Ok….Ok….Ok 5/21/15.

 Fish Catching Travel


Squarebills that catch fish! 

I have been as nice as I can be.  I have put the best light on it, talked about the benefits, and even lied about how I feel about it.  Well no more -QUIT FREAKIN’ RAINING!  We give, we have had enough.  Now our forecast is for 5 more days with totals up to 5 more inches.  Talk about ruining the holiday weekend.  The Guadalupe is out of its banks and as high as I have seen it since I have lived in Victoria.  We have mowed our grass more already this year than all last.   As I write this it is pouring, I left the lake at the perfect time when the thunder and lightning started, by time I got home it was a full-scale washout.


Coves that have had lots of water coming in combined with the wind blowing in them are pretty trashy.

After I fished Monday the lovely wife called from work wanting to do something Tuesday and Wednesday.  She basically only has 2 days off on a three-week stretch so I got online and of all things the Eagles were having a concert in Austin Tuesday night called The History of the Eagles.   I got tickets, we got a room, and boy am I glad we did.  What a show.  One of the great bands of all time it was amazing as they played hit after hit.  They sang songs from their first one to their last, acoustic and electric, and of course nothing like the crazy man Joe Walsh.

So after getting home Wednesday and watching the weather report it was looking pretty sketchy.  There was no way I was heading to the Gulf, and that turned out to be a good choice.  So about 9 this morning it was not to bad so it was off to Coleto for a what I hoped would be at least a couple of hours before it came.  And that was it, 2 hours.

There really is nothing much new to report.  I talked to several people the last couple of trips and spinnerbaits and flukes in the green grass are still the ticket for most folks.  And one common theme is when you catch one you usually catch a couple.  And that was the way it was what little I fished today.


The best one of the 4 or 5 I caught this morning.


As they say he choked on it!

I was only able to fish a couple of places before the thunder started in the distance.  It is almost getting depressing.  S0 unfortunately I have nothing new to add, other than I am getting disgusted with the weather.  I had hoped to be trout fishing but the smallest chance of rain in the next 5 days is 60 – 90%.  This year if we have had a chance of rain, it has rained.


I am officially retiring this week.  You know you are old when you are filing for your pension and your SSI.  And the old advice to wait as long as possible to file for SSI could be the mistake of your life.  Our hard working elected federal officials are looking at cuts, and those of you who are a few years younger are about to be really screwed.  And before you died in the wool dumbocrats or repubtards start blaming each other, quit it.  This mess has been brewing for decades and both parties are at fault.  Both parties have had periods where they were exclusively in control over the years and could have dealt with it, but failed.  They have all squandered our money but we keep returning them to office.  As the old saying goes you get what you pay for, and we are paying Ferrari prices and getting Dollar Store value.  I have repeatedly called for serious term limits with no pension benefits and I continue to hear the argument that it would be worse.  My only answer to that is – How?

The Arkansas Supreme Court was kind enough to let me quit.  I am still somewhat puzzled over that one, but at least I can quit paying them yearly.  The Texas license is still in place, inactive status, and the only courtroom I have any intention on entering would be if I were summoned for jury duty or maybe to pay a speeding ticket driving my wife’s Lexus.


Whether you are lucky enough to get out and enjoy the outdoors this holiday weekend, or make some alternate plans, have a safe and fun weekend.  Be the bigger guy on the water or the highway.  Take time to enjoy family and friends.  We only get one run at this and it is over before you know it.  So be cool and have a great weekend.


I know a lot of you come here hoping for a little saltwater information, and it isn’t happening.  Well trust me, I am with you.  The month of May is slipping away, and it is one of my favorite topwater times of the year on the Gulf.  As soon as the weather settles I promise to make it up to you.  Heck, I want to make it up to me.  We have to break out of this weather pattern soon or the Apocalypse is here, one or the other.

What, or when, is next I do not have a clue.  I just looked at the 5 day forecast and it does  not look promising.  Glad I live in a one story house, the forecast makes me want to jump out a window.  But it would look pretty stupid with my feet still in the window and my head on the ground, trying to look nonchalant.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines



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Coleto Creek 5/18/15.

                       Fish Catching Travel


Squarebills that catch fish! 

I could not resist giving the lake one more try.  The hope was to find a couple of additional places with fish, and while I did find one, they are still a little spotty.  The good thing about today was while I caught a few more they ran a little bit better.  And if you catch one you will catch another.  So think about re-fishing with something different right now.


They were knocking the snot out of it first thing this morning.

I started on the main lake bank where I had my best luck yesterday.  It has the scattered green grass on it, and the fish were right on the edge.  While there was not as many bites as yesterday, when they wanted that crankbait they smacked it.

After a couple on  crankbait it was time to re-fish with the Strike King Swim Jig and I put another 3 or 4 in the boat.


You can really work them over right now.

From there I went to another main lake bank, it also has that green grass on it.  Basically I kept the boat in 5 or so feet of water and threw the 2.5 into the edge of the grass and then reeled it out with a moderate stop and go retrieve trying to tip grass or bang the bottom.  Several fish today just knocked the crap out of it but did not hook up.  And while I boated several nice fish I did lose a big one later in the morning.


She was pretty beat up.  Handle with care.

And like yesterday it seemed like one would bite here and there, but clearly if you catch more than 1 fish they are there.  I found 2 spots like that now, so if you catch a couple you know you are in the right place.  I had no luck slow rolling a spinnerbait or using a buzzbait.  But it won’t be long.  The water was a touch clearer this morning and you could see the 2.5 further down.  And one important note – if you catch one at boatside, and I caught 2, you are reeling a touch to fast.  So always look as your bait comes up to the boat, you might learn something.


Still getting used to a different camera, but this was the best fish of the day.

They really slacked off as the sun finally came out and the wind calmed some.  So about 12:30 I called it a day.  Probably about 16 – 18 came over the side today, a dozen on the KVD 2.5 and 6 or so re-fishing with the Swim Jig.  Initially I was planning on the Gulf but I could not resist trying to get a little better pattern on the lake.  The fish are shallow, and should be for a while.  With the water clearing if we can avoid more rain there is some really good fishing coming


Clyde sent me this picture of a yellow bass he caught on his trip to Okoboji in Iowa.  Not only have I never caught one, I have never seen one.


An Okoboji yellow bass.

