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Sorry for no post the last week but it was time for family and fun.  I actually have a life outside fishing, though my family may not always agree with that.  But after a long combination visit to my family, the Rolling Stone’s concert, and then visiting my grandbabies, we are back at home.  It was nice to be able to see most of my family and still squeeze in the concert.  The boss will be headed back to work and the water is calling me.  So I will accomplish a couple of things today to catch up and back to the water tomorrow.

We saw lots of water on our trip through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  After several years of drought it was great to see.  Not having hit the water the last week I am looking forward to tomorrow.   The flats boat has not left the garage for almost 2 months so it is time to get it out and give it a run.  And the Shoedog is finally done with his travels so there will be some kind of fishing extravaganza with him next week.


While I was gone I got this comment from Johan and wanted to share it with you as well as hopefully point him in the right direction.

Hi sir, i find myself stopping by Fish Catching Travel quite often. i live in Beeville and only recently discovered Coleto creek. I am not into bass, but have caught and released a couple at Coleto, my interest is  more in sand bass. i am a believer in putting in time and schooling one self, but was hoping i can get some advice from you in how to find sandies on Coleto and possible what tactics to use. I enjoy your blog, hope to meet you on the Coleto creek one day.

I am not an expert on sandies at Coleto, or what we referred to white bass at home in Arkansas, but I have caught some.  First I am not sure there is a large population of them, and most I have caught were small.  I did stop and talk with a boat doing a shocking survey for the GBRA last winter and specifically asked them about the white bass.  They had shocked a few, mostly small. That has been my experience with them on Coleto, mostly small, but remember white bass populations are very cyclical, and may be low some years, high others, so Coleto may just be on the down stroke right now.

As far as catching them, if I want to find white bass I troll, especially this time of year.  It allows you to cover lots of water, and also spend plenty of time studying the contour as you watch the depth finder.  And if I had to pick one lure to troll for white bass it would be a Rapala Shad Rap in the silver foil with a black back.  The SR-8 or SR-5 in the deep diver, and occasionally early in the year when they tend to be shallow use the shallow runner or a rattle bait like the Strike King Red Eye Shad.  I usually let out around 60 feet of line and prefer a 10lb test to help it get down a little farther.  Try trolling at an idle speed or a little quicker.  Be sure to have your drag set light as they will pull off if there is no give.  And trolling often gives you a bonus bass or crappie.  As it is summer they will be deep and schooled up, so trolling while you watch the locator is the best way to find some on Coleto.

When I have done it, not lately, they have been in the Coleto arm.  To give you a place to start try the area from the middle of the lake in the dam area and troll up the Coleto arm past the big tree on the point by the dam and up lake to the last of the three coves.  There are usually some in that area.  I have also caught some in the other arm in front of the big coves on the right.  Most of the time I have caught them in warm weather it was in open water in 20 foot deep and deeper.  Just troll and spend the time covering a lot of water until you find some, usually when you find them there are all in that area.  And if there are schools of shad in the area on the locator that is often the key to catching them.

So I hope this little bit of information helps you get started.  Trolling is not the only way to catch them.  You can use a 1 ounce jigging spoon, spinner jigs or minnows once you locate them.  Thanks for the question and I appreciate you reading my stuff.  Good Luck.


I do want to say a couple of things about the Rolling Stones.  They really are the best rock and roll band in the world.  Starting together somewhere around 1963, they have remained true to the music.  We had great tickets and the show was all we could have hoped for.


Arrowhead is one cool football stadium.


Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger.

With no new album to promote it was an evening of their hits, you liked it, you heard it.  And I like their style, no electronic corrected sound, no big light show, just raw and rough rock and roll.  It ain’t pretty, but it is the real thing.  It is amazing they are still alive, but one thing for sure, they are a rock band.


 So back to real life.  Looks like the weather will hold for a day or two so it will be up early and on the water.  Unfortunately the weather looks a little sketchy for the weekend.  I really appreciate it when you all stick with me during some of the down times.  But it is back to fishing.  And Canada is fast approaching so there is lots of fishing to come.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines


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