Coleto Creek 8/23/2012.

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Well the best plans of mice and men are often that, simply a plan.  That sums up my today, I planned to catch some fish.  After I managed a few the other morning, I was up bright and early and throwing the Rage Shad.  But so goes the plan.

For the first couple of hours I religiously threw it in both light and dark colors, and the ones that hit it seemed to be blind in one eye and not able to see out of the other.  I had over 10 hits this morning on the Rage Shad, and only 2 made it to the boat.  Now I can’t lay all the blame on the fish, I obviously missed a couple I should have caught.  But it can be like that when throwing that type of bait.

So next I had this other great plan, throw a worm.  After a half hour of that, it was time for a new plan.  Not even a bite.  My next plan was a Rage Craw in a red glitter with a small pegged sinker to toss in the trash.  That started off well, with 2 quick ones out of adjacent trees, then not another bite.

At this point I am getting pretty discouraged, but not being a quiter, or having a lick of sense, I fish on.  Of course it was time for a new plan.  Out comes the 2.5 square bill in red chrome, and low and behold I catch one right off the  bat.  Over an hour later I catch another.  And that was to be the size of it.

When you think about it, fishing in the summer is often that way.  Hot and humid, high sky with little wind, and water temps at the highest they will be all year.  What it has done to the fish on Coleto  is kind of beyond me right now.  It has turned into one of those did I choose the right bait, right time, right place?  Or did I get those out of order?  Hard to tell

In fact I got a good laugh while eating supper and watching the news when the fishing report came on and they said the bass fishing at Coleto was fair.  I thought that was a glowing compliment compared to my last couple of trips.  So it is them or is it me?   I have found a solution, head to the Gulf.  So it will be up early and over the side first thing.  According to that same fishing report the reds should just be eating it up!

I sure hope so.  Maybe if I am lucky they will be jumping in the boat.  Thanks for reading my stuff.  I know I have been a little lax lately, more travel than fishing.  But as summer winds down and the water begins to cool, I will be hard at it.  I look forward to a great fall and I hope you join me.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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I am a retired attorney who just loves to fish. I was a freshwater guide for about 20 years and now have moved to the salt. I am not the greatest fisherman, but I am committed. So if you love fishing, and want to learn what little I have to offer, stop by anytime.
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