That is one yellow bass.  Looks like a white bass/hybrid cross in yellow.  Do we have any of these in Texas?  Are they good to eat?  One interesting looking fish.


We really need it to quit raining.  Funny to say that after the last 3 years, but we are almost 11″ to the good and the creeks and rivers are muddy and full.  It will take a while for things to stabilize, which should clear both the lake, and places like the Powderhorn, Keller Bay, and anywhere else that has water running in to it.  It is a great time to catch a big trout on topwater, and we have a week or so before summer breaks out.  So next will be a couple of days of trout fishing.  Not really sure where yet, but looking forward to some serious wading.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Coleto Creek 5/17/15.

 Fish Catching Travel


Squarebills that catch fish! 

I finally made it to Coleto Creek today.  It has been way over 3 weeks and a ton of rain since I was there so I really had no preconceived notion on what I would find.  But based on my buddy Bobby’s question yesterday I did have a plan of attack.

When dealing with off colored water, and Coleto is off colored to outright muddy up lake, there area couple of things you can do to increase your chances of catching fish.   The most obvious, slow down, give the fish a chance to catch the bait.  Next, use color and vibration to help them find the bait.  I did both and had a fairly successful morning considering.

I started on the main lake close to the ramp and the plan was one point to the next with buzzbait, then if no success fish the KVD 2.5 Squarebill.


Strike King KVD 2.5 in Red Sexy Shad.  HCKVDS2.5-649.

So I fished a point to point with a buzzbait and had no bites so out came the 2.5.  I chose the Red Sexy Shad  based on experience.  When you have a clear water lake and it muddies up red is always a good color.  And the contrast on this bait between the red and gold is a good color with our brown water right now.  Good wobble, big rattles, it is a great bait for these conditions.

So as I rounded a flat point in 6 foot of water I had my first bite.


My second or third cast with the squarebill.

The bank turned into a flatter shallow main lake bank so it was perfect for the squarebill.  I was reeling it a moderate speed, stopping and pausing every so often.  And when they wanted it there was no problem, they smacked it.


This one seriously pounded it.

They were positioned on the edge of sparse grass out to about 2 feet and then isolated patches.  I think I put 4 in the boat on the first pass, so in the interest of seeing if they wanted anything else out came the Strike King Swimming Jig.  I just flat love fishing it, and with our water level it should work all year.


Spawned out and hungry.

They hit that with the same abandon as they did the squarebill, they just weren’t quite as big, though that is due to it was pass number 2.  I had one hit right at the boat and when I set the hook it flew over my head and off.  This was a good bite.


1/4 ounce Swimming Jig and a Rage Craw trailer, a great combination for shallow cover.

After I fished the bank twice I decided to more on and see what else I could find.  From there is was mostly main lake stuff and it was 3 or 4 more before I got rained out.


Not a bad morning considering how little I knew before I left the ramp.

While I mainly stuck with that squarebill, I did continue to toss the buzzbait on some really shallow grass, no luck, also tossing the frog a little, again with no luck.  I do think the frog will have his time here as soon as the rain lets up and the water clears some.   The other thing that will probably work right now is slow rolling a spinnerbait, preferably with Colorado blades for heavy thump, just tipping structure and triggering those fish.  That will have to wait for another day.  Another bait to consider is a bladed jig like the Rage Blade or the Z man, they should be able to find it.  And boy has there been a shad spawn with small shad everywhere, another thing to consider with bait selection.  A little clearing and white should come on big time, especially in the Swim Jig.

It got dirtier and dirtier the further up lake you went.  After rounding the big bend the mud was moving right along.  They obviously have a gate or two open as the creek is out of its banks, and the water is right to the top of the piers at the ramp.  If they were not letting water out there would be no ramp.  The fishing declined the further up the lake I went.  But it was hard to get a real feel because at around 10 you could hear thunder in the distance and I started heading towards the ramp.   It started to rain some, and then about 10:45 it started to pour and blow.  This weather is driving me nuts.  So after a 4 hour trip it was time to quit, and boy did I get wet on the way in.  It was 10 or 11 for the morning, which I called a success as I am no dirty water fisherman by any standard.

I have not decided on where Monday morning, it will be really weather dependant,  but I will be wetting a line somewhere.  I am finally feeling a little more back in the groove and putting a few fish in the boat today did not hurt my feelings none.


Last post I asked if anyone was fishing Fayette and Rusty answered.  One thing you can take away from his report is what I try to tell folks all the time – Do what you are good at.  There are lots of ways to catch fish on our lakes right now, so don’t go crazy with this bait or that, just fish what and how you like.

 Fayette has been fishing has been good.  Swim jigs,  senko’s,  lizards, and chatterbaits have all been working.  Just been dropping in on the lake in between storms for a few hours at a time.  LCRA did drop the lake about a foot, I guesss to make room for all the rain. Tilapia and needle nose gar are spawning,  Last trip, I must have seen 25 water snakes swimming around,  maybe they were in mating season.
Tight lines, Rusty

Thanks Rusty, the weather has played havoc on us this last month.  Heck today it rained cats and dogs and ran me off the lake.  If you see a Smokercraft aluminum boat on Fayette it is me and the Shoedog.  We are going to try to fish it in the next week or so.


Jay dropped me a note after I posted about losing my raincoat.

I was recently in the market for a new suit.
Picked up a Frabill F3 on Amazon cheaper than anywhere else.
Recently fished an all day deluge on Tawakoni, not a drop felt!

Funny you should mention that suit, I looked at one a while ago and it seemed like a good suit.  They make lots of good fishing products and looks like the suit is one of them.   Definitely a good endorsement, thanks.


Clyde dropped me this note and picture from his trip to Lake Okoboji.   Situated in northern Iowa near the Minnesota border it is actually a chain of lakes along with several other lakes.  Funny he would be there right now, I just read an online article listing the top 11 fishing destinations and Okoboji was one of them.

Last night at Fillenwarth Lodge;built 1920; great people (out from behind the desk every time we walked in);


crystal clear developed glacier lake; caught huge bluegills;few crappies;tons of yellow Bass; some largemouth on trick worm;smallmouth on spinner bait; couldn’t figure the walleye out;green moss on rocks limited you presentation options; everyone very courteous on the water; best movement of the trip was monster pike clearing the water on his first pass at a yellow bass she was reeling in. Then missing two more times;nice mini vacation in very historical area ; one of the bait shops owners was written about by Doug Stange in this months InFisherman ;very cool;


brought enough bluegills home to eat and did some serious relaxing! Makes me really appreciate the whole fishing lifestyle that I love like all your readers Doug!

