Coleto Creek 9/19/17.


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It has been a while, in fact way to long since I was on the lake.  It has been 3 months and I am itching to give it a go in spite of how good the bay is at the moment.  There is lots of new water, though it has been steadily dropping since the flood post hurricane.  So with absolutely no pre-conceived notion I will be on the water at daylight.  Everyday I am thankful I am back in the game.


92/75   Sun clouds increasing in afternoon with chance stray shower.  20% chance.  SSE 10 – 15 mph.

Lake Level

Today  98.18 msl     6/23/17  96.45 msl  (Interesting to see how they like the new water.)

Solunar Times

Best  10:30am to 12:30  (Perfect timing if the clouds roll in.)


Grass and I am not talking Colorado.

I got to the lake at daylight and unloaded the boat, when I pulled out one of the bunks was almost off.  On closer inspection they are all missing a bolt or two and there is some trailer work in my future.  A boat owner’s work is never done.  But that was the last thing that went wrong today.

The water is clearly up quite a bit, with a tannic looking color, and it is up in the cover lining most banks.  And the fish are in it, and I don’t mean close, or on the edge, I mean right back in it.  I started with a buzzbait and caught a couple of smalls and missed a few, but no size to them.  But with that much cover on the banks it was time for swim jig, good choice on my part.  It is one of the great baits for swimming through cover.

Maybe the heaviest 24″ bass I have ever caught.

Once I started swimming the swim jig through cover, and the green grass patches were the best, I started catching them.  The one above came with 3 others  (See the one below on the left.) on one grassy point on consecutive casts.  I really love it when a fish like her tries to jump and all it is is mouth and head.  Awesome.  It really was something for a while.  From that point, until I quit at 1:30, the swim jig put them in the boat.  I was fishing a blue jig/green craw trailer just working it through the heaviest stuff I could find, throwing it was far back as I could get it.  I did catch one on a white one but broke it off.  It may actually be the preferred color, that will definitely happen before the week is out.  Before I got my head screwed on right I broke a couple off, still a little rusty, so I went with 30lb braid and a 20lb fluoro leader and that took care of that.

I will take this size any day!  The one on the left had a 6lb head and a 4lb body.

Most of the bites were nothing more than a little tic and it felt like bluegills.  But once you set the hook it was bass.  I did toss the buzzbait off and on and maybe caught one more.  I tried spinnerbait on a windy bank, no luck, because the fish are in the stuffReally!  And after fishing half a long main lake stretch with spinnerbait I picked up the swim jig and caught a couple more.  It really was the preferred bait.  And of course they are not in every patch, but I found 2 that had keepers, including the 3 above.  Not a bad pattern.  And when you caught a good one there was usually another one there, see above.

In a big main lake cove near the ramp I stopped to try the topwater Bang O Lure, that time is coming, when all of a sudden a bunch of fish started chasing bait.  4 or 5 ate the Bang O Lure before they went down, all small like many of the other fish I caught today, but there was an interesting aspect to it, they were eating small crappie!  One spit one up in the boat and there was another floating.  You don’t see them schooling much on Coleto so that was fun.  I had 2 on at once but one came off or I would have taken a picture.  It does say a lot for our last spawn.  The young bass are everywhere, good news for the future.

The increased water is just what the fishing needs right now.  Get them up shallow and they should stay most of the winter.  Sometimes a raise hurts the fishing, especially in the spring, but a fall rise always brings fish shallow.  I would estimate half the bites, and I had a bunch, were in less than a foot of water, as close as I could get to the bank.  On the next trip I will also give the Controlled Descent Jerk Shad in a pearl a go.  Another great bait to throw in the stuff, and I also kept thinking about the frog.  So many baits, so little time.

It is tough right now to make a decision where next.  I have to fix the trailer, which will require going to the lake and parking while I work on it.  Other than that it looks like I may be on the bay tomorrow.  This is going to be fishing with a vengeance for a while, and with the fishing this good both fresh and salt, it is great time to be living on the coast with a great lake close by.  I just wanted to take a second to thank you for staying with me during that dry spell.  I really appreciate it, and love your comments and reports so feel free if the mood strikes you.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Port O’Connor Texas 9/18/17.

Fish Catching Travel

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85/77   Sunshine/clouds possible stray showers.  20% chance rain.  SE 10 -15 mph.


 High  8:27 AM     1.1                               
 Low  11:29 PM     0.6

Solunar Times

Best  9:42 am – 11:42 am    (Only relevant period.)  (It was right on!)


Sunrise over POC.  It was perfect this morning.

The wind was blowing out of the SE at about 10 and since I wanted to start on the windy side of the bay first thing I headed about half way down Barroom Bay and was in the water as it was cracking daylight.  Other than Frank, who I met the other day, there was no one out yet.

Since they would not cooperate on topwater last trip, that was first up.  Several chased, and 3 or 4 did hook up, but they were small.  It definitely was looking good for later on the falling tide so time for some Controlled Descent Lures.  With some chop and some color to the water the Paddle Tail Shad was the obvious choice, and I finally caught a nice trout.

