POC 9/25-26/12.

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Sorry for the late report.  After fishing 3 days, and then heading to College Station to watch the Aggies literally beat the snot out of my Razorbacks, I finally have time to sit down and report not only on 2 days at POC, but another day on Coleto Creek.  My brother was able to shake lose for 3 days of fishing this week.  We wanted to not only fish the Gulf, we also wanted to hit Coleto for day.   So first up was a trip to POC.

We got in the water a little after sunrise and headed out to Big Bayou to catch a few reds.  The water was up, tides have been pretty high lately, and the wind was not a problem.  Jeff started with a topwater, and I threw a spinnerbait, and we both alternated with plastics.  We fished the grass banks and we caught a few trout on the points with water from the reef moving over them.  Jeff’s topwater, a Skitterwalk, put a keeper red and a trout in the boat.

It was fairly slow so we decided to hit the Saluria and switch to plastics exclusively.  I threw the Strike King Caffeine Shad, and Jeff threw the Tsunami swim bait.  We fished a couple of banks in the Saluria, and then a couple in the Oil Cut, and caught fish here and there.  We fished that area from about 11 until 3, and probably put 15 in the boat, of which only 2 were keepers.

One thing we found that day, and the same with the next, the trout were near deep water.  It seems to have been that way for me for the last month.  I expect that to change.

Jeff with a couple for the freezer from day 1.  Notice the blue cooler in the background, if you found it at the ramp at Froggie’s I hope you ate the filets.  Nothing like getting back to Victoria, after a stop at Bubba’s, and remembering you left the cooler on the ramp.  A good reason to write your name and phone on them.

 We finished up the day in the Bayou with a rapidly falling tide.  The bite was good on spinnerbait near the grass.  After adding a couple of more we called it a day.  While we did not really whack the keepers, we ended up keeping 6, we caugh fish most of the day.  The problem was keepers.

The next morning we decided to start in Army Cut with topwaters.  The fish were on the ends of the cut leading into the barge canal.  We probably put 15 trout in the boat pretty quickly, unfortunately only 2 made it to the cooler.

The rest of the day was pretty much like day 1.  We did stop on the little jetties and caught another dozen trout on plastics.  They were on the point as the jetty starts on the right.  And I did get a good report on nice reds being caught at the small jetty on croaker, and of course the big jetty is really good right now on bulls.

I was using a Caffeine Shad paddle tail in a green flake and Jeff stuck with the clear chartreuse Tsunami swim bait.  He did lose a big fish, probably a red, on the Tsunami.  Most of the trout at the jetty were small, and I was hell on the Croaker.  We then fished deeper banks in the Saluria and picked up fish consistently until we quit.

Jeff with a nice spinnerbait red from day 2.

I am just not on great bunches of trout right now.  In fact for the last month it has been a matter of hunting and pecking.  Though I am catching almost everywhere, I am not on the good ones.  So next trip it is time to change areas and tactics, sometimes to get out of a rut you have to just do something different, somewhere else.  So I will be looking forward to studying the map, using my brain, and seeing if I can come up with a plan that works.

Thanks for reading my stuff.  Stop in tomorrow for a Coleto report, both from last week and tomorrow, as I am heading to Coleto at daylight.  Then it is off to Fayette County Wednesday to catch some bass.  And I am really excited about the end of the month.  My good buddy Clyde is coming from Arkansas for 3 days on Falcon, and then 2 days on the Gulf.  It is going to be a great month.

Good Luck and Tight Lines



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