I checked out their website and it looks like a cool place.  And what I read about the fishing sounds like a good place to fish and relax.  Glad to know you and Maria are fine.  Seeing those big gills makes me think of a post ice fishing fish fry.  It won’t be long now, Ontario here we come.  See you soon.



 Terry, our buddy in Nebraska who send us reports off and on, sent this to Shoedog and me, and boy is this a nice bunch of fish.  It has fish fry written all over it!

A buddy of mine, Rick Roby and his side kick Jeff Comiture (?) took the week off to fish this week, as you can see had pretty good success. Master angler Crappie and walleye in a hour. Crappie over 15″


and walleye over 28″.


They had a fantastic day on Thursday as you can see by the pile of fish at the cleaning station. Weather hampered the efforts most of the week, 25 plus mph winds. But when it settled, the bite was on. Most of the crappie were 13″ to 15″.


Shoe dog and I fished this lake a couple of times back in the day. Kirwin-Reservoir in north central Kansas. This lake has the potential to produce 17″ to 18″ crappie. Only if I had time! Maybe after the first of the month. Eric Church this Wednesday and my God sons graduation this Memorial Day weekend in SE Iowa. Then I might be able to wet a line. Next pictures are going to have me in them, hopefully. Thanks for the posts! At least you give me some what of a FF. ( fishing fix). Keep up the good work. 

Not only is that a really nice mess of soon to be filets, look at the size of some of those crappies.  Those are flat good ones.  So nice job guys, you boys know how to catch them and we feel your pain dealing with the wind.  And thanks for the report Terry, it won’t be long until you are back on the water.  So keep in touch and I can’t wait to see your next set of pictures.


Nice to hear the folks in the Midwest are catching them.  One thing I am really lax on is fishing for panfish.  You would think someone who cut his teeth on them would fish them a little more often.  Plus they are great to eat!  Nothing any better than crispy bluegill filets, yummmm.   Thanks for the reports and comments guys, we love to share them with everyone.  Keep those cards and letters coming.   It will be off to the water somewhere in the morning, so keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Random Ramblings 5/16/15.

Fish Catching Travel


Not just for bass anymore. 

I had hoped to hit Coleto yesterday but the front moving in around noon Friday looked kind of ugly, and it turned out to be just that.  In fact, once it started raining it rained for about 4 hours give or take a little and we got around 2″.  That puts us over 10″ ahead already for the year, a big difference from the last 3 years where we were always over 10″ down.

Today we had a shower or two in the morning , and it is starting to clear some right now.  I thought about going some today but the wind is supposed to blow 30 mph, so no fishing today, but I plan on being on the lake first thing in the morning.  And as I look at the window it is clearing but the trees are really shaking.  Hope it gets it out of its system.


I got another good report from Aaron up in Austin, he is still catching those bass.

Hey Doug,

Thanks for the salt report.  I’m hoping to get down there in the next couple weeks pending some cooperative weather.  My folks on Coleto are giving me the same reports – full and murky.  I may focus on the gulf if Coleto doesn’t clear up.

I hit the river one more time and had another good day on topwater – 18 fish with a couple over 20”.  Attached is a pic of the day’s best at 21”.  Caught the other fish as I waited for my buddy to paddle over and snap the photo.


I keep in touch if I’m able to get down there later this month.  , forward to some more reports from your home waters.


Looks like you are having a good run on topwater.  If I remember correctly it was topwater last time you sent a couple of pictures.  Hopefully I will get back in the groove down here with the weather report straightening out nicely.  I am real interested in how Coleto is fishing right now, not having seen it yet so who knows how that will go.  So keep in touch and thanks for the report.


Anybody got a Fayette County report?  I would like to make it back there before we get full summer hot, so if you know anything drop me a line.  And Clyde, how did it go on O


About the only other thing repeating is I managed to lose my raincoat.  I got it at Cabela’s by waiting until it was less than $100 and was thrilled when it got that cheap on sale.  The last thing I knew it was in a bag when I headed out to meet Chris to fish Thursday.  Unfortunately it is gone, who knows where.  We just got back from 2 weeks of hard fishing and hardly broke or lost anything.  Dang it.

Unfortunately not much else to tell you today.  I will be on Coleto at daylight in the morning and am really interested in what I will find.  Then Monday it will be the Gulf somewhere, though it will probably not be POC.  After Warriors Weekend they could use a day or two of rest.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Fishing Today 5/14/15.

Fish Catching Travel


A bait for whatever you fish for!


Korbin fishing away.  This was me, you, all of us who got our first real taste of fishing and never got over it.  Sometimes I still feel like that little boy.

I actually got on the water today.  My buddy Chris wanted to go today so he and his dad and I headed to POC.  There was a chance of rain but it looked good on the way down.  Chris wanted to start in the Lagoon, one of his tried and true holes, so we headed down the barge canal and went in at Army Cut.

The water was up and real off colored but the minute we entered the Lagoon it cleared up.  Our first drift was all the way down until it opens up into the bay.  The wind was blowing right in, but the reef kept it manageable.  Before we left we made about 5 drifts in there and had a couple of trout and one red.  I missed a couple of fish, oh well.  Other than that is was slow.


Chris with the first redfish.

From there we decided to do some wading so we headed to Grass Island in front of the big back lake.  The wind was blowing out of there so we worked that area over pretty good.  We fished in and out, plastics, topwater, and just could not get any bites.  I think the total there was 2 ladyfish.  So off to Big Pocket.

We made a couple of drifts in there, and other than maybe a bite, there was nothing going on, or we were not on them.  But whatever the case, we were just not getting the bites.  We snuck out the back way into the J Hook and when we came out there were lots of birds working near Cavallo, so we made several passes there without success.  So back to the Lagoon.  At least we were getting a few bites in there.  On our first pass we had several trout on, but for some reason they did not make it in the boat.

We noticed the bites came halfway across on the windy side so we made shorter drifts and at least we were getting the bites.  I finally boated a nice redfish on the Redfish Magic, and when we went to take a picture it slipped out of my hand, hit the rail, and back in he went.  So no picture of that guy.