She smoked it in about a foot of water.

Since it was shallow there, and the next couple of places I fished, it was a 1/8th swim bait hook and a big rattle.  They wanted it moved fairly quickly and I did miss several.  After catching a dozen, mostly small it was 9:00 I decided to hit the island.

A good dozen of these during the morning, just haven’t bumped into the big ones.

I do want to say something about the Wade Right Wading Belt.  Today they hit topwater off and on until I quit.  So being able to throw the topwater and then when you get a couple of bites switch to plastic it is usually a fish or two immediately.  Double dealing them kept the bite going most of the day.

I waded a couple of stretches around Pringle, the first my favorite bank, then later I slowly motored down the bank until I saw a bunch of bait.  Both places had plenty of fish, and again mostly smalls, both trout and reds, but they kept hitting the topwater and both the Controlled Descent Lures and the 3″ paddle tail.

They were biting when I quit at 1:30.

There was a real difference in the Skitter Walk and the Bagley Knocker B.  I started with the Skitter Walk and had lots of misses and half hearted swirls, then I remember the bait is small so throw the Knocker B.  They definitely liked it better and it seemed by stopping it after they missed several hit it just sitting there.  And again I just followed up with plastics.  They wanted the plastics jerk hard, but moved slow, if that makes any sense.  Several managed to swim 10 feet before I realized they were there.  2 foot of water was the best though I did catch some farther out.

All in all a great morning of fishing.  The weather and tide were perfect, and the fish bit everywhere I stopped.  It was an easy limit of trout, they were on order today, and like last trip plenty of small reds.  With the bite as good as it is as I continue to make up for lost time, and fall really comes, the fish should get bigger.   The last couple of trips have been a matter of keeping it in the water and it should remain that way.

Next up is the lake, or maybe the bay again, so hard to choose.  The right cast at the right location could produce a real big trout, and who does not like that.  If it gives you any idea of how much I am glad to be back on the water I did not unhitch the boat.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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A Little Canada 9/16/17.

Fish Catching Travel

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The boys made a late summer trip to Muskie Bay Resort in Canada and Clyde dropped us this note along with a few pictures.  And there is a lesson for all of us in what happened while they were there.

That will work!  Why you go to Muskie Bay.

Muskie Bay;  Went back to see the folks on the big water.  We caught some good fish but had to work at it.  A lesson for all:  We were in a hurry on the first day and headed out across Whitefish Bay at around 30mph after getting on the downwind side of the biggest island I pushed the throttle down and touched the trim switch, the boat suddenly went 90 degrees to the left nearly throwing us all out before I could get the throttle back.  No life jackets on, no kill switch on.  I really count my blessings every day since then

. Why you go to Muskie Bay.

Shoedog caught that muskie within site of a major resort; later that evening we were finishing up on a island when I got this muskie on a double D pink Cowgirl!  After we landed her I managed to get a 5/o treble hook through the palm of my hand; no problem!  We cut the hook with wire cutters, it had gone all the way through.  Smallmouth on topwater, lake trout in 60 foot of water in a 20 mph wind, and a new angler bails out of the boat on Lake of the Woods after my rod, good thing the boat has a ladder!  The usual trip!

Muskie Bay is the place to knock that muskie off you list.



The boat lost control because the nut holding the steering cable had worked itself completely loose, or it was loosened which is unlikely, still lucky ducky Clyde!

And you can always head to Lake of the Woods for big walleye.

Oh man, where to start?  First those are some nice fish.  Second, seems like there is always a hook adventure on the trips up there.  Handling really big fish can be dangerous, and muskies are one big tough fish that requires careful handling.  As good as they fight one hanging off your hand is probably going to hurt.

Most importantly I am glad you are all ok.  That can happen to any of us in the blink of an eye whether on a big lake or flying across the bay.  I just wrote about wearing the kill switch when out, I wrap the lanyard on my wrist every time I run in case that very thing happens.  And life jackets, what more needs to be said about that.  Thank goodness you guys did not go overboard with the boat running in a circle.  Makes me nauseated just thinking about it.  And folks this is a fairly new well maintained Lund boat, it can happen to any of us, on any water, at any moment.  Think about that happening with many tunnel hull bay boats.  So no preaching on this one, lesson learned and hopefully my readers can take something away from this story.  I sure do!

So another great Muskie Bay trip.  Even when the fishing is tough there are always good fish coming over the side.  Muskies, smallmouth, pike, lake trout, so many fish so little time when on a trip to Canada.  It is one of those places that every fisherman should put on their bucket list.  Muskie Bay is on Crow Lake and it is a premier muskie lake.  And of course just across the highway is the mighty Lake of the Woods with all the water you could fish in a lifetime.  Check them out.  Paul and the family are great and will help you all they can to put that fish in the boat.  Great folks and a great place, I could not recommend them any higher.  Check out their website, if it does not get your blood pumping as a fisherman I am not sure what would!

