The Countdown Begins 8/1/15.

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The best baits money can buy.  Just ask Greg Hackney, Angler of the Year.

Today it begins, the laying out of stuff.  Be it rain suits, spare tackle, rods, reels, lines, supplies, etc.  All on the floor in the spare bedroom so it can be seen and organized before all the stuff I regularly use is sorted and made ready in a couple of weeks.  It is a big job getting ready for 2 weeks of hardcore fishing 1,800 miles from here.  If you forget it you get to buy it later, and stuff up there is not cheap.

Of course I am watching the reports out of Muskie Bay and they are looking good.  I stole this new one from the Muskie Bay Facebook Page, and if this does not get your fishing juices flowing you aren’t a fisherman.

From Gregg Bruss  Mid week report here coming in from Muskie Bay Resort, as I am sitting here in lodge with a cocktail in hand, sun burnt and wind burnt with a wet shirt on from the rain today, we have experienced 90 degree sun shine to now 60’s cloud cover with rain, I can report that the muskies are biting as of today my dad and I have caught 19 muskies with are 2 largest at 4 footers and are smallest being 38” and also a beautiful tiger Muskie . Hope all is well at home time to get back out for the night bite!

“Midweek” report, wow!  19 with several 48″, which are big fish.  If you want to see some great fish just click on the pics below his report.  It gives me hope for boating a really big one.


I got this comment from Johnny and it is the kind that keeps me writing.

Just wanted to thank you for your guidance. I really enjoy reading your reports and have put your info to good use.  Never fished a swim jig until I read your blog. It helped me catch more fish.  I usually fish at Coleto Creek…perhaps we’ll runa into each other.  Watermelon Red is a good color for Coleto.

Happy fishing

swim jig (2) (150x99)ragecraw (150x137)

The Strike King Swimming Jig is probably one of the real consistent bass catching techniques there is.  Be it spring, summer, winter, or fall, there is a way to fish it and catch fish.  So I am glad you have added it to your arsenal.  As I always say, Kevin Van Dam needs the money.  And I fish watermelon red on almost all my plastics everywhere, it catches fish.  Thanks for the kind words.  And if you see me on the lake in either the Carolina Skiff with a 50 merc or the Mako 18LTS with a 90 Opti stop and say hi.


A while ago a website started called Texas Inshore Fishing and as soon as I found it I started posting fishing reports.  After the second one, I think, I got an email from the guy who was accusing me of trying to steal his readers because I posted the link to Fish Catching Travel on each post.  That was never my intention, I just liked posting reports that I thought people on that site would like.  But whatever, it was his site.  So that was my last post.  One of those if your site is so f’n weak that my ramblings are taking away your readers you need to re-think the plan.

Well here we are 2 years later and after one change to the site they are now gone.  For me it has never been all that much about making money, obviously, but sharing information and learning from others.  As we enter our 5th year folks are still coming so I guess we are doing something right.  Having a website is like making beer, everybody thinks they want to give it a go, and everyone is an expert.  Either put in the time and do the work, or join the scrap heap of the internet.


The Masked Flounder Assassin is at his stabbing best again.  He dropped me this picture and it looks like supper to me.


A nice limit.

I have been getting lots of reports on flounder and it is good right now.  Limits have been the rule and like we have experienced with rod and reel the size is definitely up.  Who knows but maybe reducing the limit is helping the stocks.  Ya think?  Hopefully we will begin to see the results of the reduced speckled trout limit.  Like it or not this is the way it will be and I for one was in favor of reduced limits.  On our trips to Louisiana we would clean a 12″ and get 2 fish sticks.   I would much rather have 5-20″‘s all day long.  Thanks for the pictures, we love seeing them.


After a couple of days off I just wanted to catch up on some things so that is all for today.  Our heat continues but we have had a couple of rains so it is greening back up again.  I hope to get off my rear end and make the Gulf a day or 2 this week.  Waiting for cooler weather is not going to happen, at least not for a couple of more months.  So it will be up early in time to drive to make it at daylight and get what topwater action I can before the sun is up.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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