Before we finally quit  Chris caught a short red and I boated a short trout.  For the day it was 3 redfish, and probably 3 or 4 trout made it in the boat.  The water color in and around POC is terribly brown.  The water temp was 76 when we started the day and of course the wind blew pretty hard as the day wore on.  We could have probably done a little better with bank selection, but it sure seemed once we were out of that really clear water in the Lagoon the fishing just stopped.  So a so-so day, but it was good to be home, high winds and off colored water, life is perfect.

They are setting up for Warrior’s Weekend so POC will be a jammed packed mess, but for a great cause.  So unless you are fishing or saluting the Vets, give POC a wide berth, it will be busy.


I need to catch up on a few comments so here we go.

Hey dude glad you had a good time in florida. The lake is plum full last time I was there the water was so dirty I did not get one bite! Anyway what do you recommend to throw this time of year?

Thanks Bobby

Good to hear from you and the locator you gave me works great.  Not the best Coleto report I have heard lately.  Normally I would be trying to decided between buzzbait and frog, but if it is too off color slowing down is the first order of business.  But until I see the color, which I hope is tomorrow, I couldn’t make a guess.  And of course we got more rain, with more in the forecast, so look for it to get worse before it gets better.  If the weather holds I will get something up in a day or two, even if it is a strike out.


I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time.
Finally subscribed and started following.
When I originally retired from the Army here in Central Texas due to as Lyle Lovett puts it “Texas girls are better” I picked up fishing after the long break from my childhood.
Originally it was pickles on LA, which has broadened into a larger boat and multi-species pursuits mostly on Lake Travis and Buchanan for now. But have also included angling adventures from Curacoa to Latvia. Looking forward to my 1st North Country trip later this year or next to Northwest Ontario.  Really enjoyed your recent adventure to the Sunshine State.
Thanks again,

Welcome aboard, glad to have you.  We would love to hear from you anytime you want to send a report or pictures.  This site is for you guys, and I love it when you use it.  And we are also starting to think about our trip to Ontario and Lake of the Woods in August.  If you have never done it you will be impressed.  Ontario is one of the great fishing destinations on the planet.  I appreciate you reading this stuff and feel free to contact me anytime.


I am slowly getting back in the swing of things.  Tomorrow, unless it gets to ugly, a trip to Coleto is on tap.  I will leave the salt to the Vets this weekend.  There are still some things to be done with the boat, including a new trailer jack, putting the cap on the oil fill, and then finding a place to get the couple of seats recovered.  Oh the joys of boat ownership, just keep tossing out the $$$$.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Random Thoughts 5/12/15.

Fish Catching Travel


The best lure company in the world.

I would be hitting the lake some today but our weather remains spotty.  It rained all night and according to the weatherman it may rain up to 6″ before it is over.  While it is keeping me home it is nice as we continue to recover from the drought which settled over this area around 3 years ago.  The rivers are full, the ground is saturated, and it would be nice if it would spread out just a little more.  But no complaints, rather to much than to little.


After making the time and effort to take a long trip like our Florida trip it is time to take a look back at a little of the good and the bad.

Moving to a different area was fun, totally different fishing, but we also lost what we learned about the first place when we moved.  When I do it again I will definitely stay in the same place.  You can greatly enhance your chance for success by keeping it to one place.  The Everglades is a big place and 2 weeks is actually only scraping the surface.  Plus the islands give you places to fish no matter what the wind.  We have definitely learned a similar lesson by staying in Canada for 2 weeks instead of one.

Don’t try to do to much.  Concentrate on what you are there for and try not to get distracted.  You can’t learn a new area, and catch everything that swims, so keep your eyes on the prize.  When they say 30 – 50 lb fluro leader  there they are not kidding.  When the big one comes you need to be able to put the brakes on or they are gone in the mangroves.

Ramp access was so nice compared to our dearth of ramps in this area.  And I give Florida a lot of credit for their highway on ramps.  I think many of the Texas ramps were designed by a crackhead.   If I did not like to fish Louisiana so much I would never drive on I10 again.  Their interstate is the worst I have ever driven on.  They probably need to investigate whoever is in charge, shoddy or incompetent.  The highest and lowest priced gas on the trip both came in Texas.

Lots of sea grass is really a good thing.  And the no wake idle zones are also a good thing.  And we saw very few people getting up in really shallow water and messing up the grass.  Ripping up the bottom to get on plane is a bad thing no matter how you shake a stick at it.  And the speed limit in the Everglades was 30 mph in marked channel and 20 mph outside it.  It is not all about us and our fast boats – it is about the sea life that rely on the grass, and I am for any regulation that further protects it.

As I said before if you can not take traffic lots of Florida is not for you.  People zipping right by, dropping anchor in the way of your drift, stopping to watch you catch a fish, it would drive lots of Texas guides to heavier drink, or killin’s, one or the other.  There is not just potlicking going on, there is full scale piling on, it is something.  But if you think it will stay better here in Texas you have another thing coming.  The world is migrating to the water, and we have some good stuff here in Texas.  These are the good old days, enjoy them while you can.


And here is a little taste of Arkansas.


A couple of bruiser Arkansas Walleyes.

Clyde picked these up bass fishing at night on Lake Norfork.  He was using a jig and frog and I can just imagine them thumping it as I write this.  Nice job Clyde, those are a couple of nice big walleyes.  Only a couple of months to Canada!


I am writing this as the AC guys do their maintenance on the unit, and then depending on the possible storms I will try to get to Coleto.  (Pouring so that is not happening.)  I am sure the water is high so I can not wait to narrow it down, frog or buzzbait, it should be one or the other.

(This is an ad.  If you want fair, and good, AC work call Shannon at Victoria Appliance and AC.  Good dudes and will treat you right.  I have used him for several years now and can not recommend him any more highly.  He is honest.)

As far as the Gulf, storms are forecast for the whole week, so as soon as there is a break in the weather I will head that way.  Thinking about trying to work out a couple of day trip to Baffin, not sure if I can get it done but would like to figure it out.  Florida has some good trout, but Baffin is still the place to catch that lifetime fish, and since I did not get it done last time it left a bad taste in my mouth.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Last 2 days of fishing. 5/5-6/15.

Fish Catching Travel


A Rage Shrimp will catch anything.

3031 miles, 18 days, 5 different places, thousands of casts, lots of $$$, and here I sit at home, the trip is over.  So tired as I am here is the last couple of days of fishing on Pine Island in Florida.

Tuesday 5/5/15.