Today will be a little trailer work and getting stuff up to snuff for the fishing extravaganza to come this fall.  I could not be more excited about the prospects for what is shaping up to be one of the better stretches since I moved here 10 years ago.  Baffin, Falcon or Amistad, a little beach fishing in Florida, a couple of trips with the Austin Boys, make me all giddy just thinking about it.  You never know what you are missing until it is gone, and the last few months have given me a new perspective on life.  Fish till you drop!  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Port O’Connor Texas 9/15/17.

Fish Catching Travel

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After a tour of the Midwest; Fort Worth to Fayetteville, Fayetteville to Kansas City (with one motel move there), Kansas City to Oklahoma City, then Oklahoma City back to Victoria, it is finally back to the fishing.  We saw the family and grandkids, and went to the U2 concert.  I have been to quite a few shows in the last 50 years but this one was special.  They are not only one of the great super groups of all time, but they are good folks who care about people and expressed their heartfelt thanks to America for letting them be a part of our country.  Musically and visually it was beyond fantastic and if they were playing close I would go again tomorrow.  What a band.


86/76  Sun with a few passing clouds.  Wind SSE  10 – 15.  10% chance rain.


High  7:33 AM     1.2      
Low   8:31 PM     0.3   

Solunar Times

Best Time  7:13 am  to  9:13  am (No other relevant times.)

As usual preparing this the day before it gives us a chance to make a guess, in fishing occasionally it is actually an educated guess, on how it might be.  I love fishing a falling tide, and tomorrow it will be falling most of the day, and there should be great water movement.  The wind is fine and it has the makings of a good day.  So with that said, we shall see.



It was absolutely perfect when I got to Froggie’s about a half hour before daylight.  The wind was light out of the SE and the water temp was 82 degrees.  The water has cleared substantially and things  appear to be back to normal.  So as soon as I could see I headed across to the island.  After catching there last time it seemed as good a place to start as anywhere.  (Note:  There were boats anchored all down the Pringle shoreline as far as I could see as the day wore on.)   So I anchored out side of a drain and hopped over with high expectations.  And I did not leave that spot for almost 7 hours.

First up was topwater, and try as I might I only raised 3 or 4,  boating  2 small ones.  Several reds followed it and one of them blew up about 10 foot from me but did not hook up.  So I switched to plastics and it was game on.  I started with the Controlled Descent Lures and went through several colors, using both the Paddle Shad and the Jerk Shad.  But something just was not right, lots of bumps and nips, and while I boated a few, there was something off.  I noticed a lot of the bait, and there is tons, most were really small so it was back to one of my favorite ways to catch them, a small 3″ watermelon red/pearl paddle tail on a 1/32 ounce jig head on my spinning rod and 8lb fluorocarbon, which last year produced some of my biggest fish.

There was no shortage of redfish today.

This is what most of them looked like, and if I had to guess it was a good dozen for the day.

The whole time I kept catching trout.  Unfortunately almost all were 13 – 15″ but they sure were willing.  One interesting thing was the drain did not have any fish in it.  And the bottom is much softer, looks like the hurricane flushed some soft bottom out of the back lake, and like every time it happens things have changed.

I waded from knee deep on the shoreline out to waist deep, and the fish were on all of it.  It was simply a matter of watching for the rafts of bait and it was usually an immediate bite.  The water started falling about 11:00 and cleared up really nice.  So I kept after it, wading through a ton of small ones.  It was an easy 30+ as the bite was on and stayed that way until I quit at 1:30.  Then I got the bite I was hoping for.

This girl pulled the Boga Grip to 5 1/2 lbs.

She slammed it and the fight was on.  She was one of those that jumped several times, and on the light line I played it easy and on the Boga she went.  Obviously not fishing all summer it sure was nice to catch a big girl and it has my juices flowing for what is to come.  Though I only caught a couple of other trout that were keepers, it was one of those days where I was not willing to leave fish to find fish.  Plus when you are catching them continuously it is hard to stop.

I was surprised that they were not all that interested in topwater, again maybe a size issue, though I probably should have tossed it later in the morning.  And the only thing that made sense with the plastics was the size of the bait.  Using the super light jig head it falls a lot slower and I finally figured out to slow it down, and though I was in 2 -3 feet of water it still needed time to sink, and they were hitting it close to the bottom, they definitely did not want it fast.

As I was quitting there was a boat on the point down from me and as I eased of he whistled at me, and I met Frank.  We had chatted a little at Froggie’s before I left and of all things he was headed to the same bank, and I made it a second before him, so he started on the other point.  We chatted a while, great guy with decades of experience at POC.  Retired like me, he has a trailer and comes down and spends a couple of weeks whenever it moves him.  He was catching them also, and actually lost a trout he estimated at 7lbs that he initially thought was a red.  We have all been there.  As I always say here please if you see me be sure to say hi.  I have met some great folks that way, and I am sure I will be seeing him in the future.


I got this comment and question from Dustin concerning my couple of trips to Belize.

Hey I’m interested in doing a similar trip. Did you do any deep sea fishing while you were there or have any info on that? Great read, thanks!

