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Finally after 3 days of getting rained out it was back to POC.  Of course my luck in that department would not hold.  My trip got cut short on both ends.

I decided to launch out of Charlies.  When I got there it looked like a high dollar boat yard.  There were lots of nice boats everywhere, all waiting out a storm on the horizon.  You could see lightning off in the distance and most folks were playing it smart by waiting it out.  So I decided to head to Froggie’s instead, and when I got there I was surprised as there was only about 7 trucks in the lot, unusual for this time of year.  I did notice at the Community Center they were setting up for a tournament, which probably explains the bunch at Charlies.

I headed to Big Bayou and started with topwater.  By now it was almost 8:30, and the water had a slight tinge to it from recent rains.  The tide was way up, so I decided to see if I could get the reds to cooperate.  And they did.

This was the first guy, a nice fat 23″.

Over the next hour I caught 3 more on that Zara Spook Jr. in a bone color.  While I have thrown a few other topwaters, that has clearly been the best.  Get out at daylight and find some shallow grass near sandy bottom and you should be in business.  If you have docks, or cuts or drains, with grass around them, there are reds there right now.  Unfortunately the tide was high and the water was not falling yet.  If you can get a good falling tide after a high that puts the water in the grass, you can catch redfish as they pull out and cruise the grass edges.  But after messing with them a while I decided to try and catch a few trout.

Now, I had not had a bite from a trout on top, so a switch to plastics was in order.  With the water color as it was, I went with a Tsunami Swim Bait in chartreuse on 10lb line.  Now the trout fishing was not fast by any means, but it seemed the fish that hit that thing were nice ones.

The first of 6, all were nice keepers hopping and dropping a Tsunami.

I fished deeper banks, big flats with grass, and a couple of cuts leading from Big Bayou into Barroom.  No place was particularly better than others, and the fish came occasionally.  I guess I just do not have them patterned right now.  That sure happens when you do not fish all that much, something I am going to remedy this next week.

This bonus red while trout fishing made the picture cut because of 2 things.  One, he hit that thing like a ton of bricks and tried to jerk the rod out of my hands.  Two, just wanted you to see that Tsunami.

Unfortunately there was a big storm coming over the hill.  I waited a little bit, and then joined the mad dash to the ramp.  Boats were coming in from all over trying to beat that storm.

So for the day, it was barely 3 1/2 hours of fishing, but I got lucky considering and caught 5 reds and 6 trout.  I definitely do not have the trout down right now.  I do know that there are some pretty good strings coming right now off croaker and shrimp.  And I talked to a guy at the ramp and they did real well that morning on a variety of fish at the jetties.  And for you surf folks, when it is right they are really doing well.

Hopefully this week will bring calmer weather, though I am sure not complaining about the rain, we need it.  I plan on getting out 3 days this week even if it kills me.  So am wrapping up a few things today so I can get back in the game next week.

Thanks for stopping in and reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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