It has been a little tough with the high winds, and Tuesday morning it was flat our howling and cloudy, but there was one good thing going for us, a falling tide.  Also the effects of the big tropical storm on the east coast was  moving in.  So our timing was good, and with Shoedog in the front of the boat, it was time for him to get a nice snook, and it happened.

We decided it would be the deeper channel banks with the wind pounding on them to help give us some protection from being seen.  We are still reeling and jerking white soft plastic paddle tails just as fast as we can.  The first bank he got with the program.


His best snook of the trip.

For the next 5 hours as the tide was right and he reeled and jerked that plastic to beat the band.


They were coming out of the mangroves and smoking that paddle tail.

I left him on the trolling motor all morning, and believe me it was work.  But from me I had already caught the biggest snook, trout, and cobia, so I was good.  And he definitely took advantage of it.


He ended up putting 5 snook in the boat today.

 We took advantage of the falling then rising tide, and he made the most of it.  We fished until the tide was completely up in the mangroves, then it was over.  As I have said repeatedly these fish are so tide dependent.  There is a time to catch them, and a time to take a break.  So we finally called it a day.  I caught a trout and missed a snook or two, but that was fine by me.  I wanted him to get a big snook and the way we are catching them the front of the boat is  the place to be.  This is such a reaction bite and once they come the front end is the place to be.

As a side note we lost the cap off the top off the motor where you put oil in.  So we headed to the biggest marine shop on the island and they are usually able to get stuff in 24 hours, but they could not get one before we left.  Like the good rednecks we are the logical choice was duct tape.  Looking good!  And on our trip we came across the Raggedy Ass Saloon where we enjoyed a fine dinner, no kidding.

Wednesday – Last Call

This was it.  Since the Shoedog got a couple of nice snook yesterday we decided to make a quick snook pass and then trout fish the rest of the day.  We wanted to end the trip catching a bunch of fish, and we got that done.

First it was the deeper snook bank where Shoedog caught a nice one yesterday.  I had not caught a snook on a topwater yet, rare for me down here, so I was going to put one in the boat on the last bank.  Then out of the mangroves all the way to the boat he comes boiling it, then he ate right at boatside.  One more thing off the list.


He grabbed it with about 3 foot of line out.

So with that out of the way it was off to trout fish.  We really did want to just catch some fish, and not work so hard, so we headed out to the endless grass flats of the bay.  It is hard to really describe how much grass is in the bay.  But if you are a trout fisherman this is paradise.  And for a guide with live bait it would be easy pickins.

We fished jerk bait, topwater, plastics, and popping cork, all successfully.


A limit of keepers was basically no problem, except you had to wade through lots of trout.

We really had a great time catching them on the poppers.  The Chug Bug turned out to be the preferred bait, though any topwater would get a bite the Chug Bug popped slow and easy was it.  It was interesting how the fish would move from 1 foot of water to out as deep as 5, depending on the tide movement.  You just had to keep moving in and out, and when you found them the would bite.

We also picked up a friend who followed us most of our last day.  He would surface near the boat, then dive under it, including when we were in a foot of water, and apparently the skeg would scare pinfish and he would catch one.


A really good fisherman.

He would surface with a pinfish, and then carefully turn it and then swallow it.  Of course it keeps him from choking to death.  He did catch a small trout I threw in, but that fish was eaten in one bite.

We caught a few less our last day, (that would be probably 40+ easy, the trout fishing is good here), but had a  little better average.


They really liked that Chug Bug.

While we were fishing along Shoedog had another big bite on topwater, and like all the others did not hook up.  He had some big bites the last 2 weeks, but it just was not his turn.  So around 3 we called it a trip.  Time to get things organized for what for me is a long trip home.  I will drop Shoedog at the airport in Orlando so he can fly home, and pick up the lovely wife at her conference for the drive home.  I will take a little time in the next couple of days to wrap it all up and reflect on things, but I have lots to do today at home.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Last it was a condo on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama.  The first morning I intended to catch up on the last of our trip to Florida, but I was just not feeling it.  I dropped the Shoedog off at the airport in Orlando, he gets the easy way home.  Then it was off to the Disney complex to pick up my lovely wife who attended a 4 day medical conference and she will ride home with me.  Her “price” for riding home this long way was a couple of days of R&R in Gulf Shores, so I just sucked it up and agreed to stay on the  beach.  Life is tough.

We had a nice condo across from the beach, so we unhooked the boat and headed out that evening for some seafood.  We have been to Gulf Shores a time or two and it is under consideration as a possible place to retire when she is ready, or even a place to move in the near future.

When we got up the next morning it was off to breakfast and then as she called it – Recon.  Our intention was to drive a large area and explore houses, ramps, tackle stores, you know, all the things necessary to sustain life.  And boy did we find it all.  We really like the area quite a bit.  Housing prices are reasonable, especially compared to our area.  Taxes are a lot lower.

The following is a rant on my taxes in Victoria County, so if you do not want to read it don’t.  It has squat to do with fishing and is not the beginning of a discussion.

(Side note:  In both the primary and general election the new Republican County Judge promised lower taxes, check your ads dude.  You said it, not me.  Well I got my real estate taxes and they are up again, for like the 4th consecutive year.  So how are my taxes up again?  Must be the F’n real estate fairy!  Flapping gums, promises made and not kept.  So this is the way it is going to be?  I thought this guy was different – there is no accountability, this is nothing more than the same BS spit out of a politician’s pie hole.  Man I hate politicians who promise the world and then same old, same old.  I get so tickled when I hear both sides blame each other when neither can be trusted, all will say whatever it takes to get elected.  Both parties have made this mess no matter what the other party says.  No one is responsible, it is always the other guy.  Which is funny when the person telling you that is an elected official of either party.  Which is worse?  A Democrat who tells you up front he will waste your money by giving it away to others, and then does it? Or a Republican who promises he will lower or not raise your taxes, and then does?  The results are the same, so you decide. Once elected their self interest becomes their constituency.  It is nothing more than a money grab.  Thanks a lot.)

My favorite aspect of the Gulf Shores area was the water access.  There is a ton of water like there is here, but there are ramps everywhere giving you access to big and small bays, the intercoastal, small lakes, rivers, to mention just a little of what is there.  Maybe the lack of ramp access in our area is a good thing, but it looked pretty nice over there where there is a ramp that allows you to chose your fishing location dependent on the wind.  Of course when I hit home yesterday afternoon the wind was blowing almost 30mph here and it will probably do the same tomorrow.  Good to be home.

