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No one can say we did not give it the old college try.  My buddy Chris called on Sunday and he was going offshore with a friend and I was invited along.  So we headed out to POC at 4:45 to grab some ice and meet Terry at his place for an early start.

First we netted some live bait to put a few red snappers in the boat, but the plan was some serious offshore trolling.  Our destination was 50 miles out and it was forecast to have moderate seas offshore, and it was as nice as you could hope for offshore at this time of year.

On the way we hit a couple of shrimp boats without success and one rip that had a few, very few weeds.  Terry told us that last year the weeds were terrible and trolling was often almost impossible.  The first couple of stops did not even result in a bite of any sort.  So it was then off to an area with some rocks hoping to tempt a mahi mahi or a wahoo, unfortunately we only had a couple of  half-hearted bites so we moved on.


They did let me catch a couple of red snappers on Texas waters for my trip to Canada.  Those boys will be more than happy to eat some broiled Texas snapper smothered in a mushroom sauce.

As we headed to another spot we stopped at a couple of more shrimp boats.  Right away we started catching bonita, in fact we could not keep them off our trolling lures.  We were just getting ready to move when Chris was reeling in a trolling bait and a mahi smacked it but unfortunately missing it.

As we were catching fish there was a big offshore boat at another one and the captain was using binoculars and watched us catching the bonita.  As we set back up and started trolling around the boat this knucklehead pulled right up to the boat we were circling and basically cut us off.  There were only 5 other shrimp boats in the area but this horses ass came right over and got between us and the boat.  Clearly a case of I have a bad offshore boat and I am all that.  This was one of the worst I have ever experienced in Texas.  The whole Gulf, no other boats around, lots of other shrimp boats, and this jerk blocks us.  I just don’t get it.

We did have a couple of exciting moments that unfortunately did not work out.  We had a real nice mahi all around us and he flat out refused live bait.  Normally put it in front of mahi and you are hooked up, but this one was just taunting us.  Then all of a sudden a ling materializes around the boat.  After us tossing the book at him he finally ate Chris’s bait but we failed to hook up.  And that was the last of our day.

I think we could have caught a few of the things we were after but just could not keep those stinking bonita off our lures.  Even though it turned out to be a tough day on the Gulf it was a good time.  I really enjoyed offshore and would like to shout out a thanks to Terry for letting me latch on to their trip.  God it was hot, in fact it hit 103 degrees in Victoria, and unfortunately that pattern will continue.  But other than a little rough on the way out and back in, it was seriously fishable.  Some days it is not to be and this was one of those.

The federal snapper regulations are pure crap.  You can catch all the snapper you want in Texas waters, with tons more in federal waters.  Many folks who fish offshore regularly are finding with the glut of snappers they are occupying space that many other species use.  There is a proposal to let the Gulf states manage the snapper seasons, and it is sorely needed.  From what I have read offshore regulations have been dominated by commercial interests.  Hopefully that will be resolved in the future.


I got another text from the Masked Flounder Assassin and as you have seen from his other pictures he and his crew have been sticking flounder all summer long.


 Perfect Floundering Night


They are running really good size this year.

The average is running good and they seem to be plentiful for giggers.  These guyve been wading and getting their limits every time out.  So if you like fresh flounder filets this next moon in a couple of weeks would be a good time to get them.  Thanks for the pictures Flounder Boy, keep them coming.


Things I Do Not Understand

I know this is not a political blog but I can not fail to comment on the “deal” cut by the Obama administration and Iran, and here are my complaints.  First, the country is controlled by Islamic terrorists, and they finance many terrorists groups and operations worldwide.  Second, they took over our embassy and held our folks hostage for over a year and are currently holding 4 US citizens.  Third, they can not be trusted, in the name of Islam they are murderers, plain and simple.  And last, 24 day notice for inspections?  Are you kidding me!  Give me 24 days notice and I can cover up anything.  I am sick and tired of us giving an inch to these animals.

 Sorry for the rant.  I try to hold me tongue but this is wrong.  So from now on it will be back to the task at hand.  Not sure what or where is next on the fishing agenda but the Canada countdown has really begun.  Next Wednesday it will be off to College Station for the final packing of the junk and on our way.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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