Unfortunately I did not get to do any offshore fishing, but there is some.  Our last trip it was really windy, which ended up being to bad.  3 of us split a boat so everyday one of us stayed at the resort.  I headed to the Lazy Lizard for a cold one and ended up meeting a commercial fisherman who caught for the local restaurants and learned a lot from him.  He fishes at night, outside of the reef out of his panga, with hand lines sometimes in a couple of hundred feet of water.  He showed me his hands, which were trashed.  When the kings are there he cuts pieces of tire for each finger but you could tell he pays a price.  If the wind had not been blowing, he was not going that night, I would have gone with him.  So I guess in answer to your question the reef is very close to the island and there are lots of fish, and I know there are boats that do trips like that.  If you think about going contact Sea Dreams by email and tell them what you are thinking.  Definitely use the same inshore guide, he is a real pro and at a little over $300 a day worth every penny and helped me knock he permit off my bucket list.

Now if I was thinking about a trip that was offshore centered it would definitely be Costa Rica.  Check out that post and the guide service we used.  Definitely the best deal money wise in all the offshore fishing I have done.  If memory serves me we ended up boating 9 sails and probably 10 mahi over 25lbs in 2 days.  The weather is great, the sea is usually calm, and it costs about the same to fly there.  So whatever you decide let us know, we will all be waiting to hear what you decide.  Thanks for reading.


And Rusty sent us this update on Fayette for you bass fishermen.

Doug, quick note that Fayette Lake is back open. Fished yesterday and it was slow for us. Water was still a little murky and 85 degrees. Fish seemed scattered instead of grouped up. I’m sure it will improve over next couple weeks.
Tight lines and glad you are getting healthier.

Sounds about right.  I imagine fish do have to adjust to any raise like that, whether fresh or salt.  Historically it seems the fishing always comes back stronger than before, which on Fayette would be scary.  I checked Coleto Creek and according to their website it will reopen on Monday the 18th.  So South Texas is slowly returning to normal.  Good to hear from you.


As far as keepers I give the day a C, but as far as numbers I give it an A.  They bit and bit, and when I quit they were still biting.  And catching a good one made the whole day perfect.  Wind was perfect, tide was perfect, and the water was beautiful, what more could you ask.  I have lots of making up to do after being on the shelf the last 3 months, and if the fishing stays like this you can find me on the bay.

Next it will be watching the weather, I hope to spend 3 days at Baffin as soon as the right conditions rear their ugly head.  But if there is no great stretch I will just keep watching and fishing POC.  Catching a big trout just screams Baffin.  And of course the lake is opening up on Monday and I have a friend who’s boys are just itching to catch some fish. If they are biting I will get them on the water the next weekend or two.  Nothing is better than putting some kids on fish.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.  It is gonna be a hella of a fall!  And you Austin Boys, I can’t wait to see you guys.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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This and That 9/12/17.

Fish Catching Travel

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Thought I would share a couple of things with you as I sit in the motel getting ready to see U2 on the Joshua Tree tour.  The last year or so we have seen the Stones, the Eagles, and now U2.  Doing the old timers tour, before them or us are dead.  Should be a great show but I am chomping at the bit to be back on the bay this week.


I got this comment from Richard and will be looking forward to hearing what they find.

Heading to POC next week. Will give you an update on fishing success or failures. We are doing some scouting and will eventually go to Sunday Beach and see how it looks/fishes now that there is a pass open

The wind kept me from taking a pounding to see how it looked the other day so not sure what you will find, but if it really opened that is nothing but a good thing.  And hope you catch some fish.  Be sure to check later in the week as I will be fishing a day or two shortly.  It is shaping up to be a really epic fall.  Thanks for keeping in touch.



I managed a stop at Cabela’s on the way, the car just makes the turn in all by itself, and made a couple of good deals.  One was a self inflating life jacket.  Over the last year I have been wearing a regular life jacket at any lake I fish, always when fishing by myself, but basically never on the bay.  But I did when I went last week as I was wondering what might have floated in or been submerged.  Then I hit that tree in 4 – 5 foot of water along Bayucos Island and though it was a easy glancing blow, it could have been ugly.  So when you head to the bay just be careful, there are big changes and relying on old trails could get you in trouble.  But whether lake or bay I always put on the kill switch, it can save your life.


And it irritated me that I forgot to include a very important bit of information on my last trip to the bay.  There are mullet, and mullet, and more mullet.  The fall mullet run is shaping up to be a monster, and with it should come a great topwater bite shallow.  So next time you are out keep a sharp eye out for them.  The bank where I managed to catch a few keepers was loaded with them, and low and behold there were keepers there.  Funny how that works.


One new thing I tried last week, and really loved, was using a really thin 20lb braid with an 10lb fluoro leader on the new light casting rod.  It increased my casting distance a ton, and the feel was great.  Last year I really noticed the difference fishing 8 and 10 fluoro on spinning tackle and the size of the trout I caught.  Of course you have to be a little more careful with reds and big trout, but anything that increases my chances with 25″+ trout is good by me.


And a couple of comments on the hurricanes this month.  The linemen are absolute beasts.  They worked dawn to dusk in terrible conditions, away from their family, and now some are off to Florida.  There is not enough words to say thanks to those guys, but THANKS.