Back to the fishing possibilities.  In fact, one of the saltwater lagoons has a canal that leads into a freshwater lake full of crappie and bass.  That would definitely be heaven for me.  Of course there is more traffic, but when it comes down to it, the Everglades, Froggies, Lake Norfork, The Yellowstone, they are all the same, busy on the weekends.  It comes with the territory no matter where you fish.  The only question is what you make of it.

Reading the demographics of the area there is lots to love.  Great beaches, lower taxes, medical facilities, stuff to do, there is a lot to like in Gulf Shores.  So we will definitely be returning soon to learn more about the area, we both sure liked it.  The ride home was tough with lots of traffic and super high winds.  Today it is clean stuff up and try to get organized.


Now that I am back I need a couple of reports cause it will be back on the water in a couple of days and I don’t know squat.  So if you have been fishing drop me a line .  Lake dirty?  How high?  Warm enough to wet wade the Gulf?  How is the water color around Froggies?   Anyone catching anything?  How did the Wednesday tournament go?  Back to real life.


If you have read the article in the travel writings, or read my comments at other times, you know I am a huge fan of Grand Isle, La.  A marsh around 20 miles square full of redfish, a place you may see 4 other boats all day.  Bay and surf full of trout, where 4 people can get a 200 fish legal limit in 2 days, and then there is this.  Read it, I promise if you are a trout fisherman you will be impressed.  Heck, I want to head that way right now.


And a big hello to Buggy, his family, and staff.  The marina is great and they have a variety of places to stay.  So if you are ever headed that way stop in and tell them the Texas boys say hey.  Visit their site, it is the place to be in Grand Isle.



That’s it for today.  I have to get up and get moving on stuff.  Talk about an unorganized mess, the boat and tackle is it.  Thanks for sticking with me.  How we managed to get in 2 places with no wi-fi is amazing.  Funny, now I am thinking about Canada in a couple of months.  So many places, so little time.  But it will back to real life here in Victoria Texas.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

God Luck and Tight Lines

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Monday on Pine Island 5/4/15.

Fish Catching Travel


A Rage Shrimp will catch anything.

Before I get to our stuff there is something way more important to show you.  My good buddy Jeffish is taking the time to introduce his son Korbin to fishing.  Look at his face and tell me that is not a thing a beauty.


Good Job Big Boy!

I took Korbin to lake Dunlap this weekend in New Braunfels. After about an hour of trying to catch perch with hotdogs, it got nice and chummed up and it was on. Korbin probably caught 40 or so perch and his first catfish! He learned how to re bait, unhook and grab the fish without getting stuck. Needless to say he is hooked.

Not the biggest bass nor the biggest snook could mean any more than that.  To see his face and know what that catfish means to him could be the start of a lifetime of fishing.  So congratulations to Korbin.  You and your Dad have a lifetime of fishing to look forward to.  See you guys in a week.


It is 4 pm and the Shoedog and I are sitting in Capt’n Con’s Fish House drinking a cold Carona with lime and eating some fresh shrimp.  Now that is not a bad place to be, but not where we want to be.  We got winded out about 2:30.  It is flat humping out there as I write this.  The ride back across the sound was one of those rides we have all had on the coast, a butt buster.

It was blowing when we got out and they would not hit a topwater.  So in a moment of clarity I thought why not throw a popper?  I can count the times I have used one on trout one hand, but today it was the ticket.

004One of the over 40 trout we caught today.

From 8 until 2:30 we caught them, and caught them.  Most were small, reminded me of home.  It was interesting how they wanted it lightly popped and worked slowly.  In that rough water it was hard to see them, and lots of them just barely sucked it under.  It was blowing so hard we would head to shore and blow out over 2 – 3 foot of water.  No complaints about tons of bites.

We really did not come here to catch trout by any means.  It is one of those put on your big boy pants, quit whining, and figure it out, so we did.  As usual, they bit like crazy until the tide was full up, and then like switching on the light, they quit.  The trout fishing here is so good, chalk that up to the huge flats with acres of grass.

Unfortunately the weather report could not be any worse.  It was actually cold this morning going out.  Cold, now that is crazy down here.  This is our second cold front in 3 days.  What are you gonna do?  You work with what you have and figure it out.


Bokeelia Sunset

Tomorrow is just as bad, but not as bad as it will be our last day on Wednesday.  So what to do?  Looks like Boca Grande and tarpon fishing is out.  I can tell you from past experience that when you have an out going tide, the best time, with an East wind pounding in the pass, it gives a new meaning to rough.  We will figure something out, or drink more beer.


I tried to feed him but he was to busy running the other ones off.


Our canal.

The lovely wife landed in Orlando yesterday and I will be dropping off Shoedog at the airport Thursday and picking her up.  From there it will be off to Gulf Shores for a couple of & R.  As soon as I have time to sit back and reflect on this trip I will try to wrap it up.  It has had it moments, both good and bad.  But no matter what we are fishing.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines


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Bokeelia Florida 5/3/15.

Fish Catching Travel


A Rage Shrimp will catch anything.

We have come in for lunch to a fish house that has internet.  So here is several days of posts, I am in a hurry to eat and get back our there so sorry about the poor editing but I wanted to get some stuff up today to keep you informed.  It is getting better everyday.


Day I  Bokeelia Pine Island Sound    4/30/15.

With the possibility of losing our  last day due to weather, which we would have as it started raining Tuesday night and was raining full steam on Wednesday morning.  So we left the Everglades a day early and headed to For Myers to spend the night so we could be fishing on Thursday and get our day back.

Just as I was at Everglades City, I can not believe how much Bokeelia has changed.  It had been 15 years since Shoedog and I were here last time.  There are so many more folks.  It really says something about South Florida Gulf Coast weather.  But the weather has not been to helpful to us the last few days.  Of all things it is a cold front pushing this weather into Florida.  And of course what comes with the clearing from a cold front?  Wind and lots of it.  Luckily Bokeelia has a small maze of islands and coves that do hold fish.

So we found the house, dropped the boat in the water and went to exploring.  When I say it was blowing it was a pain in the you know what.  There was no way we were getting out on the bay.  Pine Island Sound is a big open place, and when the wind blows 25mph just think San Antonio Bay with that wind blowing right down it.  So we stayed in the area and snook fished.

