Coleto Creek 10/12/12.

Well for some reason I went ahead and fished Coleto today, for the third time this week.  And as usual, and I mean usual for any fishing trip, it did not work out the way I planned.  I made up my mind to stick with slow rolling the Anaconda worm this morning as soon as the sun got up, and it worked fairly well except for one small problem.

But as the sun came up I basically fished the box, and caught one on spinnerbait, 1 on swim jig, one on a topwater, and 1 on a buzzbait.  The fish just seem to be flaky right now, they will bite, but everyday it is something different.  As usual the question was what do they want.  So it was time to swim the Anaconda.

Have you ever heard the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.”?  I managed to catch a couple of nice ones pretty quickly, and missed one more, when I reached in the box for a new worm, but there was only a similar color in that spot.  Then I remembered, I met a nice guy at the ramp and gave him 2 or 3, and they were the last I had in the boat.  So much for that plan.

A nice start.

 Things were looking up until I lost that worm a couple of minutes later –  and it was the last one.

Now I am not happy, I caught those 2 on the first bank I fished with it, and with the sun out and no wind, it should have been perfect.  I went ahead and threw a worm some, but my heart was not in it.  So here it is 11:00, and I have caught 6, but it just seems like I am close but not quite on them.  I am catching fish, but can not seem to find the mother load, or maybe the “mother bait.”   So as per my usual fall back position, out came the buzzbait.

I was up lake in an area with lots of grass patched in 3 to 5 feet of water when I had the first bite.

That’s One. 

 There’s another . . .

… and another…..

….. and another (This one just absolutely exploded on it!)….

….oh well, you get the point.

From 11:00 until 1:30 I just plain whacked them.  They were scattered over shallow grass for about 50 yards, and it was simply a matter of tossing it to the thick edge and buzzing it out.  I knew I had taken a couple of pictures, but after a while I quit even doing that, they were just biting to good.

So what a morning.  After hunting and pecking over the last 2 trips, it finally worked the way we all want it to.  I caught several more like the ones above, and a bunch of small ones.  Most of them were hitting it so hard there was no missing them.  And the one thing it really proves, besides I am the best buzzbait fisherman on this block, it that nothing beats going.  Every once in a while we make the right call, and it works.  And since I am fortunate enough to be on the water quite a bit, the odds just improve.  And for all the runs like this one, there are hours of casting with just hope on the end of the line.

Looks like we may have a little more weather in the next couple of days, and the nights will be cooling off again, so look for the fishing to really pick up.  They want to bite, and one thing that will help Coleto is for it to stop dropping, and maybe even a little rise, to go with the cooler weather.  And one additional thing I have learned the last 3 trips is that the fish down lake are starting to bite.  It will not be long.  Oh, and there are people catching crappie, some of them quite shallow.  In fact, I caught a nice one a few trips ago on a jerk bait.  So if that is your thing, time to hit Coleto for crappie.

So thanks for reading my stuff.  I have enjoyed the lake this week, but it is back to the salt next week.  And with Falcon in 3 weeks, and then Lake Fork at the end of November, I have a lot to be thankful for.  Even more than the fishing I am thankful for my wife, daughter, and my little granddaughter Mia.  They are the most important things in this world.  Got to keep it in perspective.  You can always catch another fish.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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I am a retired attorney who just loves to fish. I was a freshwater guide for about 20 years and now have moved to the salt. I am not the greatest fisherman, but I am committed. So if you love fishing, and want to learn what little I have to offer, stop by anytime.
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