The thing that continues to amaze me is how many people stay after a mandatory evacuation.  If you think about it that is really selfish, and not only puts your life in danger, but potentially first responders who have better things to do than save your sorry ass when you ignore a mandatory evacuation order.  I know it is a personal and tough decision, I just made it myself.  But when it comes down to it, you make the call, you live with the results, and if it goes ugly don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Last is a note to any prosecuting attorney where looting took place.  I know how the game is played, I was a pro at it.  But it is time to step up to the plate for the victims and your community – do not make any looter a plea bargain offer.  At least the first few should be taken to trial.  A normal plea offer would be substantially lower than a jury would give them, trust me on that.  And if any of them have priors no offer, take them  to trial and enhance any sentence that can be enhanced.  Time to let 12 people in your community tell these scum exactly what their behavior is worth.  Texas law is not my area of expertise, but after doing a few trials in my life it would not surprise me if a jury maxed everyone of them out.  Time to send a message – You loot and either die when a homeowner shoots you or spend the best part of your life in a living hell.  The man keeping me down, my momma didn’t love me, I am poor, it does not matter, there is no excuse for looting.

And I will be waiting to see how the Texas Attorney General handles his threat to go after people who price gouged.  I think he is all bluster but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.  Just because you own a business does not make you one bit better than a scummy looter.  Just saying.


All that aside I can not wait to get back on the water.  The gremlins that have followed me around for months need to give it a rest and let me get back to my life.  Plus we are entering my favorite time of the year, fall into winter.  Big schools of redfish cruising inch deep water, big trout smashing topwater at any point in the day, cool mornings, and all you hunters in the field and not on the water make for my favorite time on the bay.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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POC 9/8/17.

Fish Catching Travel

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This mornings fiasco is actually working out for the best.  It is time to head to the bay and look things over.  In fact, who knows?  I might even catch a couple.  So I switched equipment from the boat to saltwater from freshwater tackle.  Everything will be ready to go and I am getting excited as this is written.


84/71  Mainly Sunny  Wind ENE 10 – 20.  0%  Chance rain.  (And for future reference it will be exactly 1 week post hurricane.)


 Low   1:26 AM     0.6   
 High   7:20 AM     0.8   
 Low   1:54 PM     0.6
 High   8:36 PM     0.8

Solunar Times

  • Best Times  12:37A – 2:37A   1:02P – 3:02P
  • Good Time    6:49A – 8:49A

Here is my quick take on tomorrow conditions.  As long as the wind stays below 20 it will be easier to tell if it is hurricane leftover or the coloring up that happens at POC when the wind blows that direction.  The tides are definitely not worth a hoot and it should be high.  And looks like there are a couple of Solunar Times that are helpful.  Note that the Best and good time surround the morning high and early afternoon low.  Maybe with a 2 tide day the water moves best during that time unlike when it moves earlier or later on a one day big tides.   All that is left to do is go fishing.



And right on point for tomorrow’s fishing I got this comment from ED.

sorry your plan A didnt pan out as you wanted, but I am very interested in POC right now. our little house didnt have much damage (knock on wood!) but since I had knee surgery beginning in august I havent been down except to do some clean up.
wondering if you could give a report on the barroom area and also around coastguard area. thanks Ed

First glad you made it through.  So much is really random.  A perfect example my close next door neighbor had a few limbs down and not much else.  We on the other hand had a huge tree on the garage and are getting the pleasure of putting on a new roof.  As the Boss always says; “Fate sucks.”

But to the important stuff, the water and fishing conditions in our area, see below, I am just as interested in how it goes tomorrow as you are.



I can not win for losing. After not getting to fish on the bay all summer, then getting released and here comes Harvey, it seems things have conspired to keep me off the water. Last night I got all the gear ready and was heading to bed early to be at Froggie’s at daylight and again the gremlin reared it’s ugly head.  The Boss got home about 10:30 and was probably lucky to make it.  Seems her battery failed, which was way early.  And to make matters worse she had a hair appointment at 8:00 this morning.  So I slept in and took her car to Interstate Battery, and will wonders never cease, it was under complete replacement.  So they popped it in and we traded vehicles and finally about 9:30, 4 hours later than I planned, I was on the way.

The water was real muddy at the ramp and the temp was 87 degrees.  And the wind, oh the wind, was blowing about 15 – 20 in a straight line out of the NE.  If there was ever a hassle wind in the POC area, this was it.  It really made it difficult to tell how much of the water color was the hurricane remnant and how much was wind.  It was one of those winds that was blowing in on the island near Pringle, in on Dewberry, and straight down Big Bayou.  I brought the wading stuff but did not plan on getting in unless I hit a hot spot.  The goal was to cover water.

Finally caught a few trout, the first in 3 months.

So it was hard to discern exactly what is going on with the water color but the farther away you get from POC out to the island it gradually clears.  So as far as water color goes if you are planning on fishing go to it.

Since this was a partial exploratory trip, remember I have not been on the bay in 3 months, I was interested in how it looked as well as how it fished.  The strike outs places were drifting throwing plastics on Dewberry and Big Bayou.  I attribute that totally to water color, but the plan was to fish the places I knew so that they sucked was no surprise.