Since I got my big one I am cool with that so Shoedog has been up front running the trolling motor.  That proved to be critical.  Before it was over he put 6 snook in the boat and I caught one trout.  How did that happen?  As soon as the tide starts falling they move out of the mangroves and get supper aggressive.  We are using 7-1 reels and reeling white paddle tails at high speed jerking as it comes in.  The water up here is a whole lot clearer than it was in the Everglades so you have to stay way off the points and mangroves, get it as close as possible then basically burn it back.  One consequence of the way we are doing it is it is hard to catch reds and trout fishing that fast. But with huge grass beds in the open bay when the wind quits we will get plenty of shots at trout.

001The first of the 10 snook he has caught the last several days.

It is really cool when one decides he wants it.  They just streak our of nowhere and smoke it.  Shoedog probably missed 5 or 6 and had one break his 30lb fluro leader.  They have sharp gill plates and you have to check your leader religiously.  I missed several today, and final had one jump all over a topwater, which he missed.  But it is funny how Shoedog caught more snook today then he did last week.  We are really anticipating the next week.  There will be a ton of traffic this weekend, but the weather is going to really settle down and the wind will be dying more each day so we are bound to have a couple of good days. 



A little guy.

The local reports on snook and tarpon are good, and I still hope Shoedog gets to do battle with one.  Other than that not much to report. There is no internet here either, so I will post as soon as we head to a restaurant with wi-fi.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Friday May 2

As I write this the wind is just howling.  In fact it is blowing so hard that we will probably be out of luck today.  (Saturday)  Whether it will lay enough to get out on the water this afternoon remains to be seen.

Friday we did a little snook fishing, but with the tide coming up it was the wrong time, at least for what we have learned the last week or so. So we hit a large grass flat and went to trout fishing.  Before it was over we ended up catching about 6 trout, 2 really good ones, the rest were small.  We were able to get to a couple of places we could not fish due to the high winds, but with the tide up the snook were buried up. 


Shoedog is hell on those smaller snook.

So we headed in for a trip to the store and some lunch.  After we got all that done we were back on the water for the afternoon bite. Shoedog put a couple of snook in the boat (He has caught 10 since we have been here, more than his life total.) and I had a pretty good size Jack smoke it.  The bank we were fishing ended at the grass flat so we did a couple of drifts and though we put a couple of small ones in the boat, not much else happened today.

So what is next?  Today will be a boat cleaning day.  It is trashed at this point so we will take the opportunity to get our act together. Whether we will get out today is questionable.  The island filled up with folks last night as the came for the weekend.  As I sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunrise there is not a boat to be heard. Normally on a Saturday morning the traffic would be heavy, but the wind seems tough enough to keep most folks off the water.

It really is amazing how things have changed down here since our last trip.  Florida had a pretty rough recession a few years ago, and with that property values plummeted.  With the economy recovering and property prices just recovering there are some pretty good real estate available at lower prices.  We have heard from a few locals that not only lower real estate values but the last couple of tough winters have started a new influx of people to south Florida.  The weather is truly tropical and folks are flocking back to south Florida.  A good thing but the traffic sucks.

As far as our fishing the couple of days we have been here, the number of small snook is clearly up, but our results on the bigger fish have been a bust.  Not being able to have free run of the place of course has affected our results, but with the forecast for a reduction in the winds, we are really looking forward to Monday – Wednesday, our last 3 days.  No matter how much I want to fish today, a day of rest won’t hurt this old man.  We have stayed at it pretty hard, so nap and a little exploration is probably the order of the day.  As soon as the wind dies Boca Grande is on our list for a big tarpon.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Saturday 5/2/15.  Our Luck Begins to Improve!

Today was more like it.  The fishing here is picking up, or we are doing a better job of it, but either way it was a good day.  When I woke up at 5 the wind was flat howling, so much I did not even hear any boats going out the canals.  So the Shoedog slept in and we spent the morning doing rod and reel stuff, and taking the  boat to the car wash.  When we got that done it was around 11, we ate and headed out.

When we dropped the boat in the water I brought the truck to the house and Shoedog came down the canal to pick me up and said someone up the canal said a manatee just went by.  He no more than pulled over and one just came slowly swimming by headed to the back of the canal. They are humongous creatures and it was definitely a good omen.

We tried one snook bank without success but it was to late in the tide for how we are catching them so it was out to this area we have been catching some trout.  Shoedog had one absolutely blow up on a popping cork and plastics.


 This was one of the heaviest trout this size I have seen.

This trout was only a little over 23” but it was a real heavy hoss.  We did a couple of drifts and didn’t have any more bites so we moved. We ended up catching a couple on topwater, I had one hit it with about 2 foot of line out, but the action slowed.  So time for another move.

We went out to a main bay bar and started catching trout right away.  It was fast and furious on Mirro Dine and Yozuri Crystal Minnow.  We boated 5 or 6 in nothing flat and then a dolphin started following us, the dirty dog.  So we moved back up and drifted again.  I started throwing the popping cork with a Rage Shrimp and they are eating it good, and then this happened……….


 That Rage Shrimp on a popping cork will catch anything.

This is the biggest Cobia I have ever boated, and it is so cool to have fish like this in 2 foot of water.  It fought like the devil, and there was one following it.  We probably should have had Shoedog toss something to it, but with a fish this size on a light spinning rod and a popping cork there was little margin for error.  I guess that is why I have always like fishing the Sanibel area, you just never know.  It might be a big shark, a cobia, or a tarpon.  What makes this fishery what it is.


 A real trophy.  A puffer on a jerk bait.

We spent the rest of the day trout fishing and caught an easy limit, and lots more.  Popping cork and Rage Shrimp was the preferred bait, Shoedog kept catching them jerking that minnow bait.  That is one thing that is so different from Texas, they really like minnow baits here, and it is a fun way to catch them.

So not a bad day, but boy are these folks rude by Texas standards.  Our local Texas guides, who think they own the water, would have the top of their heads blow off.  People running everywhere, lots of pleasure boats, folks cutting people off, but somehow it seems to work, and we did not see anyone killed.  It really is crowded.  So next time you call someone a Pot Licker remember, we have it good.  Everywhere you go there is that bitching and moaning about “how it used to be.” We folks we do not have it so bad.  So next time someone buts you off or does something that disturbs your sensitive nature, suck it up, shut up, and figure out a way to get it done.  

