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Almost – Sort Of – Close – Kinda

My buddy Chris and I decided to hit POC and see if we could catch a few fish.  So it was off to the bay at 5:15 so we could be on the water close to daylight.  We took off taking Mitchell’s Cut and then cut across to the Pringle shoreline.  It was a little before 7 when we power poled down and jumped over the side.  We both started with topwater, which was a good choice, except……

I caught a 18 incher right off the bat, and then had 4 or 5 just blow up on it, some of them knocking it a foot in the air.  Chris had the same experience, except he did not boat a keeper.  We both discovered they did not want a steady retrieve, they wanted it paused occasionally.  I on the other hand had one of the biggest trout I have had this year just massacre it.  I got a hook in it and it did the head out of the water thrash thing.  Then about half way back it was gone.  When I reeled my bone colored KVD topwater back one of the rear hooks on the treble broke off.  It was a sign of things to come.


Headed to the grease.  A couple of those trout were pretty stout.

They hit topwater until about 9, but we only boated that one keeper, but did catch several more small ones.  Chris said it was the most blow ups with no hookups he has ever had.  He even tried 3 different topwaters but the results were the same.

I then switched to an electric chicken paddle tail on a 1/32 ounce jig head on 8lb line.  But disaster was about to strike again.  I have really gotten into that light combination.   You can fish it real aggressively, and it sinks so slow and is easy to fish in shallow water, where they were early.  Anyway I had one just thump the snot out of it.  It also did the head out of the water shaking thing, and it was an easy 5lbs.  I played it perfectly and then when net time came with my superior skill I messed it up.  It got tangled in the stringer as I tried to slip the net under it, and the line broke.  Rats.  So now I have lost the 2 of the biggest trout I have had on this year.  But there was more.

Now I do not want you to think this was the only thing going on.  Before we quit at 2:30 I landed 10 reds, and not a one kept.  Chris did manage to catch one keeper red, and managed to not boat one or two he should have.  Initially the fish were in 2 foot of water as the tide was rising until 9:30, and then started to fall.  We worked out deeper and found more trout,  but only 1 kept for me and one for him.  We met at the boat and started on round 2.  And of course disaster struck me X3.  Though I was catching trout and reds, I managed to lose 2 keepers at the net.  And then here we go again.  I set the hook and up another good one comes, shaking her head, and off she comes.  Dang it.

When we finally quit I had 3 nice trout and Chris had 2 trout and a red.  It should have been limits all the way around.  I forgot to ask him how many he caught but I caught a dozen trout, 10 rats, a lady, 2 croaker and personal best hard head.  We never moved the boat all days and just worked the area over a couple of times.  The fish bit from the time we started until we quit.  The tide was perfect, coming up and not staying slack to long, then dropping out so we got the best of both worlds.


 He got the trout carcass down pretty easy but then wrapped the skin around his bill and could not figure out what to do next.

So how do you define today?  Plenty of action but I just did not finish.  I think all that pitching with heavy stuff at the lake had me a little heavy handed, and it hurt me.  A big limit should have happened, but there is nothing like catching them the whole time.  It was a surprise as far as reds went, pretty unusual to catch 10 and not one kept.  I know I sure enjoyed it.  Chris and I had our usual good time, and hot or not, the fishing on the bay is pretty good right now.  And as much as I bitch and moan about people showing no curtsey on the bay, I want to give props to folks.  Today everyone who went by or near us gave us a wide berth.  Thanks.

It  will be interesting to see who wants to tough it out next .  It is easier to stay out there with someone else along.  Unfortunately the weather is looking really bad.  98 to 100 with the heat index topping 110 for at least the next week.  It is tough out there so if you are going out be sure to cover up and drink lots of water.  And last, we got there at sunrise and they were really biting, so go early, makes it easier to quit early.

So there you have it bay rats.  If I could do anything over I would have tossed the plastics at the first bunch of fish, it might have been a little different outcome as far as fish on the stringer.  I really appreciate you all sticking with me.  You keep reading and I will keep fishing.  I am surely getting the best part of that deal.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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