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Hope you all enjoyed your Super Bowl Sunday.  It was a heck of a game with a surprising ending.  It sure will give all the Monday morning quarterbacks out there something to hash out.  I am sure I am not the only one who thought that they would hand it to Lynch 3 times from the 1 and it would be over.  But that is why they play the game.

On another football note, Johnny Football checked into rehab last week.  There is no word on what for, other than I am sure it is to cure the “Party Disease”, which I think he had a case of.  And if they can also treat the swollen head syndrome maybe, just maybe, Johnny can get it screwed on straight.   It would be sad if he joined the Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf crowd, and was a wash out.  Sad when some folks waste what for the rest of us would be the chance of a lifetime.  So stayed tuned for the next chapter.


After some great weather a fresh cold front reminds us it is still February.  So this morning it is clear, cool, and the north wind is blowing cold, in other words not real pleasant.  So I decided to not fish today, instead my buddy Chris and I are headed to the bay tomorrow, specifically the Cedar Lake area.  The plan is for some wading and he thinks he knows a couple of spots that should produce, so stayed tuned for that report tomorrow.  And of course right before I was going to post this the rain probability has risen from 30% the other day to 80% tomorrow, which sounds like rain.  Then 1 minute later Chris sends me a text and he is not feeling well.  So there you go, tomorrow is back to a we will see day.


I did take yesterday before the game to do my occasional tackle go-through thing.  I got all the saltwater stuff out and checked it over, put line on a couple of the rods, and just basically made sure it was as organized as it could be.  Also made sure that all the wading stuff was organized too.  With the big Baffin trip a week away it is time to start thinking about that trip.  The one concession I am making as far as line goes is I will have fluorocarbon line on the rods I am taking.  If we are going to be fishing big trout with a big trout guide, I want to give myself every possible advantage.  I have hired a couple of guides in the US over the years, and most of those experiences have been disappointing, so lets see how this one goes.  If nothing else there will be a good story no matter what happens.


Today I am trying to nail down our Florida trip.  Being lucky enough to take a couple of trips a year to cool places the thing I find the most stressful is making sure that the accommodations are what we need.  It has always amazed me when traveling most of Florida, lots of Texas, with a few other Coastal destinations thrown in, how hard it is to find a perfect place for those of us who trailer a boat.  Good electricity access, ability to park the boat without un-hitching, freshwater rinsing, access to ramps, it all matters.

We have had some issues over the years. but nothing tops the one place I would never set foot on again – Marco Island.  My Aunt Nancy (A lifetime Floridian.) always said Sanibel Island is where the people are rich and don’t want you to know, and Marco Island is home to folks who are sorta rich and want you to know it.  My favorite thing about Marco was there were condos where pickup trucks are not allowed in the parking lot, much less a boat.  Of all the places in Florida I have been it was by far the least fisherman friendly.  Basically an island full of jerks if I do say so myself.


As I write this I am watching a fishing show and the guy just said he likes to fish the ramp areas where there have been tournaments and fish are released.  God are you kidding me?  That is your plan?  That is the depth of your fish locating prowess?  At least you had the fancy boat wrap and the cool clothes on.  I have always wondered how people like that get a TV show.


You look at most lure packages now and almost none are made in America.  So when I started using the Down South it never occurred to me to read the package.  Once I finally did I was happy to see that they are made in Austin.  These plastics were developed by a guy who is a fisherman, and he developed them to catch fish.  As with all great baits it was made to catch fish, not fishermen.  Funny how when a bait is designed to catch fish, and it works, it ends up catching plenty of fishermen.  So if you have not tried some yet, do it.  You have my word, if you get it around fish it will catch them.  Period.

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I am looking for a couple of replacement locators, a small one for the trolling motor on the LTS, and a smaller GPS/locator combo for the Skiff.  In the last couple of years I have not had all that good a luck with electronics, and it seems like every 3 or 4 years I am replacing another one.  I like the new Hummingbird on the LTS, but at times it has a problem finding our location.  It happens often enough I called them and you know what the lady at Hummingbird told me?  It can take up to 20 minutes.  Huh!  That should be real helpful in the Everglades.


Sorry for the rambling, I promise fishing reports are coming this week.  If not tomorrow, then the day after.  I will be having serious withdrawal by then.  And lets hope if it rains me out tomorrow it rains enough to make a dent.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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