out Jimmy’s locator quits and of course what happens?  He drops it down a couple of minutes after we get there and catches this one.


Jim with a good lake trout.

His fish was not quite as big as they come on Crow but this one was a really good one for Crow.  We are all moving around seeing fish scattered at all depths and Clyde finally boats another one,


Clyde got in the action.

We ended up fishing 3 areas and while we saw lots of fish the Shoedog and I could not buy a bite.  At times we were in big bunches but for some reason no go.  John did not manage to catch one either.  We got a late start, at least for me, so finally about noon the Shoedog and I went fishing.  We fished a couple of muskie places without success to we started throwing grub on rocky points in what is called Peninsular Bay.  We started catching smallmouth and after hitting about 5 places and catching a couple at each place, probably 10 small ones, we decided to muskie troll.

That ended up going nowhere.  So as evening wore on we started casting and after 5 days finally had a muskie follow.  The water has warmed 6 degrees in one day and we are really warming up, hopefully the fish will follow.  We ended up not boating a muskie but Clyde had one hit a prop bait, which I threw without a bite, so things are looking up.  I ended up have Shoedog bring me in early so I could prepare the evenings fish fry.

On another note Jimmy was outside right after dark and saw the Northern Lights.  By time I went out they were already gone.  It is quiet at the resort with just a few other guys here but we met some nice guys who fish here often and have been doing ok.  One was using a slab spoon for lake trout he got in Oklahoma for stripers while visiting family.  When he showed it to me he said he could not fine them up here.  I said drop me a line on the website and I will pick you up whatever you need.

Today, the 27th, I am getting them up at 5 so we can be on the water by daylight to have another go at the trout.  Then it will be back for a big breakfast and then boats on trailers for another run at Lake of the Woods.  Even thought it has been slow for me everyday is another day closer to my turn.  The weather is just gorgeous and we have no where to go but up.  We did hear the wolves howling today, which is such a cool thing.  Of course it is turning into done with supper at 10 and up at 5.  Last night those animals were still yacking late and they were a little hard to get up this morning but I just yell a lot and tell them tine is a wasting and they finally get to moving, after lots of moans and groans.  It is not long before opptomism returns.

I know I go on and on about Paul and his wife Chris, but they are just the bomb.  Though they are getting ready for a group of 28 Paul took the time to lead us out and show us 3 deep spots on the lake to jig for trout.  That is what seperates this place from the others.  Not just tell us, or mark it on the map, but actually lead us out there.  That does not happen many places we fish.  I did feel sorry for Chris, she fell last night and has a nice set of coons eyes, both of them black.  Of course when Paul came down and chatted while we ate he was accused of all sorts of heinous things.

On an unrelated note here is Aaron with a nice striper.


Arron with a nice 23lb striper.

I am sure he caught this on Texoma but I have not talked to him, hell I have not ever talked to my lovely wife.  So I will hook up with him for the info when I get back.

Sorry this report is disjointed but I am so tired I can not see straight.  We were up at 5:30 and it is now 10:00 and we are just eating supper.  It will be out again at daylight to keep working those lakers.  Today (Thursday) was better and I will try to catch up tomorrow.  So thanks for sticking with me and reading this crazy stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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