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 A tough bait for tough days.

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The Boss got back in town after visiting her family up North so we had breakfast together before I hit the road to the Gulf.  The forecast was for light winds and when I got to Froggie’s about 10:30 it was dead flat calm.  I haven’t seen it like that in a while.

The water temperature was 58 degrees and had a light tinge to it.   Since it was just a fish for fun day it was nothing more serious than my usual milk run.  And though that milk run has been good to me lately, today it left a little something to be desired.


This says it all about the day.

That was the first trout I caught today, he choked on that Down South.  Unfortunately  it did not get any better.  It was 5 trout in Big Bayou and 3 in the Oil Cut, all small, and not even a bite in the couple of other places I stopped.  And as far as reds went, they are still around the docks in Big Bayou depending on the tide, and are scattered in the Oil Cut.  But the 5 or 6 or so I caught were all really small, not even  close.


It was small ball all day long.


Thanks for the bite but where is your momma?

The tide was extremely low and not moving when I got there.  The water really did not start moving until after 4, and it was just really getting going when I quit at 5.  I figured as the water came up they should get on the Redfish Magic, but they were so not there or not interested.  I think the water temp only reaching 60 after a really warm day had a lot to do with the bite.

So basically it was a one here and one there, with no real pattern to it.  Probably the only consistent place to get a bite was in front of a drain where it had gotten so low there was no water coming out, if that makes sense.  I can not tell you how many I caught, somewhere in the 15 range or so, but I can tell you only one of the trout would have measured, and nothing else.  I did break one off in a dock that I never saw, and lost what looked like a pretty good trout.  Otherwise it was small and smaller.

What did I learn today?  Wish I knew.  I know one thing, the water being flat like it was did not help, and it really did not warm up like I thought it would.  But it won’t be long.  And days like today just make me more determined to figure it out.  But hey, I was fishing.


I heard from Matt and it actually made me feel better.  Sunday was tough in Keller, plain and simple.

I was wondering if you went to Keller.  I was there Sunday morning too, mostly boat riding because everywhere I went was messed up by the wind.  I did manage 1 dink trout by the boat ramp in that fresh looking water while waiting on a boat to load up.

At least you caught one, I didn’t have a sniff.  Thanks for commenting and reading my stuff.


As I was driving home, and seeing all the animals in the high fence areas around POC, it dawned on me, the state owns a good chunk of this now.  My point of that is I have a slight problem, not a huge one, with high fence.  So let me explain myself a little more.

If you own it, you have a right to do with it as you please.  As long as you are not harming others, if you want to high fence, help yourself.  And I have a real appreciation for the time, money, and effort, that goes into developing a property into a hunting paradise.

But I just feel a little funny about fencing animals in.  It seems somehow wrong to restrict the animals movements which are dictated by the various conditions that affect them.  And the mixing of the gene pool, as opposed to genetically altered bucks, is the way it has worked for all time, and it is a good system.

So with that, the State should open the fences in some places on the Powderhorn Ranch and let some of the stuff mingle.  I know this won’t happen, but I like the thought.  It will be interesting to see how the Ranch is administered and how the hunting is played out.  A great place for all the citizens of Texas, or one of those places the rich and connected hunt and the rest of us wonder how they do that.


I am starting to get excited about our trip with the big shot guide.  Baffin in February with a real pro, it has potential.  And it will be interesting to learn how he gets it done. In a little less than 2 weeks it will be 2 days of hardcore wading in the big trout capital of the coast.  Can’t wait to see how that turns out.  Until then I will keep slugging it out and will be there when they start to really bite this spring.  Tough days just increase my resolve, so keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines


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