Tomorrow will probably be busier for a while, and then die as the weekend ends. So we will trout fish with a vengeance.  Then Monday and Tuesday it will be serious snook and tarpon fishing.  The are we are catching the trout is as big as 6 football fields so we may even box 2 for some fresh fried trout and taters.  I am one lucky guy.

Sunday  Morning    5/3/15.

The wind continues to howl.  I mean it is blowing its ass off and making it difficult to fish.  So we fished some this morning and here I sit at the fish house typing this, then back out.

Where we wanted to fish had the wind blowing on it and we were only able to fish it for about and hour.  Most were small trout and assorted trash fish, and then I got a big bite on a topwater in 1 foot of water out of a pothole.


This girl absolutely smashed it!

So the last 24 hours we have started to narrow it down.  We boated around 10 trout this morning and things are looking up.  If this dang wind will lay it could l get ugly.  So that is it for now, I need to get back on the water for the falling tide.  So sorry for the poor editing, but time is wasting.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Last day in the Everglades 4/29/15.

Fish Catching Travel


Get up, go to the tackle store, and buy a bag of Strike King baits today!


Our original plan was to fish here through Wednesday but the weather did not let that happen.  The weather report was for storms at some point on Tuesday so we were up and out at 7 even though the bite has clearly been midday  on the falling tide.  We hoped to put a couple of fish in the boat before the storms came, and hoped they would hold off until after around 5 so we could take advantage of the prime time.  But it was not to be.

We started in a cove where we had caught several snook and reds.  The Shoedog promptly caught a couple of nice trout.


We never did catch a big trout, but most we caught were nice keepers.

The tide was coming in big time, and the weather looked sketchy.  We fished hard trying to put some snook in the boat, but only had one bite.  There were tarpon rolling in the first 2 covers we fished but we were never in a position to put a bait in front of them.  The weather kept deteriorating, and of course just as prime time arrived as the tide started to fall at 1:30 we could hear it coming.

So we hit the road and ran back to the ramp.  Just before we got the boat on the trailer it started to pour, then came thunder and lightning.  We really made the right decision by leaving when we did.  After getting back the weather report was for more rain and storms tomorrow and it has been raining all night, and is raining as I type this.  So we decided to move today up to Pine Island.  We were going to travel on Thursday, but decided since we are getting rained out today we would go ahead and leave a day early.  That will give us another fishing day up there, and we won’t lose a day of fishing.

This is a great place.  The fishing may be a little tougher than we are used to in the Texas bays, but the possibility of putting a really big fish in the boat keeps it interesting.  We actually encountered very little pressure.  There were folks fishing, but the are is so vast there is room for all.


It was good to hear from Rusty, and he has been doing some fishing back in Texas.

Doug,  glad you and the Shoedog are having a great adventure.  Ive been fishing Fayette and Bastrop and both lakes have been very good considering the storms…… lots of rain, hail and wind.  Coleta has been receiving it’s share also I’m told.  Lots of flooding and tree damage.  But I’m not going to complain about the rain!!  Tight lines and safe travel.

Thanks for the report, good to know you are upright and taking nourishment.


I got this report from our buddy Terry up in Nebraska.

I went up to Sherman Lake Sunday and Monday. Sunday I went with crappie on the mind. A buddy of mine had gone up Saturday and had a dozen or so of nice 11 and 12 inch crappie. In my book probably the best size of eaters. Of course this got my saliva glands going. I had a pretty sleepless night and got up with the birds and hit the road. On the lake by 7:30 and headed to my walleye early season bank. Not even a thump. So I headed to the # 1 crappie cove, but to late. Already occupied. Crap. Okay this is a weekend what should I expect. Plan 2 find the warmest water. Finally found a pattern and went with it. 1 to 3 feet of water in brush. Find the warmest water with brush and literally get right on top of it, an jig in and around ever little pocket. They would not tap tap it they would slam it. With warmer weather in the forecast, it’s only going to be better.  Ended up cleaning 9 on Sunday and 21 on Monday. Out on the main lake their catching 25″ walleyes. Their on the flats and biting very well. That’s the plan for the Sunday. Hope your having the trip some of us dream of. !!!!!!! Netman

Looks like the fishing is getting ready to break open up in Nebraska.  From now on Terry will be known as Netman.  I think that comes from our trip to Falcon where Terry got the honor of netting the 3 biggest bass of my life.  Thanks for the report Terry, and hurry up and retire, you are welcome on our trips anytime.


And one final report from Texas.

Hey Doug,

It’s been awhile since I’ve had an update worth sending.  Had some unproductive salt a couple weeks ago while in Corpus for work.  The storms just wouldn’t stop!  I needed a shot at redemption so I hit my favorite local river last week and boated 34 (mostly largemouth and a few smallmouth) with 3 going over 21”.  Attached a low quality pic of the biggest at 24”.  All fish were on topwater which really made the day a blast. 

photo 2

Now that is an awesome topwater bass!

I’ve been trying to get down to Coleto or POC area but work and family have kept me busy.  Guess I’ll just have to hit the river again.  

I’ve enjoyed the Everglades updates.  All that talk about hot and humid weather has me itching to hit the salt even more before the heat sets in around here as well.  Keep up the endurance fishing.  You never know which cast will make the trip.


I really appreciate a man who mixes it up and catches them both fresh and salt.  Not sure what river he was fishing but if you can catch fish like that who can complain.  Be sure to let me know next time you are down in our area, I will be looking forward to meeting you.  And thanks for the report, what a day.


So that is it for today.  We are waiting for the rain to end so we can load the truck and head up to the Charlotte Harbor area where we will have another week to fish.  That area is completely different from the Glades.  It is a big bay, though it has mangrove islands and the chance to catch the same big fish as the Glades, it is just a different deal.  I have fished it probably 10 times in the past and am really looking forward to getting there.  The trout fishing is really good, there are some nice snook, and of course Boca Grand Pass which will be full of tarpon.  So what will be next in the fishing department, who knows.  But it is “easier” than the Glades, and I have lots of spots from the past so hopes are high.

As far as last week I am happy, I got a real trophy snook.  Shoedog had a several shots at big fish, but like happens to all of us, he was not lucky enough to get the job done.  But I do know one thing, we will be back.  But next time we will stay longer.  We have a solid base to work from and it can only get better.  And I really appreciate hearing from all of you so if you have a report good or bad drop me line.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines 

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