I fished the Oil Cut and the water color is pretty good there.  5 trout and 1 red came over the side, but nothing to talk about.  I did miss several today, way more than usual, but with a big bow in the line, and not having fished in a while, that was not unusual.  From there a ride down Bayucos and Grass island gave me the first experience with change.  I was in about 5 foot running along when I hit something, not hard, it felt like wood.  I slowed down and there was another stump end of a tree of some sort sticking right above the water.  There was one more during the day so remember, things have changed.  In fact a guy washing his boat said that the entrance to Pringle has definitely changed.  So just be careful.

They never did get any bigger than this.

The plum/limetreuse Paddle Shad was the preferred bait, though I got bites on every color I tried.  My favorite, the blackgold/lintreuse Jerk Shad, caught the small ones.  With the wind a 1/4oz swim bait hook with an inserted rattle was best, and I think with the water having some color to it made the Paddle Shad which had vibration the key.

When I got to the island near Army Hole the wind was blowing pretty good right down the bank.  I set up in 3 foot of water and just drifted from there all the way past the regular entrance into Pringle, where it finally got to windy.  The shoreline was clear enough and the only affect on the water was due to the wind.  On that drift 7 or 8 jumped on, most in about 2 foot of water, and my continued problem getting the hook in them led to me losing several better ones.  I did throw a spinnerbait just a little, and did not have a touch.  After a couple of drains without any success and finally called it a day.

 Considering the wind, the water color, and not wetting a hook until 11:00 it was not to bad for a short day.  And in a few more trips the not getting the hook in them will disappear.  It really reminded me of the difference in fishing constantly then not fishing.  My reactions were a little late, and I was cranking them on instead of setting the hook.  And it definitely pays to be carefull your next few trips.  It will take a little while for things to settle down, but as far as the fishing goes looks like it is on.


And on the subject of my little foray to a closed lake I got this comment from SA Joe.

I have been there, read that, went fishing and the report completely sucked from TPWD.

TPWD website and it mentioned the water being clear= murky.
TPWD website and it mentioned the water being murky=CRAPPY !!!

Go one up on their water clarity !!!
I’m in the same boat as having to travel to get to some great lakes. Pisses you off when there is no help to find the conditions of the lakes.

And I want to add to that.  One of the things I have strived to do is help folks catch a couple by blogging reports about specific places and methods, no matter how the fishing goes that day.  When traveling a lot research is a big part of going fishing somewhere, especially if you have not been there before.  One thing I have noticed is there is often no place where you can get real usable specific advice or reports.  Really makes it hard at times to have a leg up.  So I feel your pain.  If more fishermen would trade real advice and reports everyone would benefit.  And just showing a big sack of fish online with no information does not add to our knowledge or the sport.  Now that I am back in the game the reports will start coming.  I have lots of making up to do!


Last, the gremlin has one more bump in the road before I can get back to it hardcore.  We have planned a trip to see my parents this weekend, then U2, and then the grandkids.  So here we go again but I am not letting it piss me off.  It is what it is and I will just have to fish half again as hard to make up for the lost summer.  But it sure did feel great to be out there again.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Stuff Happens 9/7/17.

Fish Catching Travel

Brought to you by: waderight2-50

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 Poor Planning = Poor Performance 

I finally made a decision to get back on the water.  After thinking about it all day at the last minute I decided to head to Fayette County in the morning for a couple of reasons.  First, it was making me feel guilty to think about driving down to POC.  There are still folks in a world of hurt down there and it just didn’t feel right.  Second, Fayette is always good to me, I was looking forward to a great day with little wind, perfect for jerk baiting Fayette.

So at 5:15 I took off to be there right at daylight.  Traffic was light and I arrived there at the perfect time.  To bad it was closed!  Perfect.  It never freakin’ occurred to me that the flooding was that bad, but it should have.  I took the time to read the fishing report on the TPWD website and it mentioned the water being murky.  So I aSSumed that things were good.  So there you have it, my fishing tip of the day –  Before you head out that far check the website of the entity that controls the water, you might save yourself a drive.  I know better than that.



I keep getting these sales calls in the name of Google telling me this is my last chance to save my website or they will list my business closed.  First you f’rs this is not a business, second this is my web blog and it ain’t going nowhere, and last and most important – You are not going to extort me!  I am not buying some service, some b’s thing that you are selling, when it is going just fine here at  I take offense that you are using my phone to threaten me to pay money for my website.  In fact if you show my “business” as closed there will be no need to continually make sales calls to me.



Of course I lurk on several fishing sites, and there are some good ones out there right now.  One thing I have noticed is that folks, especially the guide services, often lay all their fish out on the deck.  While it gives you a great idea how many fish they caught after a while they all run together.  Not sure how to get the idea across but there must be a better, and visually more interesting, way to show your fish.  Take a minute if you are fishing with others and take a few on the water pics.  Love rod bending pics and the big stringer on the wader’s back pic.  Believe me folks will be a lot more interested.


