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As I have fished like a crazy man the last few days there a few things I haven’t got to as far as the blog is concerned.  So if you think I have ignored you who have sent me comments, well I have.  But it has not been anything personal, just catching to many fish!

First Order of Business

I would like to introduce you all to Little Wren, my newest grand baby.  She was born 11/19 and we are really happy and proud of Carrie and Leigh.


Wow.  A head of hair with a beautiful baby attached.  Congratulations to Carrie and Leigh!

I am so lucky to have a great daughter and son-in-law.  She is a good girl and he is a stand up guy who I am proud to have as a son-in-law.   And now there is an addition to the family, and Mia has a new little sister.  And sorry Carrie, I had to post this.  Nancy and I are so proud of you and happy grandparents can get away with it.  We will see you soon.

For My Buddy Todd.  Recognize this?


My brother Kelly, who works at the University, with The Boot!

My beloved Razorbacks seized the boot back after a mighty struggle from those Coon Ass Tigers of LSU.  Now I am not rubbing it in Todd, but wait, I am!  Go Hogs!  And good luck to the bunch of you on the December trip, sorry I am going to miss it.


I had not heard from Faye in a while but got a comment when I mentioned Carmine’s in POC.

“We miss Carmine’s.  She was indeed a character and had the best sweet tea!!

We select our lures on what you write here and what has worked in the past for us based on the time of year.  Another thing we do is go to Speedy Stop in POC when we first hit town and see what has the fewest packages left.  LOL  Not scientific but it’s worked more than once!

We have the time and money but can’t get a place on the water to stay this week.  BUMMER!!  May just have to launch the boat daily but I’m the one that has to find parking and walk to the dock.  My husband calls me, “a trailer backing bi@@h” LOL   : ))       I have no problem doing that but we really like having the boat on the water.  We can come back to our room and eat lunch and then go back out.”

We would go there after a long day of fishing and eat.  Carmine would always have time to talk, and of course Larry had nothing but time to talk.  It was always part of our trip until she closed.  And smart with the Speedy Stop idea, makes a lot of sense.

I hope you got it figured out for your trip.  It looks the weather will be crap.  So good luck and we will all be waiting on your report.


The guy who lost the kayak found me and I am glad I was able to return it.  It just takes a minute to do the right thing.


I got a nice long note from Aaron and he sent a couple of pictures along with his comment.  I have combined a couple of your comments and I appreciate hearing from you.  Hope you don’t mind me posting the majority of it.

“It’s been awhile since I dropped you a line so I thought I would say congrats on the good trout day on the Lavaca.  I’m from Austin and spent most of my time growing up on hill country rivers before figuring out how much fun it is to hit the salt with artificial.  I was able to make it down around POC for 5 or 6 morning trips in the kayak.  Rarely had a morning with less than dozen reds.  Kayak fishing really limits the water you can fish but allows you to get really good at a few select locations.   I would send you some pics but since I normally fish alone the pics aren’t very good.

I originally stumbled on your blog looking for information on Powderhorn.  It looked a like a good place to fish from the kayak but I couldn’t find any info on it except your blog.  Because of your recommendations, the redfish magic is one of my regular baits in PH, especially when the water is off color.  I stick to the west half of the lake since I launch on 1589 and haven’t yet had a bad day on the water.  In fact, my first trip out there last year I landed a 35” red on the north shore in 12” of water.  Not as big as the one your friend Aaron boated in Keller but quite an experience for my first trip to the bay.  I’ve attached a pic since pics tell a better story.  Being my first trip, I tagged the big red and he ate just fine but have since caught my fair share of reds and enjoy letting most of them fight another day.  My last trip down there was on 11/1 and I landed 13 reds and about a dozen mostly small trout before lunch.  What a great place!  It’s been a real treasure for me and I watch with mixed feelings as TPWD acquires PH ranch.  Great to see it protected but it’ll put a big spotlight on PH lake in a few years.

Keep up the good work with the blog.  I check it every morning as I sit down at my desk and picked up quite a few tips from you over the last year.   Most of my saltwater buddies use bait which just doesn’t interest me.”

I am so bummed out.  Somehow I sent your pictures to that place in the cyber world that sometimes rears its ugly head.   How I get the blog done simply amazes me at times.  So send them again, that was one nice redfish.  Hope you have a good trip down here next week.  The fishing should be good and I will be waiting to hear how it goes.


I met an old guy at the ramp the other day (Just kidding he was probably around my age!) who wanted to know how I did.  Folks I continually tell you all to share information, it can only be a good thing.  So I shared how I caught about half of them that day and this was his response.

“On Nov. the 12th I watch you catch fish. I can not remeber your name but I made sure I was at the boat ramp when you arrived to see what bait you were using . You showed me the ( Rage Tail)  And you gave me a pack of them. I went to the other side of the river. I fish from the bank and I caugh my limit in about 30 mins. For the next 5 days I would catch my limit. We usely catch 50 or more trout and  only 2 or 3 keepers.  My fishing buddies could not belive I was catching all big fish. I had to let them use my rod and bait to get there limit to. I am on my third rage tail they have tore 2 of them up. Thank you Sir. and for the baits. We all have ordered Some of the different colors.  Have a great day out fishing.”

Thanks Sonny, makes me feel good to know that I could help.  There are a couple of relevant points here.  First, not only do you have to have the right bait for the fish, you have to have the right bait for the particular fisherman.  One thing I learned years ago, some people can’t fish a spinnerbait, a plastic worm in 30 feet of water, or a big jig on an ultralight.  Though I am whacking them on the Down South plastics there is no way  he could have used that type of plastic, especially from the bank, it is just a different deal.  So it was the right bait for the right guy.

 Second, what did it cost me to take a minute and help someone?  Did it mess up my fishing?  The answer to both is it cost me nothing and I was able to help someone.  It is popular now, Paying it Forward, and that is what I did.  None of us figured this thing out alone.  And then Sonny shared it with his buddies and they all caught fish.  A win -win for all.


Shoedog made a good point about the survey I have been running.  In the where do you get your information he wanted to have the other choice of from other fisherman, good point.  I will run it a few more days, and then I have another one.  I am learning a lot from your answers.  That catches me up for today on comments and unrelated stuff.  I have another report that I will get to tomorrow.

It is getting real now, laying out the clothes, gathering the right fishing stuff, all the things that go with a foreign fishing trip.  2 days offshore, 1 day inshore for starts on the Atlantic side, and then we will see about the Caribbean side, but there are tarpon and snook there so I will find a way to hopefully get that done.  I have not shot any video in a while but plan to and there will be plenty of pics for you the day they happen.  A Roosterfish is one of my bucket list fish and I can’t wait to cross it off.

So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

(If you have not taken the survey please scroll down a few posts and take it.)

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