So after that little 3 hour plus fiasco I am right back to where I started.  In the morning it will be POC, final answer.  Plus it will be so interesting to see the changes.  Last time there was high water from a close hurricane it changed several of the drains I fish consistently. After seeing the pictures from the air of Sunday Beach and the pass there will be big changes in some of the drains.  Some will be deeper and some will end up silting in, just depends on where they are.  And as I have not seen a report other than from the jetties I really have no clue what to expect.  The first stop may be the bank near the old Coast Guard Station, then out to the Pringle area to check on some drains, and of course even if it is muddy a run through Big Bayou to see if it has changed any of those drains.  So there will be plenty to do and see tomorrow, whether I actually catch any fish remains to be seen.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Internet! 9/4/17.

Fish Catching Travel

Brought to you by: waderight2-50

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Since I posted a couple of hours ago the internet has returned.  Of course yesterday after buying a digital antenna after a week without any TV it all comes back on.  I knew that would work.

We finished everything outside this morning and it was nice to have the Boss helping.  But believe me she did her share this week taking care of folks.  So normalcy is right around the corner, at least here.  I will spend the day resting, then tomorrow will find another way to help.  So here are the comments that have been building up and a few pictures.

Hey Doug,
You are a wonderful man and I pray all day long for you and everyone in Victoria along with all the others suffering from this devastation.
May God be with you and all those who help.


Thanks and so good to hear from you.  If we ever get back to Sin City I will surely call.

Hope you guys are doing ok, we’ve been doing rescues for a few days here in Liverpool, praying for y’all, be careful out there and stay hydrated

Awesome Gary, it is so awesome what you guys have done and you have our thanks.

And it is always great to hear from Mac.

Doug, your words of late are ditto for me also. However there are some good things that also happen. My synopsis follows. In 1970 Our home in Port Aransas was leveled by Celia. I was young and was shocked and very disgruntled to see my town in shambles. After 3 days we were allowed back on the island to start the massive cleanup. There was no power and no food on the island. The surf surprisingly was crystal clear and my brothers and I walked down and caught some beautiful trout on the old Bingo lures. While there, our local Sheriff came down and scolded us for fishing and not working/ He ran us off but we had one of the best fish dinners ever.

PS- we also saw that same Sheriff fishing in our spot minutes later

We rebuilt our home and I told my dad I would never leave this fishing mecca.
I worked my way through college guiding clients and fishing in my spare time.
I had to make a decent living, had a family and moved to Bastrop.

Today my son and I visited PA again. His work as an engineer made us able to return to the island. Again I was totally surprised by the damage and our old home was totaled. The water was already clearing and I know we will all fish again!!!!!!!!!!

But now fishing is the last thing on my mind.  Helping others is what it is all about. Tonight I will sleep in my own bed. I pray our Gov’t and people step up. So far, many fisherman and their boats are doing the Dunkirk thing. God bless em all.

Some good things now. Hopefully some new cuts have been opened up on the barrier islands. I pray Cedar bayou in not closed in by the storm surge

The back lakes will now be havens for the redfish who were moved by the high waters.

We saw no dead sport fish between Port A and Rockport.

It is time more fishermen and women join CCA. This group will get us all fired up to get our waters back to par.

I was so much to fishing this fall and some things will have to wait but I know that good times are soon to happen again.  Mac

Reading your comment reinforces the old adage, the world just keeps on turning and there is always a new day coming.  Thanks for the update on Port A and for your long term support.

And this from Jimmy on my post after the Harvey hit.

Amen Brother!

There is so much to do and so much so much to be thankful for.  It has been a humbling experience.

We are happy that you are in a safe place. Writing is your strength , you have already helped out by letting people know about the situation. Please let us know how we can help.

Muskie Bay Resort

Thanks Paul and the gang for thinking about us.  Muskie Bay Resort is the best place to cross that bucket list muskie off the list.

What a great comment. I would like to meet you on the water one day and shake your hand. I’ll continue to read your stuff. Have a safe trip back to Victoria. We have a mess down here but we will get through it. Regards, Randy

It is getting back to normal here, hope it is the same for you where you are.  And nothing would make me happier to actually write a fishing report.  Better days are on the way.

Even my mom dropped me a note.

My heart is with you in your grief and pain. Your words are elegant, heartfelt, and above all, timely. May they reach into the hearts and minds of all who read them. We love you, we admire you, we give you gratitude and love for what you have written and for your response to human suffering. Mom
Lighting a candle now for the safety of your lovely Victoria home, for all the people of the Coast,
and for Nancy’s incredible skills and heart which will carry her through her return
to the ER.

Thanks Mom, you might just be a little biased!  But we are getting it whipped and are looking forward to seeing you, Dad, and Kelly next week.

And I got this from my buddy Clyde who is fishing somewhere up north.

Let me know what I can do.

What you can do is send me some pics from your trip last week so I can share them with folks.  No matter how tough it is we all love some fish pictures.  Thanks for asking Dude.

And thesecomments have been laying around since I was released to fish.  Of course Harvey showed up 4 days later and it put a stop to the fishing.

Good to see you back out there! Looking good with the fish. That first bite and hookup had to be sweet. Stay safe this weekend!!



Great to have you back. I sure missed the reports. I will be heading to POC just to collect boats and batten down the hatches. Keep the reports coming!

Thanks Jimmy.   And I got this next one from Ross.

Glad to hear you are back in the game!

Good luck and look forward to reading about your coming up adventures!

As far as adventures this last stretch could be described as an adventure, and that will be enough of that for a while!

HI Doug
I consider this to be a good report concerning your recovery. You will be on the water soon enough. The fish are not going anywhere there will be plenty for an expert fisherman like you.

If you have a problem getting anyone to go out with you give me a shout. I can get off work most any time and have a small house in Seadrift. We can even use my kind of new boat 2014 shallow sport with 21 hours on the yammer hammer 150

Thanks Jim, as far as an expert I look at fishing like practicing law or practicing medicine.  There is a reason for that saying as you are always learning and fishing is the same way.  Drop me a note next time you know you are headed this way and let’s see if we can hook up.  I really enjoy letting other folks tote my sorry ass around.



Thanks to all for keeping in touch.  What little time I was able to spend to spend  here the last week it was so humbling to hear from all of you.  Soon it is my turn to get back to fishing and reporting.  I still have the most expensive rod I ever bought calling my name.  I can not wait.

Here is a few pictures of the house which I am happy to say is almost squared up.

A giant tree on the roof to dangerous for me to screw around with,  it was a whopper and some how did not hurt the roof at all, but it was interesting watching them take it down.

It was no small job getting it down.  A big thanks to the guys!  

Piece by piece this pile is taller than me and over 30 foot long.

The roof was intact but with shingles missing we are going to replace the whole thing.  We have good insurance but with so little damage it is kind of like a boat –Break Out Another Thousand, to bad it won’t be just a thousand.  But we are safe as most folks in Victoria are, and it could have been so much worse.  The thing I am now waiting for is to see how Congress handles this mess.  Wouldn’t want them to interrupt their holiday weekend and get funds appropriated and on the way to the Texas coast.  Sorry but if there is any way to screw it up they will.

That is it for today.  I can finally feel a little caught up in my life after sometimes feeling like a chicken with my head cut off running from project to project.  Not sure what is next but it is going to involve at least a little fishing before the weekend, even if it is a quick morning trip, I just want to feel a rod in my hand and that distinctive bite that says fish on!  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone all along the coast for your help and sacrifice to help us.  You are hero’s and we can never repaying you.  And to the Texans, you are freakin’ awesome and I am proud to live here.  God Bless America.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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Holding pattern. 9/4/17.

I hope this is my last post that is not fishing related.  Our life is slowly returning to normal. We have no internet but besides not being able to drink the water things are ok here.  Victoria got really lucky compared to most other places and for that we are thankful.

The first few days out helping folks were tolerable until 2 days ago when the skeeters came out with the warm weather.  One place we removed a tree that was in a ditch with water was something.  Big black mofos ate us and since then they are a constant hassle no matter where you are.

Froggie’s is open and before the week is out it sure would be nice to hit the water.  I have heard Coleto Creek is going to be closed for a couple of weeks so I will try to get he official word and let you know.  I keep looking at the boats and wishing but normalcy is returning and though  it does not seem like it there is an end to this.

With no computer it might be while before I am really back to it and I really want to share the great comments I got from all of you.  So keep hanging around, it will be back to fishing soon. It has been a sad day in this part of the world broken up with acts of kindness and caring that can never be repaid.  Texans have stepped up and even though I am a rozorback through and through this has made me proud to call myself a Texan.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

(Totally off the subject but how about a little football.  The collapse by A&M last night was probably the craziest failure ever.  How in God’s green earth did they let that one get away from them?  It just might be a long season in Aggie land.)

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Wow! 8/31/17. I think!

A quick post to let you know VIctoria is on the way back.  Folks are taking the bull by the horns as Texans will do and it has been awesome in the face of so much misery and suffering.  The efforts by everyone, the list would take me an hour to include them all, but it has been humbling.  I have been with my buddy Chris and his son, joined by Michael and another fine young man yesterday’s, for a couple of days of tree clearing for old folks needing help.  Pick a street, any street.  I thought about the boat and Houston but there is so many folks in Victoria who still need help.  Neighbor helping neighbor is how it will recover and when you see folks diving in for whatever it makes me teary eyed.  As I write this the sounds of chainsaws fill the air.  This will be the last post for a couple of days and when I get back will post all your fine comments.  Electric on last night late! I was sleeping in my  life chair dead tired when all of a sudden a big noises! I jumped up to get the pistol out of the bedroom when I noticed the bathroom light on! And after 5 days back in business.  But I immediately Felt guilty, so many people worse than me.  Today I will fix some for our life, then back at it.  Probably see what help I can do in sedrift or poc.  Sometimes God pulls a fast one to remind you not to get to pridefull.  Just recovered and released to fish and then this.  Reminds you what is important in this world and where you fit in.  So thanks to all those heroes out there doing it because it is the right thing to do.  God bless America!

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